Released 2012-08-28
0000783: [Bug] Null date in the primary key causes parse exception on postgres (chenson)
0000784: [Improvement] Use the NetworkInterface Java class to get the current ipAddress of a node (chenson)
0000785: [Bug] syncTriggers(true) does not force trigger to be rebuilt (chenson)
0000788: [Bug] DbFill is populating columns with foreign values when a foreign key is not defined for the column. (abrougher)
0000790: [Bug] opens outgoing transport multiple times which causes ack to be lost sometimes (chenson)
0000786: [Improvement] Create a unit test for DbFill. (abrougher)
0000787: [Bug] DbFill does not generate random values from BigInteger columns. (abrougher)
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