Scheduled For Release 2019-01-25
0003704: [Bug] Documentation fix: Monitor Events sync on the monitor channel, not the heartbeat channel (elong)
0003705: [Improvement] Documentation for parameter is vague (elong)
0003543: [Bug] System tables should be ignored on MssqlDdlReader (elong)
0003854: [Improvement] Initial load use estimated counts (elong)
0003856: [Bug] Oracle bulk loader issue with a load only target node (josh-a-hicks)
0003852: [Bug] Startup on Postgres no relation for gp_id (elong)
0003850: [Bug] On startup with Postgres 10, always alters sym_sequence (elong)
0003851: [Bug] Postgres error column type tsvector but expression is of type character varying (elong)
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