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0003537SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-05-16 13:59
ReportervibhorejairathAssigned To 
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Product Version3.8.34 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003537: Delete rule are not syncing from central node to store node
DescriptionSymmetric is not syncing the Cascade delete rule from Central node to Store node level and hence cascade delete is not working at the store level.
Steps To ReproduceRegister the store node to central node and allow schema and data to sync with store node. Open the table that has cascade rule set in Explore mode in Central and Store node and compare the delete rule for the same table.

See the attached files for the screen shots taken for the same table in Central and Store nodes
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2018-05-01 22:01


Screen Shot Central Node.png (731,760 bytes)
Screen Shot Store Node.png (398,900 bytes)


2018-05-04 09:19

reporter   ~0001177

Any updates on the ticket.


2018-05-15 21:02

reporter   ~0001184

Kindly provide guidance as this is causing issue in production now


2018-05-16 12:49

developer   ~0001185

The issue is that it is missing the "on delete cascade" clause when creating application tables during the initial load on a PostgreSQL database. Did I understand correctly?


2018-05-16 13:59

reporter   ~0001186

That is correct, It is happening during initial load

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