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0000768SymmetricDSBugpublic2012-08-14 07:57
ReporterchensonAssigned Tochenson 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.10 
Target Version3.1.0Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0000768: Don't hide startup errors if the spring context fails to start
DescriptionAug 10 09:11:23 EDT 2012]; root of context hierarchy
java.lang.IllegalStateException: LifecycleProcessor not initialized - call 'refresh' before invoking lifecycle methods via the context: startup date [Fri Aug 10 09:11:23 EDT 2012]; root of context hierarchy
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.ClientSymmetricEngine.stop(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.AbstractSymmetricEngine.destroy(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.ClientSymmetricEngine.destroy(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.ClientSymmetricEngine.init(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.web.ServerSymmetricEngine.init(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.ClientSymmetricEngine.<init>(
        at org.jumpmind.symmetric.ClientSymmetricEngine.<init>(


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