0005987: [Improvement] Enhance logging for JSQLParserException in OracleStatementParser (cquamme)
0005979: [Bug] Load Data Wizard doesn't show multiple different table routers as options. (jvanmeter)
0005973: [Bug] DB2 iSeries journal based capture support when old data is not present on updates (josh-a-hicks)
0005978: [Improvement] Console event for cancel load include load ID (elong)
0005977: [Bug] Database performance test broken on SQL-Server and others (elong)
0005975: [Bug] Upgrading from open source to pro is missing pro tables (elong)
0005974: [Bug] DB2 iSeries log miner connection leak (josh-a-hicks)
0005968: [Bug] Microsoft MsSQL jdbc driver does not handle synchronization of uniqueidentifiers correctly. (jvanmeter)
0005967: [Bug] Unable to select a different runtime database than the same one used for application tables (log based setups) (josh-a-hicks)
9 issues View Issues
0005962: [Bug] Manage->Outgoing Batches, selecting channel, moving away from screen and coming back loses previous selection (pmarzullo)
0005959: [Bug] Error when replicating DDL for table with SQL Server smallmoney column (emiller)
0005958: [Bug] SQLServerException when using the SQL Server Azure bulk loader with Azure cloud storage (emiller)
0005956: [Bug] Displays "logging off" forever if an engine doesn't start (elong)
0005951: [Bug] "Edit privileges" button in web console's Configure->Roles tab grayed out at wrong times (JishLong)
0005920: [Improvement] Snowflake Reload Duplicate Prevention (jvanmeter)
0005947: [Bug] Onprem to cloud infrastructure script makes routers in same direction (pmarzullo)
0005939: [Improvement] Upgrade S3 functionality and add JSON output (JishLong)
0005929: [Improvement] Remove use of javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter in ConsoleUser.java (JishLong)
9 issues View Issues
0005945: [New Feature] Compare and repair with remote nodes (elong)
0005861: [Improvement] Improve accuracy of CPU monitor (elong)
0005972: [Improvement] Unlock feature of Nodes Panel should be in Registration dropdown (cquamme)
0005963: [Improvement] License key command line operations (emiller)
0004968: [Bug] Oracle log miner SQL parser exception from backslash value (emiller)
0005953: [New Feature] Replace unsent batch monitor with one for online nodes and another for offline nodes (emiller)
0005952: [New Feature] Add job trending insight (emiller)
0005917: [New Feature] Add insight manager to dashboard and replace integrity checks with insights (emiller)
0005941: [Improvement] Enhance User Roles (JishLong)
0005928: [Improvement] Use sym_outgoing_error table to ignore a row in outgoing batch (cquamme)
0001613: [New Feature] Add the ability to resend a batch by reload that has been ignored or has had a row ignored (cquamme)
0005919: [Improvement] Update SymmetricDS logo (emiller)
0005838: [New Feature] Log miner for MariaDB database (emiller)
0005830: [New Feature] Allow console users to login using SAML authentication (emiller)
0005789: [Improvement] Move monitors and notifications to SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
0005769: [Improvement] Optimize startup of all screens by waiting until they're opened to query and populate data (emiller)
0005758: [New Feature] Add break glass users (emiller)
0005637: [Improvement] Set SET MODE LEGACY in db.init.sql for H2 databases in engines, remove DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT from db URL if AUTO_SERVER also set (pmarzullo)
0005591: [New Feature] Add symconsole subcommands to REST API (emiller)
0005589: [Improvement] Move REST API to SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
20 issues View Issues
0005950: [Bug] Allowance of blank passwords (JishLong)
0005946: [Bug] Onprem to cloud infrastructure script makes routers in same direction (pmarzullo)
2 issues View Issues
0005900: [Improvement] Upgrade BigQuery functionality to work with current BigQuery version (JishLong)
0005924: [Bug] When you select "Sent Data" for an ignored batch it incorrectly says it "Failed to Parse Batch" (cquamme)
0005923: [Bug] Grid on Manage Nodes screen has no items selected but its select all checkbox is not unchecked (emiller)
0005918: [Bug] Cannot rebuild multiple missing triggers via the Rebuild button on the Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0005911: [Improvement] Add documentation for web console timezone setting (emiller)
0005910: [New Feature] Add option for the web console to display dates and times in the browser's timezone (emiller)
0005908: [Improvement] Improve debug logging for Oracle log miner (emiller)
0005888: [Bug] MSSQL log based support for wildcard triggers (josh-a-hicks)
0005887: [Improvement] Monitor enhancements for centralized support (josh-a-hicks)
0005905: [Improvement] Oracle log miner should reset the SCN when it encounters error ORA-01281 (emiller)
0005902: [Bug] The BCP writer for MsSql is not able to parse db urls with backslashes (cquamme)
0005899: [Bug] FileSync tries to process a file change if the Source Directory doesn't exist on a node in a cluster (jvanmeter)
0005891: [Improvement] Adding "Date Time Format" Option for DbCompare in the UI (cquamme)
0005890: [Improvement] Automatically install azurekv module when adding a new SQL Server Azure node with authentication=ActiveDirectoryPassword (emiller)
0005889: [Bug] NullPointerException when saving a new load profile for the first time (emiller)
0005876: [New Feature] Manage Jobs screen with run history and error status (emiller)
0005874: [Bug] Updated Snowflake Builder to handle Bit Type (jvanmeter)
0005881: [Bug] Snowflake DML Statement does not get the column name before trying to convert. (jvanmeter)
0005879: [Improvement] Email validation when configuring new notifications (JishLong)
0005878: [Improvement] Integrity check for high number of unique channel queue names (JishLong)
0005872: [New Feature] Add integrity checks for configuration, heartbeat, and user data loops (emiller)
0005875: [Improvement] Shutdown Hook is causing OutOfMemoryError for some users (cquamme)
0005859: [Bug] Some privileges not getting hidden from UI even when set as "Hidden" (cquamme)
0005866: [Bug] Batch ID in Sync Errors section of Active Errors dialog links to incorrect batch screen (emiller)
0005864: [Improvement] Make it possible to set a monitor's expression via the Configure Monitors screen (emiller)
0005862: [Bug] File Sync Activity Dashboard panel displays activity for all channels when file sync is disabled (emiller)
0005856: [Improvement] "Ignore Row" in Outgoing and Incoming Batch Panels should have an associated permission (cquamme)
0005841: [Improvement] Adding "Wizards" Tab in Console Role Edit Panel (cquamme)
0005844: [Improvement] Vaadin warning in logs about vaadin license checking and live reload not being enabled (pmarzullo)
0005804: [Bug] Deactivated table (dropped trigger) is allowed to be requested for a partial load (pmarzullo)
30 issues View Issues
0004179: [Bug] After cancelling an initial load in Interbase received a Data Type Unknown exception. (pmarzullo)
0005777: [New Feature] Outgoing and incoming batch screens to show file names for summary on file sync channels (josh-a-hicks)
0005776: [New Feature] DB2 iSeries AS400 support for RRN (row identifier column) to be captured and sent during CDC and initial load. (josh-a-hicks)
0005785: [Bug] DBCompare fixes (cquamme)
0005821: [Bug] DB Compare "use config" option not working as expected (cquamme)
0005829: [Bug] When connecting to Redshift a "Driver Not Found" popup will occur even when the driver is available (cquamme)
0005756: [Bug] Snowflake Bulk Loader fails to load values with special characters (pmarzullo)
0005819: [Improvement] OutgoingBatchService loadPendingBatches should use read uncommitted to minimize deadlocking possibilities (pmarzullo)
0005816: [Improvement] Control setting snapshot isolation on MSSQL through a parameter (josh-a-hicks)
0005813: [Bug] DB Compare dialog lists tables from the wrong database on a log-based node (emiller)
0005808: [Bug] SQL Explorer DB Compare does not refresh schemas when changing catalog selection (pmarzullo)
0005806: [Bug] Cloud bulk load fails when source and target table columns do not match (pmarzullo)
0005735: [Bug] Some Downloads Not Working on Firefox Browser (cquamme)
0005798: [Improvement] Order the batches on the Manage Outgoing Batches screen by both batch ID and node ID (emiller)
