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0004077SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2019-08-23 08:17
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Product Version3.10.3 
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Summary0004077: Load Data w Wildcards functions incorrectly if you choose "Select Tables" and select just one table with one-to-many sync
DescriptionCorp to Store, with a trigger of wildcard case of item* which matches three tables.
Go to the Load Data Screen.
Choose all destination nodes (in my case, two)
Go with "select tables" and then pick just one of the tables from the list of tables that resulted from the wildcard.
The outgoing batches get generated, but...
a) there's just one load_id created (there should have been two), and
b) the load id itself doesn't show up as a row in the Load Data screen's list of loads

Expected behavior was a separate load id for each node, and for the two loads to show on the Load Data screen.
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2019-08-23 08:17

developer   ~0001571

FYI, the load doesn't show in table sym_table_reload_request either.

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