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Summary0003225: SQL QuerySupport for Data Load Filter

I have two nodes; one store and one corp. Whenever a record is inserted in a Table1 of store node, I want to check that if record with some value "xyz" exists in Table5 of corp node. If it exists, then only the data in Table1 of store node should be synced to Table1 of corp node. After reading the documentation of Symmetric DS, I came across the Data Load Filters. It says that it only supports BSH scripts now and may support SQL later. So, I want to know if SQL support is available and if yes then what it (SQL Query) should return? and if not then how can I achieve this using BSH script?

Should I write a code to query Table5 and based on query output return true or false value? I am using SQL Server database.

Your help is valued.

Thank you in advance.



2017-09-20 12:50

developer   ~0001073

You can query from a load filter or from transforms:

count = engine.getSqlTemplate().queryForInt("select count(*) from mytable where id = ?", new Object[] { "123" })

A load filter or load transform will query the target database. An extract transform will query the source database.

If this isn't a defect or feature request, let's close it. Questions and discussion take place on the forums here:

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