0005797: [New Feature] Make it possible to view the details of a registration request by double-clicking it on the Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005795: [Bug] SQL Server log miner skips over changes on a busy system (emiller)
0005786: [Bug] Grid on Manage Nodes screen is empty when viewing the web console on a 3rd-tier (or lower) node (emiller)
0005771: [New Feature] Add File Sync Activity panel to Dashboard (emiller)
0005741: [Improvement] Java router code assistance (cquamme)
0005772: [Improvement] Add cluster information to info URI (elong)
0005773: [Bug] Login dialog should check if engine is initialized (cquamme)
0005768: [Improvement] Add schema names to where clause of Oracle log miner query (emiller)
0005764: [Improvement] Manage Outgoing/Incoming Loads screens should not query sym_table_reload_request once per load (emiller)
0005763: [New Feature] Add license and load subcommands to symconsole command (emiller)
0005761: [Bug] Validation fails for valid users on Windows when you try to setup "Install service to run automatically" (cquamme)
0005760: [Improvement] Conflict screen current detection should be based on conflict.default.pk.with.fallback parameter (cquamme)
0005759: [Bug] Oracle Log Mining should consume unknown DML type when reading transaction log (pmarzullo)
0005755: [Improvement] Next button on Connect Database Wizard's Registration URL screen should always be enabled (emiller)
0005748: [Improvement] License check should use cached call for find all nodes (cquamme)
29 issues View Issues
0005814: [Bug] DB Compare dialog lists tables from the wrong database on a log-based node (emiller)
0005794: [Bug] SQL Server log miner skips over changes on a busy system (emiller)
0005787: [Bug] Grid on Manage Nodes screen is empty when viewing the web console on a 3rd-tier (or lower) node (emiller)
0005751: [Bug] Downloading Incoming/Outgoing batches does not Decrypt (jvanmeter)
0005750: [Bug] Conflict Strategy column on Configure File Routing screen shows incorrect value for OLDER_WINS and NEWER_WINS (emiller)
0005744: [Bug] Edit Script button on Configure Extensions screen has confusing behavior when multiple extensions are selected (emiller)
0005739: [Bug] Background refresher threads left behind on logout (elong)
0005733: [Bug] Images do not show up when deploying SymmetricDS Pro to Tomcat as a WAR file (emiller)
0005716: [Bug] IllegalArgumentException when editing a custom transform column (emiller)
9 issues View Issues
0005793: [Bug] SQL Server log miner skips over changes on a busy system (emiller)
1 issue View Issues
0005730: [Bug] Downloading Incoming/Outgoing batches does not Decrypt (jvanmeter)
0005703: [New Feature] Log based setups can now choose another platform for runtime tables other than H2 (josh-a-hicks)
0005749: [Bug] Conflict Strategy column on Configure File Routing screen shows incorrect value for OLDER_WINS and NEWER_WINS (emiller)
0005743: [Bug] Edit Script button on Configure Extensions screen has confusing behavior when multiple extensions are selected (emiller)
0005704: [New Feature] DB2 iSeries AS400 support for log / journal based capture (josh-a-hicks)
0005738: [Bug] OracleStatementParser fails to parse lob write when lob contains semicolon newline (cquamme)
0005734: [Bug] Load Data Wizard prevents the user from continuing when file triggers are configured but no table triggers are configured (emiller)
0005726: [New Feature] Add support for Progress OpenEdge databases (emiller)
0005732: [Bug] Images do not show up when deploying SymmetricDS Pro to Tomcat as a WAR file (emiller)
0005727: [Bug] IllegalArgumentException on Manage Incoming/Outgoing Loads screens (emiller)
0005725: [Improvement] SetupDatabaseScreen Database Type drop down sorting change (pmarzullo)
0005715: [Bug] IllegalArgumentException when editing a custom transform column (emiller)
0005713: [Bug] Outgoing/Incoming Batch Panels fail when sorting grid by Bulk Loader Flag (pmarzullo)
0005701: [Bug] Processing of all event types except insert, update and delete are skipped in cloud bulk database writer (pmarzullo)
14 issues View Issues
0005660: [Bug] On prem to cloud profile not correct (josh-a-hicks)
0005661: [New Feature] Load Data Wizard default setting for send or receive check box (josh-a-hicks)
0005666: [Improvement] Azure Managed Instance Bulk Loading hash azure tokens for blob storage and credentials recreation (josh-a-hicks)
0005694: [New Feature] Pre-populate extension script based on interface name and extension type (emiller)
0005674: [Bug] MongoDB fixes for bidirectional sync (cquamme)
0005689: [Bug] Logging out of UI after running a job like sync triggers can interrupt job (elong)
0005684: [Improvement] Allow interface name to be specified when creating/editing a Java extension (emiller)
0005683: [Bug] Script editor doesn't always show error message when validation fails for Java code (emiller)
0005681: [Bug] Edit Script button on Configure Extensions screen gets disabled unnecessarily (emiller)
0005670: [Bug] Incorrect logic in MongoDB DDL Reader causes alter SQL to try and drop primary key (cquamme)
0005669: [Bug] A trigger's sync on insert/update/delete conditions can get set to "1=1" when editing table routing (emiller)
0005668: [Bug] Prevent Add Tables Wizard from asking the user if triggers should be bidirectional when the source & target groups are the same (emiller)
0005643: [New Feature] Requesting a full load in load wizard will not cancel existing loads to same target node if reload select is populated (josh-a-hicks)
0005665: [Bug] Cloud bulk loader fails when create tables are requested (josh-a-hicks)
14 issues View Issues
0005688: [Bug] Logging out of UI after running a job like sync triggers can interrupt job (elong)
0005682: [Bug] Script editor doesn't always show error message when validation fails for Java code (emiller)
0005680: [Bug] Edit Script button on Configure Extensions screen gets disabled unnecessarily (emiller)
3 issues View Issues
0005687: [Bug] Logging out of UI after running a job like sync triggers can interrupt job (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0005639: [Bug] Background refresher threads left behind on logout (elong)
0005647: [Bug] Appearance setting (light/dark mode) does not get correctly applied when page is refreshed (emiller)
0005642: [Bug] Console Table Stats inserts do not take into account a clustered environment (pmarzullo)
0005634: [Improvement] Ensure that SQL Server log miner always captures deletes in foreign key order (emiller)
0005626: [Bug] Editing transform columns (add/edit/delete) does not specify the column transform order (pmarzullo)
0005620: [Improvement] Warning from attempting to access user guide (elong)
0005618: [Bug] Allow user to unlock locked out remote node (pmarzullo)
0005616: [Bug] Pro Docker image contains unwanted files in tmp and logs directories (emiller)
0005614: [Bug] Router Form issue with router expression validator (pmarzullo)
9 issues View Issues
0005633: [Improvement] Ensure that SQL Server log miner always captures deletes in foreign key order (emiller)
0005627: [Bug] Editing transform columns (add/edit/delete) does not specify the column transform order (pmarzullo)
2 issues View Issues
0005632: [Improvement] Ensure that SQL Server log miner always captures deletes in foreign key order (emiller)
1 issue View Issues
0005532: [Bug] Sync Errors table in Active Errors dialog contains incorrect data when node IDs contain hyphens (emiller)
0005599: [Bug] Upgrade Jetty, PostgreSQL driver, Vaadin (elong)
0005607: [Improvement] Replace deprecated cacls command with icacls command (emiller)
3 issues View Issues
0005533: [Bug] Sync Errors table in Active Errors dialog contains incorrect data when node IDs contain hyphens (emiller)
0005549: [Bug] Leaving table selection screen of Load Data Wizard while editing a where clause causes unexpected behavior (emiller)
0005600: [Bug] Upgrade Jetty, PostgreSQL driver, Vaadin (elong)
0005608: [Improvement] Replace deprecated cacls command with icacls command (emiller)
4 issues View Issues
0005555: [New Feature] Adding Console Event for Ignoring Incoming/Outgoing Rows in Batch (cquamme)
0005568: [Bug] Azure BCP Bulk Loading Fails (cquamme)
0003939: [Improvement] During Uninstall add option to remove nodes in database (emiller)
0003570: [New Feature] Allow create of SymmetricDS console users through either symadmin or rest service (emiller)
