Released 2012-06-29
0000670: [Improvement] Better document how nodes are deployed in the engines directory. (chenson)
0000671: [Bug] When the router type is null the batch type is always common. (chenson)
0000672: [Improvement] Support a --engine option for the syadmin create-war command (chenson)
0000673: [Improvement] Start symmetricds engine instance in background (chenson)
0000676: [Bug] dbimport fails to create unique indexes (chenson)
0000678: [Bug] auto.reload is broke in 3.0 (chenson)
0000679: [Bug] DbImport help screen does not display description for --use-variable-dates. (abrougher)
0000680: [Improvement] Don't run the sync triggers process at all if in a SymmetricDS instance and auto.sync.triggers is false (chenson)
0000683: [Bug] Error synchronyzing triggers (NPE) (chenson)
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