Developer Setup

Developers are setup with either Eclipse or Netbeans IDE, but any editor will work. External Maven commands are launched to compile, package, and run unit tests. Here are instructions for getting setup with a SymmetricDS developer workspace using either Eclipse or Netbeans.

Eclipse Setup

  1. Install the Eclipse IDE.
  2. Install Maven. Make sure the Maven "bin" directory is in your system path.
  3. From Eclipse, check out each project from
  4. Configure the Maven repository variable for Eclipse. Go to Window->Preferences. In the tree, select Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables. Click the New button and enter "M2_REPO" with a value of your ".m2" directory. (Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\user\.m2, Unix: /home/user/.m2)
  5. In Windows, common Maven tasks are accessible through Eclipse external tools. Go to Run->External Tools->External Tools. The following tasks are avalable:
    • Symmetric Eclipse - Generates Eclipse artifacts for each project to make them Java projects.
    • Symmetric Compile and Package Only
    • Symmetric Test and Package
  6. In Linux, use Maven from the command line
    • To generate Eclipse artifacts for each project run: mvn eclipse:eclipse from the symmetric-assemble project.
  7. If you are going to be using Eclipse's code formatting capabilities and also expect to check in code please be sure to import the Eclipse formatter settings that the SymmetricDS team uses. It is in symmetric-server/src/shortcuts.

Netbeans Setup

  1. Install the NetBeans IDE.
  2. Install the Netbeans Maven plugin from within the Netbeans plugin window.
  3. Install the Maven build manager.
  4. Configure the Netbeans Maven plugin's External Maven Home home folder to where Maven was installed from by going into the Tools....Options....Miscellaneous...Maven.
  5. Checkout the code from
  6. Create a project for the checked out code when it asks. e.g., symmetricds.
  7. Common Maven tasks are available on the right click menu for the project.

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