0005482: [Improvement] Adding Ability to Set Privileges To Determine Which Type of Roles Can Choose Specific Criteria in Data Load Wizard (cquamme)
0005516: [New Feature] Add initial.load.reload.select.override parameter and add associated screen to Load Data Wizard (emiller)
0005534: [Bug] Sync Errors table in Active Errors dialog contains incorrect data when node IDs contain hyphens (emiller)
0005537: [Bug] Checkbox on Configure Parameters screen hides parameters that aren't set at the selected level (emiller)
0005538: [New Feature] Integrity test that checks configuration and environment (elong)
0005548: [Improvement] Get rid of "<Not Specified>" option when selecting tables in the Load Data Wizard (emiller)
0005550: [Bug] Leaving where clause screen of Load Data Wizard while editing a where clause causes unexpected behavior (emiller)
0005552: [Improvement] Prevent adding same node multiple times locally hosted (elong)
0005561: [Bug] IndexOutOfBoundsException when opening missing primary key dialog (emiller)
0005562: [Bug] MsSQL BCP fails if the target node is Load-Only (jvanmeter)
0005564: [New Feature] Clustered custom job (elong)
0005566: [Bug] Default template does not appear in email notification template editor (emiller)
0005567: [New Feature] Add Import URL button to the Authorities tab of the Manage Security screen (emiller)
0005569: [Bug] Filter dropdowns on Configure Table Triggers screen can be blank (emiller)
0005572: [Improvement] Oracle Log Miner to omit changes for the 'APPLSYS' user (josh-a-hicks)
0005575: [Bug] Various bugs with editing and deleting jobs on the Configure Jobs screen (emiller)
0005576: [Improvement] Clear grid selection when switching to a different Configure screen (emiller)
0005590: [Bug] Cannot change a built-in cron job into a periodic job via the Configure Jobs screen (emiller)
0005601: [Bug] Upgrade Jetty, PostgreSQL driver, Vaadin (elong)
0005609: [Improvement] Replace deprecated cacls command with icacls command (emiller)
24 issues View Issues
0005432: [Bug] Users With Read-Only Role Get NullPointerException When Accessing Parameters Screen (cquamme)
0005443: [Bug] Tables can be in wrong order in Auto Create Table Triggers dialog (emiller)
0005444: [Bug] Routers unexpectedly pre-selected in Auto Create Table Routing dialog (emiller)
0005446: [Bug] Pressing the escape key to exit a form while a select box is open results in the options remaining focused on the screen (emiller)
0005461: [Bug] Startup parameter console.explore.show is not functioning properly (pmarzullo)
0005470: [Bug] UI can become unstable when viewing batch screens (elong)
6 issues View Issues
0005454: [Improvement] Connect Database Wizard Registration URL Screen Fixes (cquamme)
0005458: [Improvement] Router Expressions Now A Required Field for Routers That Won't Work Without Them (cquamme)
0005434: [Bug] Users with Read-Only Role Getting Exception When Logging In and Table Triggers Editable (cquamme)
0005442: [Bug] Unexpected behavior in Auto Create Table Triggers dialog (emiller)
0005445: [Bug] Routers unexpectedly pre-selected in Auto Create Table Routing dialog (emiller)
0005447: [Bug] Pressing the escape key to exit a form while a select box is open results in the options remaining focused on the screen (emiller)
0005448: [New Feature] Add Auto Create Group dialog (emiller)
0005451: [Improvement] Always create a default router after creating a new group link (emiller)
0005462: [Improvement] Adding Command and Variable Dropdowns To "Enter SQL to Send" Screen and Parameter Editing Screens With SQL (cquamme)
0005465: [Bug] UI can become unstable when viewing batch screens (emiller)
0005466: [Improvement] Push registration, when sync URL is empty for registering node, should allow Pull registration to recover from empty sync URL (pmarzullo)
0005467: [Improvement] Failed login notifications should close by themselves (emiller)
0005469: [Improvement] Adding Built-in Variables and Data Variables Dropdowns on "Enter BSH Script to Send" Screen (cquamme)
0005471: [Bug] Images fail to load on the Design tab for some database types (emiller)
0005473: [Improvement] Wizard screens with TwinColSelect components should have scrollbars on the components instead of the window (emiller)
0005474: [Bug] Load filters do not work when using bcp bulk loader (emiller)
0005475: [Improvement] Outgoing and incoming load screens are slow (elong)
0005478: [New Feature] Add "Send -> Send ..." option to Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005479: [Improvement] Installer should make control center exit (elong)
0005480: [Improvement] If installer stops service, then installer should start service when done (elong)
0005498: [Bug] UI detached error during registration (elong)
21 issues View Issues
0004008: [Improvement] Web console "signing out" forever when database not available (cquamme)
0004406: [Bug] Logging in says "Logging Off" after selecting Clear Error then restarting instance (cquamme)
0005428: [Improvement] SQL Server Azure Managed Instance Detection while setting up bulk loading (josh-a-hicks)
0003554: [Improvement] Postgres bulk loader throws error if more columns in source than target (emiller)
0003947: [Bug] Dashboard configure is inaccurate for multiple views of same view (emiller)
0005391: [Bug] Settings missing from console-service-settings.json can cause NPEs (emiller)
0005396: [Bug] Postgres bulk loader skips SQL event if table is missing (elong)
0005377: [Improvement] Manage Load Screens Show When Batch Is In Error and Ignoring A Row Directly From Manage Batch Screens (cquamme)
0003490: [Improvement] Change sym_channel.reload_flag to 0/1 when its used by sym_trigger.channel_id/reload_channel_id (emiller)
0003702: [Bug] Dashboard Setting's Preview pane doesn't correctly refresh when you add components that cause a new row (emiller)
0005402: [Improvement] Improved support for MSSQL Azure Managed Instance (josh-a-hicks)
0005403: [Bug] Missing PK warning doesn't go away if the related trigger is deleted (emiller)
0005408: [Bug] Interrupt button disables and selection doesn't persist on Manage Processes screen (emiller)
0005407: [Bug] UniqueKeyException when bulk editing trigger routers (emiller)
0005409: [Bug] NPE on Bulk Loader screen of Connect Database Wizard when setting up a SQL Server node (emiller)
0005410: [Bug] Cancel load and some batches continue to load (elong)
0005411: [Bug] After installing SwaggerUI, engine won't start (elong)
0005420: [New Feature] In the Auto Create Transforms dialog, let the user choose whether all columns should be mapped for them (emiller)
0005426: [Improvement] Allow multi-selection when editing transform columns (emiller)
0005429: [Bug] Node registering over push is not sent config for professional tables (elong)
20 issues View Issues
0005394: [Bug] An NPE can occur when editing or deleting transforms (emiller)
0005397: [Bug] Grid on Manage Installed Triggers screen maintains selection when it shouldn't (emiller)
0005379: [Bug] Options in change dropdown on outgoing batch screen get disabled when auto refresh is on (emiller)
0005367: [Bug] IllegalArgumentException prevents user from viewing batch data (emiller)
0005372: [Bug] Cursor skips to end of editor when entering a period into an Ace Editor (emiller)
0005373: [Bug] NPE when Choose Admin User screen of Node Setup Wizard updates its properties (emiller)
0005382: [Improvement] Improve appearance/behavior of batch window (emiller)
0005399: [Bug] Grid on Configure Jobs screen doesn't update automatically when a job is created or deleted (emiller)
8 issues View Issues
0005378: [Bug] Turning auto refresh off on batch screens prevents grid from being refreshed (emiller)
1 issue View Issues
0004795: [Improvement] Improve router expression editor (emiller)
0005344: [Improvement] Documentation for Bulk Loading (cquamme)
0005241: [Improvement] Log license validation error when license error occurs (pmarzullo)
0005076: [New Feature] S3 Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005311: [Bug] SingleStore Gives Trigger-Based as a Configuration Mode, But Does Not Currently Support Trigger-Based (cquamme)
0005336: [Bug] Snowflake Databases Fail to Bulk Load (cquamme)
0005338: [New Feature] Flag for If Batch Was Bulk Loaded and Showing Percentage of Batches Bulk Loaded in a Load (cquamme)
0005348: [Bug] MySQL Fails to Bulk Load on Windows (cquamme)
0005352: [Bug] collectionSchema cannot be null -- while parsing sql insert Issue With Oracle Log Mining and Oracle Permissions (cquamme)
