Released 2012-06-04
This major release restructures the code for performance improvements and adds conflict management.
0000033: [New Feature] Rewrite csv loader/reader to make it a core SymmetricDS component (elong)
0000041: [New Feature] Addition of HTTPS Transport Type (elong)
0000054: [Bug] The initial.load.create.first feature should include foreign keys (elong)
0000057: [Improvement] Triggers should be created in same catalog and schema as source table (elong)
0000064: [New Feature] Support for HTTP Authentication Methods (elong)
0000143: [Bug] bin/sym --auto-create fails on some sym_* tables (elong)
0000160: [Bug] The where statement generated by the data loader needs to use 'is null' instead of '= null' when a primary key is null. (elong)
0000219: [New Feature] Synchronize tables to same schema/catalog in target if source_schema_name / source_catalog_name is defined for trigger (elong)
0000228: [Improvement] Store trigger creation errors in sym_trigger_hist (elong)
0000238: [New Feature] Optionally, send the source_node_id from sym_data in the protocol so the dataloader has access to it. (elong)
0000360: [Bug] Fallback for insert statements doesn't work (elong)
0000629: [Bug] We don't quote the catalog and schema when allowing sql server identity inserts
0000630: [Bug] Make sure cached table definitions are cleared out before running sync triggers.
0000560: [Improvement] Support of AES Encryption Is Needed (elong)
0000628: [Bug] Duplicate columns in table. Fix jdbc ddl reader so that reading table columns is qualified by schema and catalog
0000608: [Improvement] Optimization - Only capture one row in sym_data_event per sym_data when all the routers on a channel always send to all nodes in
0000618: [New Feature] Add setting on trigger that indicates whether old data should be captured by the triggers
0000621: [Improvement] Reload parameters from sym_parameter when they come through the data loader or data router (so you don't have to wait for the ca
0000622: [Improvement] Restart jobs if job parameters come through the data loader or data router
0000623: [New Feature] Add the ability to set a status of IG (ignore) on either an incoming or outgoing batch so that the status will be transmitted re
0000624: [Bug] The subselect router should not kick in during an initial load if the initial_load_select is used
0000625: [Improvement] Upgrade Jetty from 7.1 to 7.6 (latest stable 7.x version) to fix sporadic EOF exceptions
0000626: [Improvement] Use prepared args for the OK status in the purge service. Not sure if it makes a difference, but the wrong query plans are somet
0000006: [New Feature] Add more robust conflict resolution strategies
0000423: [Improvement] Add configurable file cache folder
0000543: [Bug] Column's JdbcTypeName is Null
0000548: [Bug] Remove invalid documentation for embedded.webserver.basic.auth.username and embedded.webserver.basic.auth.password
0000549: [Bug] Section 4.8.2 Transformation Types fails to mention pre-defined Lookup Transform type
0000562: [Bug] Fix DataService bug. Max data id that is currently handled in 2.x is Integer.MAX_VALUE. It should go all the way up to Long.MAX_
0000564: [Improvement] Add external_data to subselect router
0000566: [Improvement] Add documentation re purge requirements and sym_node_security
0000592: [New Feature] Make the data loader pluggable so that bulk loaders can be configured at the channel level.
0000593: [Improvement] Re-factor the data loader and data extractor so the components can be re-used outside of the core symmetricds engine
0000594: [Improvement] Remove dependency on commons-logging in favor of using slf4j everywhere for logging
0000595: [Improvement] Turn on multiServerMode as the default. Update tutorial and documentation
0000601: [Bug] Data type for data_id and batch_id should be a type that scales bigger than an integer
0000605: [New Feature] Support wildcards for the source_table_name in sym_trigger so you only have to configure one trigger entry to sync and entire da
0000607: [New Feature] Order triggers by FK constraints for initial load when initial_load_order is the same.
0000609: [New Feature] Add dbexport and dbimport features to SymmetricDS
0000613: [New Feature] Add a column_policy column to sym_transform_table that indicates whether undefined columns are specified or implied
0000616: [Improvement] Refresh parameter cache whenever new parameters come through the data loader or data router.
0000597: [Improvement] Consolidate database platform (former ddlutils) code and symmetricdialect code that contains information that should be in the p (chenson)
0000596: [Improvement] Load each batch as it arrives at the target (instead of transporting all batches for 1 sync and then loading them all) (chenson)
0000631: [Improvement] Add FKs to the SymmetricDS configuration tables
0000632: [New Feature] Create new feature to allow concurrent pulling and pushing of nodes
0000633: [Bug] Don't route inserts of sym_node or sym_node_security to the associated node_id
0000634: [Improvement] Speed up node reloads on push. Continuously push to a node if the previous push contained a reload event.
0000636: [Improvement] Support bigger than 32k clobs and varchar columns by swapping out sym_escape for REPLACE in the Firebird dialect
0000637: [Improvement] By default delete sym_data_gap rows instead of marking them as OK or SK
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