Released 2011-05-03
0000417: [Improvement] Allow for token substitution in target table names, schema names and catalog names (chenson)
0000419: [Bug] Sql Server blob sync across catalogs does not work because the base 64 encoding function is not fully qualified. (chenson)
0000420: [Bug] Sql Server sync of tables with identity columns doesn't work when syncing across catalogs. Table name isn't fully qualified. (chenson)
0000422: [Bug] Line feed characters ( and ) can get corrupted during transfer depending on the character and the os (chenson)
0000424: [Improvement] Keep http connection alive during long file extracts (chenson)
0000425: [Improvement] default the to ../tmp for the standalone install (chenson)
0000418: [Task] Document (mhanes)
0000385: [Task] Better document SYM_OUTGOING_BATCH and error recovery in Users Guide (mhanes)
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