Released 2012-01-27
0000569: [Improvement] Allow StandaloneSymmetricEngine to be embedded with Symmetric-Core only (gwilmer)
0000570: [Bug] Make sure the insert of a GP record never fails. (chenson)
0000573: [Bug] ColumnMatchDataRouter incorrectly parses router expressions with column names that contain 'OR'. e.g. CONCENTRATOR_ID (chenson)
0000574: [Improvement] Remove the check to run purge only if an initial load has happened (chenson)
0000571: [Bug] "Time Zone is not captured/sent to the replicated node for columns that are of type ""Timestamp With Time Zone""" (chenson)
0000572: [Bug] Misleading error printed out during transformation where no columns were found to transform (chenson)
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