Released 2011-11-06
0000518: [Bug] Fix NullPointerException in transform dataloader's fallback logging (chenson)
0000519: [Bug] When a transformed row is being loaded (from the dataloader) and it encounters a conflict it should re-transform the original da (chenson)
0000525: [Bug] Pass old data to transformations when a DELETE event comes through (chenson)
0000527: [Bug] Postgres doesn't accept null characters (0x00) in textfields while other databases do. Strip them out during synchronization. (chenson)
0000529: [Bug] Support reading in TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE data types in Oracle (chenson)
0000524: [Bug] Client DataLoad nullpointers when registering if server fails to send down a values for sym_node (chenson)
0000539: [Improvement] Capture and route node and node_security changes out to all interested nodes.
0000517: [Improvement] Add support for hosting multiple engines in a single SymmetricDS server (chenson)
0000523: [Bug] Make postgres dataloader more efficient by removing the use of savepoints. (chenson)
0000526: [Improvement] When creating autoincrement columns in postgres don't specify that they have to be unique. The fact that a primary key is define (chenson)
0000528: [New Feature] Add support for Greenplum as a SymmetricDS client (chenson)
0000530: [Bug] sym_pkg is recreated each time the symmetricds server restarts (chenson)
0000532: [Improvement] Only attempt fallback to update when there is a true primary key collision. (chenson)
0000533: [Bug] "ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long: Because of large varchar fields that exceed the limit when , and "" are (chenson)
0000534: [Bug] Postgresql to mssql 2K8 (elong)
0000536: [Improvement] Consolidate code that reads tables in the ddlutils package. (chenson)
0000537: [Bug] Ping pongs happens when collation is set to Latin1_General_CI_AS on SQL Server because 0x0 aren't stripped from source_node_id w (chenson)
0000538: [Improvement] Don't read every table in the database at SymmetricDS startup. Only read in the relevant SymmetricDS tables to check for needed (chenson)
0000520: [Bug] PostgreSQL - Quotes around tables in trigger creation. (chenson)
0000522: [Bug] When multiple transformations with different columns sets and the same target table are defined the metadata that gets written o (chenson)
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