0005365: [Bug] Trigger Router Screen in Add Table(s) Wizard Fallbacks to Default Node (cquamme)
0005139: [Bug] Reconnecting node missing registration URL (elong)
0005142: [Improvement] Delete router from Configure -> Router screen is slow (elong)
0005143: [Bug] On refresh of nodes panel, expand/collapse indicator is wrong (emiller)
0005148: [Improvement] Faster save performance for Configure -> Table Triggers and Routing screens (elong)
0005149: [Improvement] Improve and add filters on Configure Table Triggers and Configure Table Routing screens (emiller)
0005281: [Improvement] Snowflake Log Mining Functionality (pmarzullo)
0003946: [Improvement] Update Load Data wizard to be like the Auto Create Table Triggers wizard (emiller)
0005283: [Improvement] Add tables from console-schema.xml to pro user guide (emiller)
0003805: [Improvement] Allow Notification Email Template to be Modified Through User Interface (emiller)
0004665: [Bug] On configure screens, add "Save as Copy" button and allow editing of ID (emiller)
0005112: [Improvement] Kafka Advanced Settings to include ability to specify kafkaclient properties (emiller)
0005161: [Improvement] Labels on Health panel should link to the relevant screens (emiller)
0005163: [New Feature] Add Test Database button and Database Performance dialog to Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005172: [New Feature] Add push registration screens (emiller)
0005174: [New Feature] Add TLS certificate expiration reminder (emiller)
0005176: [New Feature] Add monitor types for license expiration, certificate expiration and license usage (emiller)
0005182: [Improvement] Improve grid on Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005183: [Improvement] Improve node registration panel (emiller)
0005184: [Improvement] Include tables in side-by-side documentation (emiller)
0005186: [Improvement] Add Spotless plugin to SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
0005187: [Improvement] Add Overrides column to Configure Parameters grid (emiller)
0005188: [New Feature] Settings button with display options (emiller)
0005189: [Improvement] Improve TriggerRouterScreen in quick config wizard (emiller)
0005197: [New Feature] Add warning and dialog for tables that lack a primary key (emiller)
0005202: [New Feature] Add Manage Incoming Loads screen (emiller)
0005206: [New Feature] Add SQL Server bcp bulk loader (emiller)
0005212: [New Feature] Improve how node setup wizard handles load only nodes and bulk loaders (emiller)
0005218: [New Feature] Add console events for viewing batches (emiller)
0005222: [Improvement] Improve quick config wizard when opened from Configure Table Triggers screen (emiller)
0005226: [Improvement] Improve how the router form handles Target Table, Target Catalog, and Target Schema fields (emiller)
0005228: [Improvement] Make snapshot age more apparent on the Help Support screen (emiller)
0005229: [New Feature] Log miner for MySQL database (emiller)
0005237: [Bug] SQL Explorer queries on SQLite get IllegalStateException (elong)
0005244: [Improvement] Hide "Setup bulk loading" checkbox if not on registration server (emiller)
0005247: [Bug] SQL Server Date columns are being converted to DateTime (elong)
0005270: [Improvement] Better descriptions of DB import options (elong)
0005276: [Improvement] Add option to Data Load Wizard to both create/alter tables and truncate tables (emiller)
0005284: [Improvement] Check the hostname and the local_infile variable when setting up a MySQL node with bulk loading enabled (emiller)
0005288: [Improvement] Make it possible to ignore a row from an outgoing batch that is part of a load (emiller)
0005292: [Improvement] Make error messages more obvious on Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0005293: [Improvement] Improve how metadata is fetched for engines that are on the same instance (emiller)
0005295: [New Feature] Relational to JSON writer with nesting using group of tables (emiller)
0005302: [Improvement] Improve first-time setup experience (emiller)
0005307: [Improvement] Add a warning to the Manage Outgoing Loads screen when a channel in use is disabled (emiller)
0005328: [Improvement] Add filters to Auto Create Table Routing and Auto Create File Routing dialogs (emiller)
0005363: [Improvement] Database test runs on controller node instead of node selected (elong)
0005369: [Improvement] Make failure message easier to read on failed engines screen (emiller)
0005374: [New Feature] Add more information and an option to take ownership when a node fails to claim exclusive ownership of a database (emiller)
58 issues View Issues
0005290: [Bug] Unable to Unregister 3rd Tier Node from Registration Server (jvanmeter)
1 issue View Issues
0005252: [Bug] Fix IllegalArgumentException on Manage Outgoing Batches screen (pmarzullo)
0005330: [Improvement] Improved Elasticsearch RestHighLevelClient Calling Method (jvanmeter)
0005331: [Bug] Elasticsearch Insert Appending Too Many Commas (jvanmeter)
0005332: [Improvement] Improved how the Mongo Client is Created and Used (jvanmeter)
0005337: [Bug] Oracle Log Mining of LOBs needs to handle lob writes across multiple result set records better (pmarzullo)
0005339: [Bug] NPE when rebuilding a trigger with a missing table (emiller)
0005342: [Bug] Group link names extend past layout boundaries on Design tab (emiller)
0005345: [Bug] Script editor validation doesn't work as intended (emiller)
0005346: [Bug] Update Script Not Properly Appending Semicolons (jvanmeter)
9 issues View Issues
0005266: [Bug] OnPrem to Cloud profile configuration not working (josh-a-hicks)
0005267: [New Feature] SingleStore log based support for non ANSI SQL statements (josh-a-hicks)
0005268: [Bug] Test Connection Button Not Working With Elasticsearch (jvanmeter)
0005275: [Improvement] Make "The background refresher service is shutting down" messages debug level (emiller)
0005277: [Bug] Fix phantom table issue in SQL Explorer database tree (emiller)
0005286: [Improvement] Rearrange lookup table layout on subset screen of Quick Config Wizard (emiller)
0005287: [Improvement] Add system memory and jvm bitness to snapshot (elong)
0005291: [Bug] Unable to Unregister 3rd Tier Node from Registration Server (jvanmeter)
0005294: [Improvement] Move images to src\main\resources\META-INF\resources (emiller)
0005296: [Bug] Elasticsearch getting java.lang.AbstractMethodError (jvanmeter)
0005297: [Improvement] Automatically set column width in SQL Explorer results grid (emiller)
0005298: [Improvement] Open Node Setup Wizard before Quick Config Wizard after initial setup (emiller)
0005299: [Improvement] Add current node to grid on Nodes dashboard panel (emiller)
0005300: [Bug] Oracle Log Mining issue with deletes when no primary keys defined (pmarzullo)
0005301: [Bug] Manage Logging panel opens log file and never closes when layout in log4j2.xml is different from original installed layout (pmarzullo)
0005303: [Bug] izpack failing to find release-notes.html file in stream (too far back) (pmarzullo)
0005310: [Bug] MSSQL log based replication support for database names that include a "-" (josh-a-hicks)
0005316: [Bug] Snapshot error on sym_outgoing_batch_summary for load-only node (elong)
0005317: [Bug] Transform Expression Window Sized Improperly (jvanmeter)
0005323: [Bug] Potential to get Infinite Recursive Loop when Downloading Module (jvanmeter)
0005324: [Bug] Fixed an issue with NoClassDefFoundError not being caught or thrown (jvanmeter)
0005325: [Bug] Added missing dependencies for MongoDB Atlas (jvanmeter)
0005326: [Bug] Use Mongo Id's Checkbox not Properly Saving to Parameters (jvanmeter)
23 issues View Issues
0005231: [Improvement] Support snapshot file improvements (elong)
0004348: [New Feature] Installer prompt for Windows logon as user
0005253: [Bug] Elasticsearch SSL Connection Issues (jvanmeter)
0005257: [Improvement] Rows in the SQL Explorer TreeGrid should only expand or collapse when the arrow is clicked (emiller)
0005259: [Bug] Log based configurations do not sort initial load properly by foreign keys (josh-a-hicks)
0005232: [Improvement] Oracle enhanced permission checks for log based replication (josh-a-hicks)
0005245: [Bug] Prevent duplicate Export button from appearing in DB Export dialog (emiller)
0005233: [New Feature] SingleStore dialect (josh-a-hicks)
0005201: [Bug] HSQLDB validation query results in "unexpected end of statement" error (emiller)
0005205: [Improvement] Azure managed instance support for bulk loading (josh-a-hicks)
