0001848: [Bug] sql explorer query results has two scrollbars due to fixed size (chenson)
0001849: [Bug] Foreign key metadata should not exclude table and schema columns (chenson)
0001850: [Bug] Errors that occur during the import of a new profile in the config wizard are ugly. The error needs to be handled better. (chenson)
0001851: [Bug] If you edit a property in a form and cancel it is still set on the underlying object and is reflect in the edit panel table (chenson)
0001854: [Bug] Error happens when sql history window is opened (chenson)
0001855: [Improvement] Make parameter edit dialog resizeable. Show description on the editor. (chenson)
0001858: [Improvement] Remove tooltips from the edit buttons on the parameters screen. (chenson)
0001861: [Improvement] Row # Column in Sql Explorer now has a header of "#" instead of "" (abailey)
0001862: [Bug] Fix bugs in outgoing batch panel. Duplicate batches. Not all batches shown. (chenson)
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