0004045: [Bug] Load Data request with multiple nodes and "create table" option fails to create foreign key batches for all but one node (elong)
0004052: [Bug] H2 database: Capture of milliseconds on a date are incorrect (elong)
0004051: [New Feature] Allow dbsql to use list of sql statements from file (pmarzullo)
0004046: [Improvement] Potential bottleneck from flushing cache while processing extract requests (elong)
0004044: [Improvement] Potential bottleneck from thread locking during initial load with multiple clients (elong)
0004006: [Bug] CAST Error on auto.resolve.foreign.key.violation=true (JJ_Starrett)
0004035: [Bug] Firebird 3 gets wrong dialect, errors on sym_escape (elong)
0004025: [Bug] Duplicate Registration Requests when IP-Address of client changes (elong)
0004033: [Improvement] Upgrade the embedded Jetty to newest version (elong)
0004028: [Bug] failed to sync when Oracle column which datatype is char changes it's value to chinese characters (elong)
0004027: [Improvement] Oracle Numeric types used to return DECIMAL, but now returns NUMERIC with new driver (pmarzullo)
0004026: [Bug] Registration server gets "Removing identity because registration is required" (elong)
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