0001288: [Bug] Investigate where node heartbeat information should be displayed in Pro (abrougher)
0001294: [Improvement] Need to further clarify what "type" of push or pull on the Manage screens (abrougher)
0001328: [Bug] When there are lots of tables to synchronize it can slow down the save of a trigger or router link (chenson)
0001191: [Improvement] Add heartbeat.update.node.with.batch.status property to control if batch stats are updated in sym_node. Default: false (chenson)
0001264: [Task] Move quick start guide to docbooks, incorporate into build and update for 3.5 (abrougher)
0001225: [Bug] Table sym_node_group_channel_window exceeds the max table name length for Sybase ASE 12. (chenson)
0000836: [Improvement] The push/pull concurrency screens should have a search field similar to the nodes screen (abrougher)
0000849: [New Feature] Add an option for using the Microsoft JDBC driver in the configuration wizard (chenson)
0001219: [Improvement] Make the beanshell editor window stretch when the window is resized. Also, make the default size a bit bigger (abrougher)
0001230: [Improvement] Disabled delete buttons should indicate why they are disabled. (chenson)
0001243: [Improvement] SymmetricDS needs to be able to upgrade to 3.5.0 where the column sym_console_user.role was renamed "user_role". (chenson)
0001265: [Improvement] Set jobs.synchronized.enable=true when SQLLite is selected as the database (chenson)
0001266: [New Feature] Click through SSL setup in the wizard (chenson)
0001267: [Improvement] Allow multiple batches to be select so they can be marked for ignore or deleted at the same time (chenson)
0001275: [New Feature] Update UI to support File Sync (abrougher)
0001280: [Improvement] Don't allow a load to be scheduled if a node group link doesn't exist that would allow a load to be processed (chenson)
0001281: [Improvement] Log when loads and registration are requested from the UI (chenson)
0001300: [Bug] Configure/Conflicts columns mixed up (abrougher)
0001311: [Improvement] SQL Explorer should auto commit by default with the option to turn auto commit off. (abrougher)
0001313: [Improvement] SQL Explorer red un-committed background appears to be the result of an error. (abrougher)
0001173: [Improvement] Allow multiple nodes to be deleted from the node panel at once (abrougher)
0001308: [Bug] Wizard finish button is disabled even if the finish is rejected due to connection issue. (abrougher)
0001312: [Improvement] SQL Explorer multi-homed client tabs are confusing. (abrougher)
0001314: [Bug] The SQL Explorer window remains in an un-committed state until the user selects commit. They should be able to type commit. (abrougher)
0001315: [Improvement] Configure screen forms should have scroll bars so the buttons are always visible and the form is scrollable. (abrougher)
0001326: [Bug] Edit screens can become very unresponsive with lots of rows (this has been reported on the trigger screen) (chenson)
0001331: [Bug] Deletion of registration requests from the node panel does not work (chenson)
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