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0003647SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-07-25 16:26
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Summary0003647: dbcompare: unclear error for duplicate table names in srouce tables argument
DescriptionWhen running dbcompare from the commandline, with a duplicated table name in source tables argument yields the error "org.jumpmind.symmetric.SymmetricException: Source table names must be the same length as the list of target table names."

This is misleading as the source_tables and target_tables arguments were in fact the same length. A clearer error message could be 'duplicate table name detected in argument source_tables: <table_name>'.

In the Error mesage in steps to reproduce, the last line shows table 'x' four times, but it was only provided twice. This explains the resulting 'Not Same Length' exception message. The fact that table 'x' has doubled here may be alarming (inadvertent loop).

In a large list (100's) of tables with a single duplicate table name, the cause is much harder to spot, and a clearer error message would be very helpful.
Steps To ReproduceWith like:

and valid source/target configuration, running dbcompare yields:

SymmetricDS_dbcompare] - DbCompare - Starting DBCompare with config:
    sourceTableNames=[x, a, b, c, d, x]
    targetTableNames=[x, a, b, c, d, x]
    excludedTableNames=null @default
    useSymmetricConfig=false @default
    numericScale=3 @default
    tablesToExcludedColumns={} @default
    outputSql=null @null

An exception occurred. Please see the following for details:
org.jumpmind.symmetric.SymmetricException: Source table names must be the same length as the list of target table names. Check your arguments. source table names = [x, x, a, b, c, d, x, x] target table names = [x, a, b, c, d, x]
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