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0003781SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-11-01 22:58
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Product Version3.9.14 
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Summary0003781: meet error "ERRORDATA_STACK_SIZE exceeded" when start central node instance (database is greenplum 5.11.0)
Descriptionhi ,first of all ,forgive my poor English.
I downloaded the symmetricDS package from your website ,and started to install symmetricDS follow Tutorials Guide, I Created the sample tables for items, prices, and sales, in the root database, then I created the SymmetricDS tables and inserted sample item and transaction data into the root node database(my database is greenplum 5.11.0 ,core postgreSQL 8.3.23), everything works fine till now ,and then I started to start SymmetricDS instance use the following code "../bin/sym --engine corp-000 --port 8888" , I met the ERROR " GreenplumDdlReader - Failed to read table: sym_context. Error: PANIC: ERRORDATA_STACK_SIZE exceeded (elog.c:1416)", I just got stuck and don't know how to figure this problem. I have googled and it seems no one met this problem before . Please help me ,thank you .

P.S. my operation system is Red Hat 4.8.5-28 and my database is greenplum 5.11.0 ,core postgreSQL 8.3.23



2018-11-01 22:58


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