0001809: [Improvement] Make minor UI improvements to Configure and Manage Tabs (abailey)
0001815: [Bug] Allow rest api test page to be used in a war deployment with a different context path than standalone (chenson)
0001817: [Improvement] Add a "Show configured parameters only" check box on the Config/Parameters screen (chenson)
0001822: [Bug] Format lost for transform expressions when column transforms are saved (chenson)
0001824: [Bug] Better support numeric database types in the sql explorer (chenson)
0001825: [Bug] After upgrade, windows service won't start (elong)
0001826: [Improvement] Add "runas" support to Wrapper service (elong)
0001834: [Improvement] Show stack traces on the Manage / Logging screen when they occur in the log file (chenson)
0001835: [Improvement] Only show the log output from the engine that is currently being viewed (chenson)
0001838: [Improvement] Add profile for master to master configuration to the setup wizard (chenson)
0001840: [Improvement] Add support for code and sql as parameter types in the parameter edit screen (chenson)
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