0005208: [Bug] Design panel errors when transforms are not properly configured (josh-a-hicks)
0005209: [Bug] Auto.config.registration.svr.sql.script parameter doesn't get removed when setting up SymmetricDS with custom configuration (emiller)
0005215: [Bug] Test Connection button fails on Mail Server setup screen (emiller)
0005217: [Bug] Buttons in health panel on dashboard sometimes do nothing (emiller)
0005219: [Bug] On Login dialog, sort the nodes that are registration servers to the top safely (pmarzullo)
0005220: [Bug] Selecting multiple rows on a Configure screen and clicking the New button opens the wrong editor (emiller)
0005221: [Bug] Grid selection should not clear when filters change on Configure screens (emiller)
0005223: [Bug] Downloading snapshots doesn't always work in Firefox (emiller)
0005224: [Bug] Prevent triggers from being synced via the UI if they're already in the process of being synced (emiller)
0005225: [Improvement] Alphabetize items in catalog, schema, and table select fields in transform form (emiller)
0005230: [Bug] Transform form fields do not populate correctly (emiller)
0005234: [New Feature] SingleStore dialect (josh-a-hicks)
0005235: [Bug] Restarting engine from failed engine dialog not working (elong)
0005236: [Bug] Conflict winner can cause routing warning about mismatch table name (elong)
0005246: [Improvement] MSSQL auto create trigger options to exclude rowversion (elong)
0005249: [Improvement] Make it clear when links on Dashboard Shortcuts panel aren't working due to license violations (emiller)
0005250: [Bug] Fix database icons not always showing up in Design tab (emiller)
0005251: [Improvement] Suppress Vaadin's "Got an RPC for non-existent node" messages (emiller)
0005254: [Bug] Assigning a run period via the monitor form's "Customize" button doesn't work (emiller)
0005256: [Bug] Oracle log miner unsupported dmlType LOB_TRIM (elong)
0005258: [Bug] Catch exceptions when parsing an outgoing batch to view its sent data (emiller)
0005261: [Bug] Conflict form doesn't honor console.web.hide.system.info (emiller)
0005262: [Improvement] Make default node selection in Data Load Wizard less confusing (emiller)
33 issues View Issues
0003789: [Improvement] Sort SQL configuration export by primary key to make it easier to diff (elong)
0005170: [Bug] Typing a class name in the Advanced Set Logging Levels dialog doesn't work as expected (emiller)
0005173: [Bug] DB2 zOS support for clobs (josh-a-hicks)
0005181: [Bug] Misspelling in message about license maintenance date exceeded (pmarzullo)
0005185: [Improvement] Upgrade Vaadin to 14.8.1 (emiller)
0005193: [Bug] Can't reject a registration request in error (elong)
6 issues View Issues
0005192: [Bug] Outgoing batches for sym_design_diagram are sent to nodes with versions earlier than 3.12 (emiller)
1 issue View Issues
0005165: [Bug] Selecting an engine that has failed to start doesn't open the Engine Startup Failure dialog (emiller)
0005154: [Bug] Detecting AS/400 as generic dialect instead of AS/400 dialect (elong)
0005084: [Improvement] Test Connection button on Manage Nodes screen should be disabled in some situations (emiller)
0005152: [Bug] Multiple license expiration reminder dialogs can open at the same time (emiller)
0005153: [Improvement] Improve appearance of reminder dialogs (emiller)
0005155: [Bug] Registration URL field in Node Setup Wizard does not keep its custom value when clicking Next (emiller)
0005156: [Bug] Grid on Configure Table Routing screen sometimes doesn't update after deleting all rows (emiller)
7 issues View Issues
0005120: [Bug] Sync Triggers- Parallel Mode code changes causes more than one trigger for a table to be active when in extract only (pmarzullo)
1 issue View Issues
0005126: [Bug] UI can get stuck on the "Starting SymmetricDS" screen when the server can't connect to a database but the client(s) can (emiller)
0005124: [Improvement] Add "enabled for initial load" checkbox to table routing form (emiller)
0005125: [Improvement] Improve appearance of "Starting SymmetricDS" screen (emiller)
0005127: [Bug] Editing staging files via the Manage Staging Area screen doesn't work if compression or encryption is enabled (emiller)
0005129: [New Feature] Import configuration in the background instead of hanging the UI (emiller)
0005130: [Bug] MongoDB quick config support for changing databases to view other collections (josh-a-hicks)
0005131: [Bug] OutgoingLoadPanel is calling a query for each table reload request (emiller)
0005132: [Improvement] List registration nodes first in the login dialog (emiller)
0005135: [Improvement] Improve appearance of sample subselect SQL on subset screen of quick config wizard (emiller)
0005136: [Improvement] Improve node setup wizard when creating an additional master node (emiller)
0005147: [Improvement] Improve appearance of group link screen in quick config wizard (emiller)
11 issues View Issues
0005119: [Improvement] Design Screen Permission Installation (jvanmeter)
0004943: [New Feature] Upgrade to Vaadin 14 user interface components (emiller)
0004953: [Bug] Switching nodes changes the column widths of the grids on the Dashboard screen (emiller)
0004954: [Improvement] Installer log which files modified (elong)
0004963: [Improvement] Console login is slow (elong)
0005044: [Improvement] Enhanced status in the node list (elong)
0005075: [New Feature] Elasticsearch Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005081: [New Feature] MongoDB change data capture or load-only node and upgraded driver to 4.3.1 (josh-a-hicks)
0005094: [New Feature] Log miner for Postgres database (elong)
0005096: [New Feature] Console event listener extension (elong)
0005100: [New Feature] OpenSearch Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005104: [Improvement] Uninstaller leaves folder and files behind (elong)
0005109: [New Feature] Microsoft Azure CosmosDB support (josh-a-hicks)
0005110: [New Feature] Add Engine Startup Failure Dialog (emiller)
0005111: [Improvement] Default parameter console.auth.config.client to true (elong)
15 issues View Issues
0005087: [Bug] MS log miner permission check failing (elong)
0004994: [Improvement] Performance of sync trigger is very slow in SQL Server while synchronizing large number of triggers (elong)
0005114: [Bug] Initial Load for SQL Server shows completed when data load batches is more than calculated batches (elong)
0005058: [New Feature] Ability to store table stats by DML (josh-a-hicks)
0005065: [Bug] Support for encrypted pem certificates (josh-a-hicks)
0005071: [Bug] Oracle log miner handle multiplexed redo log file (elong)
0005073: [Bug] Table names for databases with empty string ("") default catalogs not present in quick setup wizard table selection screen (rudiejd)
0005083: [Bug] Fix SQLException on Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005090: [Bug] Prevent modal when adding more nodes than license allows (elong)
0005103: [Bug] Prevent expired certificates from being imported (elong)
10 issues View Issues
0004636: [Bug] Installer overwrites setenv.bat and keystore password no longer matches (elong)
0004702: [Bug] BigDecimal value in Row needs to use toPlainString() when returning string representation (pmarzullo)
0004882: [Bug] Initial Load for SQL Server shows completed when data load batches is more than calculated batches (elong)
3 issues View Issues
0004635: [Bug] Installer overwrites setenv.bat and keystore password no longer matches (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0005018: [Bug] MS log miner needs snapshot isolation to work under heavy load (rudiejd)
0004366: [Bug] Manage outgoing loads screen does not update completed tables with last set of active tables when those tables are complete (elong)
0005039: [Bug] Process info panel uses wrong calculation for rows per second (elong)
0005040: [Improvement] Extract process info should be querying and extracting (elong)
0005038: [Bug] Select all checkbox missing on node selection in load wizard (elong)
0005012: [Bug] Oracle log miner uses deprecated CONTINUOUS_MINE during permission check (elong)
0005024: [Bug] Setup wizard for Informix fails with method not supported IfxSqliConnect.isValid(int) (elong)
0005026: [Bug] SQL Server: The data types time and datetime are incompatible in the equal to operator. (elong)
0005031: [Bug] UIDetachedException during sync triggers (elong)
