0001931: [Bug] Unattended install spits out warnings (elong)
0001741: [Improvement] Improve Firebird SYM_UDF installation (elong)
0001981: [New Feature] Rework sql explorer layout. Remove Symmetric Pro dependencies (chenson)
0001982: [Improvement] Upgrade Vaadin (chenson)
0002025: [Bug] Windows non-admin user cannot query service status (elong)
0002026: [Improvement] Relaunch control center as privileged process on Windows (elong)
0002049: [Bug] Sql Editor doesn't pull in correct formatting files when SymmetricDS is deployed as a war file (chenson)
0002080: [Improvement] Add field level help text to edit forms (elong)
0002085: [Improvement] Support queries that return multiple result sets (like running sp_configure on sybase) in the sql explorer (chenson)
0002091: [Bug] When a parameter is set in engines file it shows up as current value on edit screen but edit popup has wrong value (chenson)
0002117: [Improvement] Canned profiles should set use_source_catalog_schema=0 on sym_router like the default router in the ui does (chenson)
0001693: [Improvement] Pop-up window for batch doesn't use "localhost" like the browser does (chenson)
0001937: [Improvement] Add link to download the symmetric log file back to the log screen (chenson)
0002055: [Improvement] Simple logging ui tweaks to make debugging easier (chenson)
0002072: [Bug] Auto install file is truncated when generated from console (elong)
0002096: [Improvement] Create an error dialog to replace notification at top of screen (chenson)
0002118: [Bug] Transform Edit Columns screen fails to save if too many columns are added (around 60) (chenson)
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