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0003748SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-10-12 14:25
ReporterdadancopAssigned Toelong 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.9.14 
Target Version3.10.0Fixed in Version3.10.0 
Summary0003748: Batch was not complete
Description[From elong: re-opening issue to fix in 3.10. A batch can be corrupted on either sending or receiving side, which gets an error as "batch was not complete". We can clear the file from staging when we get that error, which should let it automatically recover.]

Before this, my symmetric run well on windows 2012
But after i restart server i get error like this :

2018-10-06 22:36:57,544 ERROR [corp-000] [ManageIncomingBatchListener] [corp-000-dataloader-19123] Failed to load batch global-8401 StackTraceKey [ProtocolException:3090605812]
2018-10-06 22:36:57,560 ERROR [corp-000] [DataLoaderService] [qtp1877453512-29] Failed to process batch StackTraceKey [ProtocolException:3090605812]
2018-10-06 22:36:57,732 ERROR [global] [AcknowledgeService] [global-push-default-7] The outgoing batch 000-8401 failed: The batch global-8401 was not complete
2018-10-06 22:37:00,341 INFO [corp-000] [IncomingBatchService] [corp-000-dataloader-19126] Retrying batch global-8401
2018-10-06 22:37:00,559 INFO [global] [DataExtractorService] [global-push-default-8] Reached the total byte threshold for initial load after 36 of 60 batches were sent for node '000' (sent 524792539 bytes, the max is 524288000). The remaining batches will be send on a subsequent sync.
2018-10-06 22:37:00,559 INFO [global] [PushService] [global-push-default-8] Push data sent to corp:000:000
2018-10-06 22:37:05,154 INFO [corp-000] [IncomingBatchService] [corp-000-dataloader-19127] Retrying batch idempierewh-3832
2018-10-06 22:37:05,248 ERROR [corp-000] [ManageIncomingBatchListener] [corp-000-dataloader-19127] Failed to load batch idempierewh-3832 StackTraceKey [ProtocolException:250523011]
2018-10-06 22:37:05,514 INFO [idempierewh] [PushService] [idempierewh-push-default-10] Push data sent to corp:000:000
2018-10-06 22:37:05,514 ERROR [corp-000] [DataLoaderService] [qtp1877453512-22] Failed to process batch StackTraceKey [ProtocolException:250523011]
2018-10-06 22:37:05,529 ERROR [idempierewh] [AcknowledgeService] [idempierewh-push-default-10] The outgoing batch 000-3832 failed: The batch idempierewh-3832 was not compl

What does cause it ?
Steps To ReproduceUsing demo, stop the store's pull job. Change an item at corp. View the batch CSV from Outgoing Batches. Find the batch csv file in tmp/corp-000/outgoing/123.csv and edit it. Modify the file to corrupt it. Run the store's pull job manually.

Corruption scenarios:
1. Choose a line to remove until the end of the file
2. Start removing in the middle of a line, like an insert, update, or delete



2018-10-06 12:31

developer   ~0001258

Is this Oracle? If the row size exceeds 4K, you will get that error. You can set sym_channel.contains_big_lobs = 1 to work around it.


2018-10-06 12:39

reporter   ~0001259

HI, ..this is postgres.


2018-10-06 12:48

reporter   ~0001260

i hava changed the contain_big_lobs to 1, but the error still exists.


2018-10-06 15:58

developer   ~0001261

Try stopping SymmetricDS, delete all the files from its "tmp" directory, then start again. (I'm wondering if there is a corrupted file in staging area.)


2018-10-06 23:19

reporter   ~0001262

Thank you, elong. After delete the tmp directory. It Solved.


2018-10-12 14:25

developer   ~0001272

Committed fix to 3.10

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