0005033: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner fails to load transactions when SCN value is too old and gets stuck in loop (pmarzullo)
0005034: [Bug] Initial load shows up as pending and loading at the same time (elong)
0005036: [Bug] Outgoing batch panel remote status not working (elong)
0005050: [Bug] Screens call sync triggers in contention with config router (elong)
0005046: [Improvement] Support import of PKCS#1 RSA key for TLS X.509 certificate (elong)
0005052: [Bug] Batch window pop-up is slow to display (elong)
0005053: [Bug] SQL Explorer not showing triggers from another catalog on MS-SQL (elong)
16 issues View Issues
0004967: [Bug] Oracle log miner SQL parser exception from functional index (elong)
0005008: [Bug] Push and pull threads panels are empty (elong)
0004972: [Improvement] Oracle log miner remove deprecated CONTINUOUS_MINE for Oracle 19c (elong)
0004979: [Bug] Log mining trigger hist error causes drop trigger to run (elong)
0004983: [Improvement] Rebalance channels ignore negative initial load order (elong)
0004992: [Improvement] Write console events to log (elong)
0004997: [Improvement] Setup database should set socket read timeout higher than SQL query timeout (elong)
0004999: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner needs to handle rollback to savepoints (pmarzullo)
0005002: [Bug] Manage Installed Triggers screen should filter out the symmetric tables on the source table name instead of the trigger id (pmarzullo)
0005005: [Bug] Table list from remote client is not populated (elong)
10 issues View Issues
0004872: [Improvement] Design screen will display transforms that are not linked up properly (josh-a-hicks)
0004917: [Bug] Unable to configure mail server- bad credentials -irrespective of giving the correct credentials. (elong)
0004935: [Improvement] Skip a specific source row in batch thru the front-end (emiller)
0004936: [Bug] Fix date sorting in grids (emiller)
0004937: [Improvement] Save grid column visibility when switching screens (emiller)
0004938: [Improvement] Open quick config wizard when table or file sync icon is clicked (emiller)
0004939: [Improvement] Stop resetting the position of the vertical split in the Design tab (emiller)
0004946: [Bug] Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the resolve data tab of the batch details window (emiller)
0004956: [Bug] Fix ClassNotFoundException in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004959: [Bug] Mail server password not working (elong)
0004961: [Bug] Fix unknown error on the NodesPanel when there are nodes in multiple tiers (elong)
0004962: [Bug] Error on outgoing batch panel on postrgres (chenson)
0004969: [Bug] Enable debug logging for log miner (elong)
13 issues View Issues
0004881: [Bug] Sybase issue with getting update counts (josh-a-hicks)
0004841: [Improvement] Improve batch screen grid performance (emiller)
0004853: [Improvement] Improve grids on batch details window (emiller)
0004855: [Improvement] Enable the Ignore Batch option for any batch that is not ok or ignored (emiller)
0004856: [Improvement] Improve columns of batch screen grids (emiller)
0004858: [Bug] Fix grid bug on captured data tab of outgoing batch details window (emiller)
0004861: [New Feature] Add Clear Error button to batch screens (emiller)
0004863: [Bug] Null Pointer on new Transform panel when meta data is turned off (josh-a-hicks)
0004864: [Improvement] Update design view to display log based and load only databases along with proper database icon (josh-a-hicks)
0004868: [Improvement] Add the target.* properties to the symmetric-default.properties file so that they show up on the Manage Startup Parameters (pmarzullo)
0004869: [Improvement] Get rid of deprecated usages in gradle build in preparation for upgrade of gradle (pmarzullo)
0004870: [Improvement] Improve grid on Help Support screen (emiller)
0004871: [New Feature] Add trigger synchronization progress bar (emiller)
0004875: [Improvement] Remove "Save Failed" pop-up from forms (emiller)
0004876: [Bug] SQL Server: log mining capture should wrap all non-null values in double quotes (pmarzullo)
0004877: [Bug] Fix exception in node setup wizard (emiller)
0004878: [Improvement] Improve appearance of schedule field in job form (emiller)
0004879: [Bug] Fix message on node status dashboard panel (emiller)
0004883: [Improvement] Improve batch screen grid filter (emiller)
0004885: [Improvement] Hide Resolve Data tab when it's empty (emiller)
0004886: [New Feature] Add node installation progress bar (emiller)
0004887: [Bug] Oracle log miner stops processing rows when running into a DML statement that is not parseable (pmarzullo)
0004889: [Bug] Fix table count in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004890: [Bug] dbcp2 package requires setting of validation query, otherwise it runs jdbc driver isValid() method, causing problems (pmarzullo)
0004891: [Bug] Oracle log miner fails to move forward in the log mining when starting SCN is too low (pmarzullo)
0004893: [Improvement] Add filters to the grid on the send table schema window (emiller)
0004894: [Improvement] Oracle Log Miner: should show SQL statement in log when parsing fails (pmarzullo)
0004896: [Bug] Fix TreeGrid style being changed when visiting the Design tab (emiller)
0004897: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner: handle parse exceptions by logging and moving on (pmarzullo)
0004898: [Improvement] Move remaining calls to syncTrigger() to background thread (emiller)
0004901: [Bug] Fix inability to open multiple form tabs at once (emiller)
0004904: [Improvement] Improve data load wizard's criteria screen (emiller)
0004905: [Bug] Fix authentication failure dialog style on Configure LDAP screen (emiller)
0004907: [Improvement] Add router selection to quick config wizard (emiller)
0004908: [Improvement] Add option to reset row replication statistics (emiller)
0004909: [New Feature] Add snapshot progress bar (emiller)
0004910: [Improvement] Oracle auto create trigger options for LONG and ROWID (elong)
0004911: [Improvement] Temporarily default to HTTPS 1.1 instead of 2 for stability (elong)
0004912: [New Feature] Add ignore batch progress bar (emiller)
0004918: [New Feature] Add auto create channels window (emiller)
0004919: [Bug] Fix custom transforms in transform column editor (emiller)
0004921: [Improvement] Improve node terminal window (emiller)
0004922: [Improvement] Prevent node installation dialog from being dismissed on first-time setup (emiller)
0004923: [Improvement] Improve appearance of violation panel (emiller)
0004924: [Improvement] Add a user-specific setting for showing advanced form fields (emiller)
0004926: [Improvement] Add insert button to transform column editor (emiller)
0004928: [Bug] Fix incoming batch download button (emiller)
0004930: [Bug] Fix NullPointerException in the resolve data tab of the batch details window (emiller)
48 issues View Issues
0004837: [New Feature] Support for a new variable in trigger source table name to expand upon based on configured nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0004748: [Improvement] Add more console events (emiller)
0004753: [Improvement] Add server-side lazy loading to SQL Explorer tree (emiller)
0004754: [Improvement] Add lazy loading to Manage Console Events screen (emiller)
0004755: [Improvement] Firebird blocking transaction in support snapshot (elong)
0004756: [Improvement] Prevent table & file routing from being deleted via auto create wizard (emiller)
0004757: [Improvement] Open node setup wizard when database icon is clicked (emiller)
0004758: [Improvement] Parameter console.ip.addr.filter should apply to welcome wizard (elong)
0004759: [New Feature] Add option to require a user to change their password on their next login (emiller)
0004760: [Bug] Fix batch screen lazy loading bugs (emiller)
0004761: [New Feature] Add console.password.min.change.chars parameter (emiller)
0004766: [New Feature] Add shortcut to skip admin user configuration (elong)
0004767: [Bug] Cannot save integer parameters greater than 999 (emiller)
0004769: [Bug] Mixed Pro/OSS deployment syncs sym_console_role table (elong)
0004768: [Bug] Hide system channels from Configure Table Triggers screen dropdowns when console.web.hide.system.info is true (emiller)
0004770: [Bug] Include "https" instead of "http" in the default sync url when https.enable is true (emiller)
0004771: [Bug] Fix sorting on batch screens (emiller)
0004772: [Improvement] For upgrades, default https2 disabled (elong)
