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0003326SymmetricDSBugpublic2017-12-01 04:18
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Product Version3.8.28 
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Summary0003326: Batch is OK but data is missing in Mysql target database
DescriptionWe are using SymDS in a bi-directional replication context with one corp node and many store nodes having exactly the same configuration.
Corp DB is Oracle 11 and stores DB are Mysql 5.6.
If the stores to corp replication works like a charm the corp to store does not all the time.
Most of time there is no problem.
Sometimes an INSERT batch (common) sent to all store nodes is flagged OK for all, but we notice that the data is missing in one (or several) node(s). No SQL or Network errors are reported.

Because we have foreign keys on the table, the channel replication stops for the node(s).
To resolve this we have to release foreign key checks in Mysql and update the missing data in corp DB and then the data is well replicated.
Please note that the data is well captured and the common batch is correctly defined for all store nodes. It is also correctly executed on the other nodes.

We notice this on a table with a Blob (use_stream_lobs and use_capture_old_data flags activated) but we don't know if it is the only one affected. The batch can contain one or several data event.
We haven't found any logic in this behaviour, the affected node and the missing data are totally random.
We don't know where is the issue (routing ? SQL transaction? acknowledgement management?) but the batch should not be flagged OK for the node.

Because this situation occurs several times a month, we think it should be investigated.
Is there a way to define the batches as not common? Could this resolve the issue?


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