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0000833SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-04-25 16:18
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Summary0000833: Symmetric DS 1.6 version, trigger ID cant find in the tringger table.
DescriptionAs attached show, why the syn_node is keeping on changing, and the trigger id that it generated cant find in the Sym_trigger table. Is this normal?
Because we want to do some clean up, thanks.
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2012-09-18 06:35


question2.jpg (170,824 bytes)
question2.jpg (170,824 bytes)


2019-04-12 13:56

administrator   ~0001409

In older versions, it would update the sym_node table with the current timestamp in last_heatbeat_time whenever the heartbeat job runs. In newer versions, it updates sym_node_host instead every 15 minutes. Are you still experiencing any issue?

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