Released 2012-07-23
0000700: [Bug] StackOverflowError when filtering data during initial load (chenson)
0000713: [Bug] Automate upgrade from 2.x to 3.x on most platforms (chenson)
0000722: [Bug] Sync of a date field on the source to a datetime field on a target fails (chenson)
0000715: [Bug] Default values with underscores end up escaped (unecessarily) with a '\' or '%' character on MySQL (chenson)
0000720: [Bug] Variable Transform source-node-id incorrect on Extract type transforms (chenson)
0000723: [Bug] XML with DATE column type gets created as a DATETIME on SQL Server (chenson)
0000721: [Improvement] Explicitly set the key alias and the keystore type on the ssl connector (chenson)
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