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0002755SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2019-03-14 08:39
Reporterwoehrl01Assigned Tommichalek 
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Summary0002755: Recreate staged resources if batch status is manually set to 'NE'
DescriptionIf you have a conflict on outgoing batch and you can solve it via changing the sym_data_event table, you need to wait until the resource times out or until you delete the resource manually so that the batch content gets recreated.

It would be great if you can "trigger" the recreation if you set the batch status to 'NE' manually.

The following PR does this:

If you don't want to delete any batch if it is 'NE' maybe it is a good fit to also check for isErrorFlag() == true
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2016-09-30 10:28

administrator   ~0000879

Re-opening. Was accidentally closed when performing the release.


2018-12-05 14:55

developer   ~0001363

Needs some design work most likely

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