Scheduled For Release 2019-09-13
0002655: [Improvement] Parameters and/or programmatic way to control type and size for sym_data, sym_trigger fields
0003563: [Improvement] The query has timed out. purgeExtractRequests
0004111: [Bug] Server node with at least one offline client does not update its heartbeat
0003109: [Bug] File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message
0003251: [Bug] Mysql BIGINT UNSIGNED processed as signed and gives error on larger than 63 bits numbers.
0003295: [Bug] Sync from MySql to MSSql initial load - table create fails on Decimal Precision when MySQL precision is more than 38
0003576: [Improvement] Resync trigger if it is failing due to deadlock
0004080: [Bug] Sym file snapshot batch sent as part of initial load (josh-a-hicks)
0004081: [Improvement] DBFill support for auto increment columns (josh-a-hicks)
0004106: [Bug] Extraction of double byte characters from sym_data exceeding a size of 4000 will fail and not fall back (josh-a-hicks)
0002755: [Improvement] Recreate staged resources if batch status is manually set to 'NE' (mmichalek)
0002864: [Improvement] Raise an error if an MSSQL Update fails to get captured (mmichalek)
0002970: [Bug] db connection leaks after engine stop (pmarzullo)
0002997: [Bug] It's not possible to send a reload of just the files right now.
0003119: [Bug] Stopping service breaks connections with error in Interbase logs (pmarzullo)
0003382: [Bug] MV-Store DB corrupt after stopping SymmetricDS replication software (pmarzullo)
0003389: [Improvement] Dbcompare ordering by PK with timestamp or varchar with utf8
0003545: [Bug] Mapped default values lead to always detecting a model change (pmarzullo)
0003554: [Improvement] Postgres bulk loader throws error if more columns in source than target (josh-a-hicks)
0003897: [Improvement] Cleanly exit all job threads when engine is stopped (pmarzullo)
0004112: [Bug] Postgres Time column type can't be converted to Timestamp column type without a cast when restoring the data (pmarzullo)
0003920: [Improvement] In PostgreSQL trigger function should be SECURITY DEFINER (elong)
0003993: [Improvement] Truncate host name to fit into 60 char database limit (elong)
0004110: [Improvement] Improve performance of purge stranded data (elong)
0004104: [Improvement] Snapshot: use log file names from log4j configuration to filter files to include in snapshot (pmarzullo)
0004101: [Bug] Batch staging manager does not purge old .create files (elong)
0004088: [Bug] Failed to delete blocking row (elong)
0004086: [Improvement] Optimize network usage on pull by closing connection as soon as batches are transferred (elong)
0004085: [Improvement] Logging of data gaps in router service can use too much memory (elong)
0004084: [Bug] DB2 AS400 dialect is mis-identified as Generic (elong)
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