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0000561SymmetricDSBugpublic2011-01-22 11:12
ReporterAssigned Tochenson 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.5 
Target Version2.5.4Fixed in Version2.5.4 
Summary0000561: Issue deleting tuples from a table that has a column of type timestamp as part of the Primary Key
Description"I have just ran into an issue where rows deleted on our primary database fail to be deleted on the secondary database. The root cause is the functions that Symmetric creates to capture the change is capturing the timestamp with milliseconds, which then does not match the entry in the Database (which has a full timestamp - which includes microseconds). select * from pg_proc where proname = 'faaaa_on_d_subscriberpasswdhist'; ... case when old.""date_archived"" is null then '' else '""' || to_char(old.""date_archived"", 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS.MS') || '""' end||','| From the Posgres documentation MI minute (00-59) SS second (00-59) MS millisecond (000-999) US microsecond (000000-999999) Below are additional details regarding this issue. Also, I am using Postgres 9.0.5 and SymmetricDS 2.2.5 Thanks, Alan mcpdb=# d subscriberpasswdhistory Table ""mcpdbschema.subscriberpasswdhistory"" Column | Type | Modifiers ---------------+-----------------------------+----------- rsrc_id | integer | not null passwd | character varying(200) | not null date_archived | timestamp without time zone | not null Indexes: ""pk_subscriberpasswdhistory"" PRIMARY KEY, btree (rsrc_id, date_archived), tablespace ""mcp_large_indxs"" (Commands executed from the Primary Database) ============================================== mcpdb=# select rsrc_id, date_archived from subscriberpasswdhistory where rsrc_id = 62449; rsrc_id | date_archived ---------+---------------------------- 62449 | 2011-11-15 13:52:35.220861 62449 | 2011-11-15 13:52:57.338436 (2 rows) mcpdb=# delete from subscriberpasswdhistory where rsrc_id = 62449; DELETE 2 (from sym_outgoing_batch) ========================== 6;""1"";""primary"";""ER"";0;1;163;351;351;351;2;0;0;0;2;0;6;0;0;3;2;""''"";0;""Delete of subscriberpasswdhistory effected no rows: {delete,62449,2011-11-15 13:52:35.220}"";6;""Server1062-VM05"";""2011-12-01 12:56:59.58"";""2011-12-01 12:39:08.119007"" From sym_data ============== 6;""subscriberpasswdhistory"";""D"";"""";""""62449"",""2011-11-15 13:52:35.220"""";""""62449"",""2011-11-15 13:52:35.220"",""i7Hm3Coy4V6e9lu1GJKIVv84="""";592;""primary"";""194220"";""''"";"""";""2011-12-01 12:39:05.924065"" 7;""subscriberpasswdhistory"";""D"";"""";""""62449"",""2011-11-15 13:52:57.338"""";""""62449"",""2011-11-15 13:52:57.338"",""goBOf7teItnYnjjL2+SfB6oM="""";592;""primary"";""194220"";""''"";"""";""2011-12-01 12:39:05.924065"""


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