Scheduled For Release 2019-10-31
Update setup and screens for log-based replication and new dialects for HANA, Redis
0004004: [Improvement] SQL Explorer show additional objects like views, synonyms, procedures, and functions
0004042: [New Feature] Support for setting up log based, trigger based, extract only, or load only nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0003571: [Improvement] On Nodes Panel, support network diagnostics for remote nodes (JJ_Starrett)
0004023: [New Feature] Hana Database Support (josh-a-hicks)
0003947: [Bug] Dashboard configure is inaccurate for multiple views of same view (jaredfrees)
0001432: [Improvement] When a user cannot edit a panel, instead of hiding edit buttons, disable the buttons. (jaredfrees)
0003946: [Improvement] Update Load Data GUI to be more like the Auto Create Table Triggers GUI (jaredfrees)
0003945: [Improvement] On the Explore Page changing the node should change the current view (jaredfrees)
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