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0003389SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2019-05-14 13:01
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Product Version3.9.2 
Target Version3.10.3Fixed in Version 
Summary0003389: Dbcompare ordering by PK with timestamp or varchar with utf8
DescriptionWe use symmetricds to replicate between MySQL and SQL Anywhere.

dbcompare returns a lot different rows.
I have noticed two issues:

1) when create comparison sql, symmetricds uses the order by as
ORDER BY <pk_column>
if PK column is text (varchar) that contains utf-8 characters, MySQL and SQL Anywhere will return different ordering
Solution: use the CONVERT function on MySQL and the CSCONVERT function on SQL Anywhere

2) SQL Anywhere saves timestamp values with milliseconds and MySQL (by default) without milliseconds
Solution: add options to round timestamp values similar as numbers
Steps To ReproduceWe use commercial databases and not sure that can provide reproducible case.
Additional InformationI have fixed both issue with patched symmetricds 3.9.x and I'm willing to create a patch.



2018-01-30 13:35

developer   ~0001108


Could you provide the patch you used or do a pull request so we can review your approach in the code?


2018-01-30 13:46

developer   ~0001109

Which version of Sybase are you running? Could you provide us with sample create table statements and some sample data for both MySql and SqlAnywhere so that we can try to reproduce?


2018-01-30 14:54

reporter   ~0001110

I'm using SQL Anywhere 11 and MySQL 5.7.21. I will provide a pull request and test case soon.


2018-02-06 16:32

developer   ~0001121

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We have added an option to specify a date-time format which should fix problem 2 here.

Here is a link to the issue:

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