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Summary0003276: After a Database crash on a Node : What's te best way to reconnect this node ?
DescriptionHello everybody

I Would like to know if you have experience when a database crash and what have do to restart this Node with a copy of an other database node.

       -----------------SERVER --------------------------------------------------------------------
       | | |

The Store1 CRASH with no repair/rebuild possible.
So a make a copy of the Master (SERVER) database and I push in STORE1
after I set my own generators ...

But with a symmetricds tables/generators ??? what we need to do ?
* DELETE some records ? DROP TABLES ?
* register Node ?

thank you for your replies




2017-10-18 12:45

developer   ~0001074

It might be easiest to give it a engines/ file, then run "bin/symadmin uninstall" to drop all the SYM objects. Then when you start SymmetricDS, it will come up like it's new, create its objects, and try to register with server. On the server side, you'll want to open registration again (flip the sym_node_security.registration_enabled or run "bin/sym_admin open-registration"). Also in server database, it's a good idea to run "delete from sym_incoming_batch where node_id = ?" so that you don't skip any batches.

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