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0003707SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2018-10-29 12:48
ReportergwilmerAssigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.9.14 
Target Version3.10.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0003707: Dashboard Health Monitor Shows Orphaned Nodes as Offline. These nodes are not shown in Manage Nodes Screen
DescriptionOn the Dashboard Health Monitor, the "Offline Nodes" label shows orphaned nodes and it shouldn't. These nodes are not shown on the manage nodes screen.

Steps To Reproduce1. Set up 3 tier sync scenario (corp -> store -> till)
2. Register a store and multiple tills
3. Unregister the store from the corp without unregistering the tills from the store
4. Wait for the
5. corp will show tills as offline in the health monitor screen, but will not show at all in manage nodes.

In this scenario, sym_node and sym_node_host rows still exist for the tills, even thought he store's sym_node and sym_node_host rows have been removed.


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