Released 2011-04-15
0000413: [Bug] Ddlutils blows up on table in DB2
0000414: [Improvement] Change the mis-named property: to
0000415: [Bug] Wrong version of the ddlutils platform is being returned for a specific DB2 version
0000416: [Bug] DB2 dialect is resetting auto-increments on sym_trigger_hist, _outgoing_batch, and _data every startup
0000392: [Task] Document the initialization procedure if an initial load is not needed (mhanes)
0000391: [Task] Explain gap detection in the users guide (mhanes)
0000217: [Task] Add build date/time to the User Guide. (mhanes)
0000381: [Task] Create better documentation for initial_load_select (mhanes)
0000390: [Task] Document the new PING_BACK_ENABLED flag on SYM_TRIGGER_ROUTER (mhanes)
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