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0003660SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-10-03 10:27
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Product Version3.9.9 
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Summary0003660: Initial Load with Order by in initial_load_select MSSQL
Descriptionsym_trigger_router table has initial_load_select = "1 = 1 order by t.CreationTime" which create query like below :-
select count(*) from "board"."dbo"."currencies" t where 1=1 order by t.CreationTime;

It works with MySQL but not with MSSQL because MSSQL does not support order by with count(*).

MSSQL gives :-
Column "board.dbo.currencies.creationtime" is invalid in the ORDER BY clause because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause.

its due to
as symmetricds 3.9 has removed sym_trigger_router.initial_load_batch_count.

Now what is workaround to ignore count(*) query for MSSQL for initial load?
Steps To Reproduceset initial_load_select = "1 = 1 order by <anycolumn>" in sym_trigger_router for mssql database.



2018-08-04 00:50

reporter   ~0001222

sorry, its not due to I have tried the same in 3.8, same issue there as well.
Problem is symmetricds drafting wrong query for MSSQL. in case of MSSQL there should be option to disable count(*) query if order by clause is used in initial_load_select.


2018-10-03 10:27

developer   ~0001251

Q: Is there a particular reason you need the initial load select to order the columns when doing the load?

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