Released 2012-06-06
0000646: [Bug] Command lines should fail if specified engines file doesn't exist (mhanes)
0000638: [Improvement] Support Microsoft's JDBC 4 Driver for SQL Server
0000639: [Improvement] Support Windows Azure
0000640: [Improvement] For fallback, if update fails and then the insert fails (pk changed and row already exists), then attempt to update using the ne
0000641: [Improvement] Don't initial load a table if the initial load order is < 0
0000642: [Bug] transforms with a transform_policy of implied don't copy primary keys to transform on insert
0000643: [Bug] Firebird requires commits after each ddl statement during upgrades
0000644: [Bug] Carriage return and line feeds are not being handled properly in the creation and parsing of CSV for 3.0.0
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