0004773: [Improvement] Require the interface name field when creating or editing a BeanShell extension (emiller)
0004774: [Improvement] Add failed logins column to grid on Configure Users screen (emiller)
0004775: [Improvement] Add validate button when entering BeanShell scripts to send to other nodes (emiller)
0004776: [Improvement] Lazily load the full list of nodes into the data load wizard's grid (emiller)
0004777: [Improvement] Improve BeanShell editors (emiller)
0004778: [Improvement] Allow disabling of node_password encryption (elong)
0004781: [Improvement] Improve cron schedule editor (emiller)
0004784: [Bug] SQL Server Log Miner formats row_data incorrectly when value contains backslash (pmarzullo)
0004785: [Improvement] Load user guide by section to conserve memory (elong)
0004788: [Improvement] Improve editor cancellation (emiller)
0004789: [Improvement] Adjust default sync URL (emiller)
0004790: [Bug] Fix batch screen "<Not Ok>" filter (emiller)
0004791: [Bug] Fix side-by-side documentation being cut off (emiller)
0004792: [Improvement] Improve update statements in SQL explorer (emiller)
0004793: [Bug] Trust store password is required when storing (elong)
0004794: [Bug] Installer error String index out of range: -1 (elong)
0004796: [Bug] Fix batch window NullPointerException (emiller)
0004799: [New Feature] Console user authentication with client certificate (X.509) (elong)
0004801: [Improvement] Update wording for the 3 setup options on welcome wizard (elong)
0004803: [Bug] Fix Configure Table Triggers screen slowness (emiller)
0004805: [New Feature] MSSQL Log based loop prevention and sync on incoming support (josh-a-hicks)
0004806: [Bug] Fix transaction file generation for MySQL 5.5 and earlier (emiller)
0004807: [Improvement] Monitor summary clearing all errors and delay (elong)
0004808: [Improvement] Add configure links to monitor summary dialog (emiller)
0004809: [Improvement] Enhance Send Table Schema window (emiller)
0004811: [Bug] Fix load wizard table selection screen (emiller)
0004813: [Improvement] Improve multi-select grid behavior (emiller)
0004815: [Improvement] Set node.password.encrypt.enable=false when a new node is added with cluster locks enabled (emiller)
0004816: [Bug] Design tab not displaying transforms correctly when "use source catalog/schema" turned on the router (josh-a-hicks)
0004820: [Bug] Fix Oracle SqlException on batch screens (emiller)
0004822: [Improvement] Improve background refresher registration (emiller)
0004827: [Improvement] Improve Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0004829: [Improvement] Improve appearance of validation error messages (emiller)
0004832: [Improvement] Replace invalid characters in group IDs (emiller)
0004834: [Improvement] Improve appearance of parameterized messages in monitor summary dialog (emiller)
0004836: [Improvement] Allow spaces in external id (josh-a-hicks)
0004839: [Bug] Push and pull threads panel shows file sync when not enabled (elong)
0004844: [Improvement] Alphabetize dropdowns in quick config wizard (emiller)
0004845: [Improvement] Fix default grid sort order on Manage Outgoing Loads screen (emiller)
0004846: [New Feature] Add profiles to Data Load Wizard (emiller)
0004848: [Improvement] Improve statistics on incoming batch details window (emiller)
0004850: [Improvement] Improve error resolution on incoming batch details window (emiller)
0004851: [Bug] Fix download CSV button on batch details window (emiller)
0004854: [Bug] Fix node selection grid in data load wizard (emiller)
62 issues View Issues
0004410: [Bug] "Reconnect" to database for SymmetricDS installation fails with security exception (elong)
0003123: [Bug] License Key fails to synchronize (data truncated) to target node of DB2 on zSeries (josh-a-hicks)
0004632: [Improvement] Update deprecated classes in Outgoing Batches and Incoming Batches screens (emiller)
0004634: [Bug] Config Import from Overview Panel fails because of cleanup of design diagram records (pmarzullo)
0004637: [Bug] Installer overwrites setenv.bat and keystore password no longer matches (elong)
0004638: [Bug] Nodes panel allows attempt to control non-existent node engine (elong)
0004639: [Improvement] Update deprecated classes in common UI classes (emiller)
0004640: [Improvement] Update deprecated classes in MonitorSummaryDialog (emiller)
0004641: [Improvement] Improve Configure Monitors and Configure Notifications screens (emiller)
0004654: [Improvement] Add filter field to Manage JVM Properties screen (emiller)
0004655: [Improvement] Add "Show sym_ Batches" checkbox to Manage Incoming/Outgoing Batches screens (emiller)
0004656: [Improvement] Show the staging directory location on the Manage Staging Area screen (emiller)
0004659: [Improvement] Allow query results to be edited (emiller)
0004663: [Improvement] Add encryption to parameter screens (emiller)
0004677: [Bug] Allow transform column PK and order fields to be edited (emiller)
0004678: [Improvement] Add Edit button to Manage Staging Area screen (emiller)
0004681: [New Feature] Create Modules screen (emiller)
0004683: [Improvement] Update docker image to JDK slim (elong)
0004684: [Bug] Manage Incoming Batches screen should say "Source Node" when viewing a batch's details (emiller)
0004685: [New Feature] Add a limit for the number of sessions per user (emiller)
0004688: [Bug] Disconnect a user's session(s) when the user gets deleted (emiller)
0004689: [Bug] Make Interface Name field only selectable for BeanShell extensions (emiller)
0004690: [Improvement] Make the data load wizard resizable (emiller)
0004691: [Improvement] Alphabetize channel select fields (emiller)
0004692: [Improvement] Add validate button to BeanShell script editors (emiller)
0004693: [Improvement] Add confirmation dialog when canceling out of a form (emiller)
0004694: [Improvement] Improve channel filtering on batch screens (emiller)
0004695: [Improvement] Add grid paging to batch screens and Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0004703: [Bug] BigDecimal value in Row needs to use toPlainString() when returning string representation (pmarzullo)
0004704: [Bug] Permission check for DB2 zOS is not valid (josh-a-hicks)
0004712: [Improvement] Logging panel push pull requests (elong)
0004713: [Bug] Console events retention parameter (elong)
0004716: [Improvement] Improve Configure Overview screen (emiller)
0004718: [Improvement] Improve Help Support screen (emiller)
0004721: [Improvement] Improve Configure Extensions screen (emiller)
0004727: [Bug] Prevent problematic characters from being included in group IDs (emiller)
0004728: [Improvement] Add confirmation dialog when disabling a TriggerRouter (emiller)
0004729: [Improvement] Add lazy loading to Manage Staging Area screen (emiller)
0004731: [Improvement] Add lazy loading to SQL Explorer tree (emiller)
0004733: [Improvement] Add delay between login prompts after a failed login attempt (elong)
0004734: [Improvement] Set cookies as http only and secure (elong)
0004735: [Improvement] Improve batch details window (emiller)
0004736: [New Feature] Add more security parameters (emiller)
0004739: [Improvement] Add more specific privileges for Manage Staging Area screen (emiller)
0004740: [Improvement] Add filters and export button to Manage Console Events screen (emiller)
0004744: [Improvement] Upgrade Vaadin to 8.12 (elong)
0004745: [Improvement] Fix and improve Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0004749: [Bug] Value too long for column node_password (elong)
48 issues View Issues
0004238: [Bug] Can't delete group links once created (emiller)
0004601: [Bug] Prevent registration server from being unregistered (emiller)
0004604: [New Feature] Add file containing information about blocking processes to snapshots (emiller)
0004628: [Bug] Fix various bugs with the Design tab (emiller)
0004564: [New Feature] Add option to allow changes from SQL to be captured (emiller)
0004569: [New Feature] Add a file to snapshots that contains thread CPU and memory usage information (emiller)
0004570: [Improvement] Fix all warnings on AbstractEditPanel and the classes that extend it (emiller)
0004575: [Improvement] Upgrade jQuery library to 3.5.1 (emiller)
0004576: [Bug] Filter in Design Overview tab does not work correctly (emiller)
0004587: [Improvement] Improve multi-select grid behavior (emiller)
0004588: [Improvement] Improve behavior of "Active Only" checkbox on Manage JVM Threads screen (emiller)
