0002706: [Improvement] Make it possible to log raw Ldap exceptions (mmichalek)
0002851: [Bug] Fix ConcurrentModification on dashboard refresh (mmichalek)
0002853: [Improvement] Show Tables column on incoming batch panel (mmichalek)
0002854: [Bug] Stack trace and empty message when registration is not open (elong)
0002855: [Bug] Cannot change "from" address on configure mail server panel (elong)
0002741: [Bug] SQL Explorer with "results as text" on firebird (chenson)
0002856: [Task] Remove client polling now that server push is turned on for the web console (chenson)
0002858: [Bug] SQL Explorer hangs for truncate and create statements that are run on sql server (chenson)
0002862: [Task] Update the documentation for data loading (josh-a-hicks)
0002866: [Bug] Uninstall doesn't log out of console because of null pointer trying to audit the uninstall (chenson)
0002867: [Improvement] Get rid of Vaadin warnings in log file (chenson)
0002872: [Bug] Console Events fail when performing multi step actions (josh-a-hicks)
0002873: [Bug] The dashboard doesn't automatically refresh (chenson)
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