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0003109SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-10-31 10:59
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Product Version3.8.24 
Target Version3.10.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0003109: File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message

I have configured file sync to setup master master replication of a folder using symmetricds but I'm getting stuck.

I can confirm the records in the sym_file_snapshot table on the master have been created by the tracker job, with correct data in trigger_id and router_id fields, but then routing fails with the following log output

FileSyncDataRouter - Could not find a trigger router with a trigger_id of null and a router_id of null. The file snapshot will not be routed

Not so sure if this is a bug or if I missed something in the config but couldn't find what is wrong.

Steps To ReproduceCreate a /dockercom folder on source and target

Insert symmetric conf :

insert into sym_file_trigger
values('dockercom','dockercom', '/dockercom', 0, current_timestamp,current_timestamp);

insert into sym_file_trigger
values('dockercom_slave','dockercom', '/dockercom', 0, current_timestamp,current_timestamp);

insert into sym_router
values('master_2_store_dockercom', 'master', 'store', 'default',current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

insert into sym_router
values('store_2_master_dockercom', 'store', 'master', 'default',current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

insert into sym_file_trigger_router
values('dockercom','master_2_store_dockercom', current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

insert into sym_file_trigger_router
values('dockercom_slave','store_2_master_dockercom', current_timestamp, current_timestamp);

Add some text files to the master /dockercom folder

Look at the master log
Additional InformationContent of the snapshot table

trigger_id, router_id, relative_dir, file_name, channel_id, reload_channel_id, last_event_type, crc32_checksum, file_size, file_modified_time, last_update_time, last_update_by, create_time
'dockercom', 'master_2_store_dockercom', '.', '.env', 'dockercom', 'filesync_reload', 'C', '3454198307', '47', '1494749769000', '2017-05-14 08:20:00', NULL, '2017-05-14 08:20:00'
'dockercom', 'master_2_store_dockercom', '.', '', 'dockercom', 'filesync_reload', 'C', '1664581753', '2404', '1494749769000', '2017-05-14 08:20:00', NULL, '2017-05-14 08:20:00'
'dockercom', 'master_2_store_dockercom', '.', '', 'dockercom', 'filesync_reload', 'C', '1667299467', '2021', '1494749769000', '2017-05-14 08:20:00', NULL, '2017-05-14 08:20:00'
'dockercom', 'master_2_store_dockercom', '.', 'upgrade_latest', 'dockercom', 'filesync_reload', 'C', '0', '0', '1494746198000', '2017-05-14 08:20:00', NULL, '2017-05-14 08:20:00'
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has duplicate 0003607 closed file trigger error 
has duplicate 0003740 closed Error in log file could be improved in cases where file triggers are assigned to non-file-sync channels. 



2018-06-20 04:36

reporter   ~0001209

  have you sollution this problem?I face the same problem of you. I don't know whether it's a bug or a config error.
  if you have the sollution,please send a email to me ,thank you !
  my email is


2018-10-03 09:35

developer   ~0001249

I was able to recreate the issue. It's one of configuration (although SymmetricDS could probably do a better job of explaining the error in the logs). You have your channel for the file sync set to be "dockercom", but I'm guessing you dont have the file_sync_flag set to "1" on that channel (which indicates to SymmetricDS that it's a channel for file sync.) I can get the same error you describe above.

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