0002581: [Improvement] Prevent clickjacking attempts to the PRO UI (josh-a-hicks)
0002600: [Bug] Fix title bar misspelling in Control Center. (gwilmer)
0002488: [Improvement] Improve Batch Displays (mmichalek)
0002556: [Improvement] Color the commit and rollback buttons in the explorer window (chenson)
0002569: [Bug] User with read role is able to change system (elong)
0002573: [Improvement] Allow multi-access to demo H2 databases (mmichalek)
0002586: [Bug] Incoming batch screen error when more than 1000 batches (elong)
0002590: [Bug] Logging Alert Panel often shows "No Message" for warnings and errors. (mmichalek)
0002593: [Bug] Unable to start job after stopping on Manage Nodes screen (elong)
0002594: [Bug] Snapshot utility can throw exceptions (elong)
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