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0000651SymmetricDSBugpublic2014-02-02 20:52
ReportermhanesAssigned Tochenson 
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Product Version3.0.1 
Target Version3.0.2Fixed in Version3.0.2 
Summary0000651: Initial Load Order not being honored.
DescriptionHave a working database to reproduce this issue. It appears that initial load order is not being honored when specified. Instead, tables are getting reordered (and incorrectly at that) based on foreign keys. Notes from the forum post which might help. Seems to be an issue in the sorting algorithm itself for determining load order.

One Clue I can provide is the issue is with tables which have FKs in more than one table. e.g. Party_Stations have FK in Party_Master and Stations. What I have observed is For Initial Load tables are being processed alphabetically and as soon as FK is detected the Table is moved after the FK table. So it might be happening like this when Party_Stations is being processed with First FK its moved after Party_master and when second FK is detected its moved after stations table which is much above party_master.


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0000651: Initial Load Order not being honored
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