0001029: [New Feature] Allow a list of external ids to be pasted into a text box to configure grouplet links (chenson)
0001038: [Bug] Database name and version don't update on dashboard for a multihomed install (chenson)
0001009: [Improvement] Just disable buttons. Don't hide them. (chenson)
0001012: [Bug] The indicator that a trigger was not created should only show up on nodes that are linked where the source group is local group (chenson)
0001016: [Improvement] Add arrow indicator to the configure trigger panel to indicate the direction the data is moving relative to the current node (chenson)
0001017: [Improvement] Add icon to the configure router page to show the number of tables/triggers linked to the router (chenson)
0001020: [Improvement] For auto configuration of triggers, if the default catalog and schema are being used make sure they are blank in the trigger def (chenson)
0001021: [Bug] Console User Edit Panel data does not match column headers. (abrougher)
0001022: [Bug] Node panel doesn't display nodes in a predictable order. (chenson)
0001023: [Bug] Broken link icon displayed for triggers that are not "broken". (chenson)
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