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0003633SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2019-05-28 13:51
ReportermmichalekAssigned Tojaredfrees 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.9.0 
Target Version3.10.3Fixed in Version3.10.3 
Summary0003633: MSSQL Server Pro Validation Query Fails with a hyphen in the DB Name
DescriptionHere is a database named: dbHMI-prod. Notice the message: Incorrect syntax near '-'.

2018-07-17 15:27:06,232 WARN [corp-000] [MsSqlDdlReader] [qtp1777443462-16] Failed to determine auto increment columns using this query: 'SELECT t.TEST_ID,t.TEST_VALUE FROM db-prod.dbo.SYM_PERMISSION_TEST t WHERE 1 = 0'. This is probably not harmful, but should be fixed.
Table [name=SYM_PERMISSION_TEST; 2 columns]
Column [name=TEST_ID; jdbcType=int; mappedType=INTEGER]
Column [name=TEST_VALUE; jdbcType=int; mappedType=INTEGER] (org.jumpmind.db.platform.AbstractJdbcDdlReader.determineAutoIncrementFromResultSetMetaData( Incorrect syntax near '-'.
    at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingStatement.executeQuery(
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related to 0003976 resolvedjaredfrees ASE dialect fails to determine auto increment columns with special character in table name 


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