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0002997SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-03-14 08:39
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Product Version3.8.0 
Target Version3.10.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0002997: It's not possible to send a reload of just the files right now.
DescriptionIt's not possible to send a reload of just the files right now.

Also, there's a secondary bug where all file file triggers are reloaded whenever a table reload request is processed.

Possibly there needs to be 2 new columns on sym_table_reload_request, file_trigger_id, file_router_id. These fields should also support ALL values, like the trigger_id, router_id do.

There are 2 workarounds to send the files now:
1) Insert a row in table_reload_request with trigger_id=ALL (or anything valid), router_id=ALL. The downside of this is that all data is also reloaded for the node along with the files.
2) Use sym_node_channel_ctl to disable routing to all nodes except the one you want to target, and touch the rows in sym_file_snapshot.
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2017-06-06 09:38

administrator   ~0001053

The initial load works with Lets validate that and set that as the default if it works.

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