0004589: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Dashboard tab (emiller)
0004590: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Design tab (emiller)
0004592: [Improvement] Update deprecated components on Explore tab (emiller)
0004594: [Bug] First time setup admin user encryption strength (elong)
0004602: [Bug] Allow a group link to be deleted when its only dependencies are system transforms (emiller)
0004603: [New Feature] Indicate when nodes or users are locked out and add buttons to unlock them (emiller)
0004606: [Improvement] Widen Process Type combo box on Manage Processes screen (emiller)
0004608: [Improvement] Improve Configure Transforms screen (emiller)
0004613: [Bug] Fix query result grid bugs (emiller)
0004615: [New Feature] Add a notification for when the license is about to expire (emiller)
0004618: [Improvement] Add "View Text" button to Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0004620: [Bug] Preserve sort order when switching screens (emiller)
0004621: [Improvement] Registration secret for security (elong)
0004622: [Bug] Nodes panel buttons for send, registration, and test should be enabled for multi-primary (elong)
0004623: [Improvement] Update deprecated components in load, quick start and setup wizards (emiller)
0004624: [Improvement] Update deprecated components in login dialog (emiller)
0004626: [Improvement] Fix and improve Quick Config Wizard (emiller)
0004629: [Improvement] Improve node group selection in the node setup wizard (emiller)
29 issues View Issues
0004509: [Bug] NPE on incoming batch window when batch in error (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0004566: [Improvement] Allow conflict edit panel to set ping back (elong)
0004537: [Bug] Nodes panel doesn't show hierarchy if multi-primary detected (elong)
0004520: [New Feature] New Screen Called Startup Parameters for Editing Engine Files (emiller)
0004532: [Improvement] Manage Startup Parameters screen needs its own privilege (emiller)
0004533: [Improvement] Batch data should be easily downloadable (emiller)
0004534: [Improvement] Update Support and Maintenance screens (emiller)
0004535: [Improvement] Improve Manage JVM Threads screen (emiller)
0004536: [Bug] Conflict timestamp or version column name not displayed on edit (elong)
0004539: [Improvement] Show query tab by default under the Explore tab (emiller)
0004540: [Improvement] Improve Manage Console Events Screen (emiller)
0004541: [Improvement] Fix all warnings on all Manage screens and classes (emiller)
0004542: [Bug] Admin privilege maintenance screen on remote nodes (elong)
0004554: [Bug] Staging encryption batch errors invalid lines and did not receive ack (elong)
0004558: [Bug] NPE during background refresh for session expiration (elong)
0004562: [Improvement] Manage Staging Area screen should hide folders when their contents don't match the filter value (emiller)
15 issues View Issues
0003930: [Bug] Offline nodes shown with active spinning icon on Dashboard "nodes" panel (JJ_Starrett)
0003923: [Improvement] Table reload request: Show tables that have disabled trigger/router combinations, but have them unselectable by user (JJ_Starrett)
0004117: [Bug] Outgoing Loads screen reports Load not complete (when it is) when zero tables are synced (JJ_Starrett)
0004466: [Bug] Permission test during installation fails on MySQL Clusters (elong)
0004480: [Bug] Load data wizard does not check where conditions for a select tables case when all tables selected (JJ_Starrett)
0004482: [Bug] Control Center shows JMX is disabled after enabling from installer (elong)
0004486: [Improvement] Install license key on registration server (elong)
0004500: [New Feature] REST API Security keys (jvanmeter)
0004511: [Bug] NPE on incoming batch window when batch in error (elong)
0004513: [Bug] Setup of load only node hangs because of NPE (elong)
10 issues View Issues
0004510: [Bug] NPE on incoming batch window when batch in error (elong)
0004512: [Bug] Setup of load only node hangs because of NPE (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0004475: [Improvement] Manage -> Security screen import/export certificate authority (elong)
0004434: [Improvement] Add GUI support for before trigger scripts (JJ_Starrett)
0004455: [Improvement] Setup installer better validation, panel usability, NPE fix, error removing files on upgrade (elong)
0004468: [New Feature] Active Session Screen/Idle Timeout (jvanmeter)
0004477: [New Feature] New version notification GUI element (JJ_Starrett)
0004478: [Bug] Manage -> Logging panel is slow (elong)
6 issues View Issues
0004422: [Bug] Node registration gets Bad Padding Exception (elong)
0004431: [Bug] Failure to reset the Failed Login Attempts on a successful login using Two-Factor Authentication (jvanmeter)
0004411: [Bug] NoClassDefFoundError during node setup for Kafka, Azure, Snowflake (elong)
0004416: [New Feature] Ingres Dialect Implementation (pmarzullo)
0004425: [Bug] Add load only node does not continue when node is not the master node (pmarzullo)
0004430: [New Feature] Forgot Password and Email Verification (jvanmeter)
0004432: [Bug] Diagram table foreign key name is too long for Oracle (josh-a-hicks)
0004438: [Bug] Table count should be case insensitive for license check (elong)
0004440: [Bug] Improve security for changing user password (jvanmeter)
0004443: [Improvement] Uninstalling node causes query errors (elong)
0004447: [Bug] MSSQL Log based replication fails on sync triggers (josh-a-hicks)
0004451: [Improvement] Installer should convert JDBC drivers to modules (elong)
12 issues View Issues
0004412: [Bug] Add license violation to logging (elong)
0004428: [Bug] Change logging from apache commons logging to slf4j in Pro classes (pmarzullo)
0004418: [Bug] Statistics screen missing sent rows (elong)
0004423: [Bug] Add Node documentation has repeated sentence (pmarzullo)
0004429: [Improvement] License violation now redirects to appropriate screen instead of logout (JJ_Starrett)
0004437: [Bug] Table count should be case insensitive for license check (elong)
0004450: [Improvement] Ingres: db.init.sql=set lockmode session where level = row (pmarzullo)
7 issues View Issues
0004301: [Improvement] Simplify conflicts screen to encourage valid settings (elong)
0004391: [New Feature] Rate staging performance (elong)
0004361: [Improvement] Encrypt node passwords (elong)
0002349: [Improvement] Provide more granular level of permissions (jvanmeter)
0004384: [New Feature] Password Complexity Meter (jvanmeter)
0001432: [Improvement] When a user cannot edit a panel, instead of hiding edit buttons, disable the buttons. (jvanmeter)
0001663: [Improvement] Windows authentication with SQL-Server (elong)
0001692: [Improvement] If you can't edit configuration, at least let you view it read-only (jvanmeter)
0004291: [New Feature] SQL-Server log miner (elong)
0004325: [New Feature] Two-Factor Authentication (jvanmeter)
0004357: [New Feature] Modify node registration panel to allow user to authorize opening registration (elong)
0004388: [Improvement] User Email Capture (jvanmeter)
12 issues View Issues
0004396: [Bug] Outgoing loads panel not working when extract job disabled (elong)
0004372: [Bug] Oracle log miner unable to parse SQL from AUDSYS (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0005007: [Bug] Nodes panel doesn't show hierarchy if multi-primary detected (pmarzullo)
1 issue View Issues
0004160: [Improvement] Provide warning to user when disabling a trigger router (elong)
0004243: [Improvement] Ability to cancel a load with invalid request details (elong)
0004321: [Improvement] Manage->Outgoing Loads screen: Add message when max loads reached (elong)
0004328: [Bug] Servlet filter needs to be created with async-supported enabled (pmarzullo)
0004340: [Improvement] Installer should notify user of Java version requirement (elong)
0004350: [Improvement] Add IAlterDatabaseInterceptor to list of Extension interfaces available (josh-a-hicks)
0004353: [Bug] Unable to run as a service on RHEL because Java absolute path (elong)
7 issues View Issues
0004287: [Bug] Outgoing Batch Screen with advanced filters shows incorrect total number of batches (pmarzullo)
1 issue View Issues
0004251: [Bug] Extract only on windows creates improper db.url path (elong)
0004265: [Bug] Unregister node should cancel outgoing loads (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0004264: [Bug] Unregister node should cancel outgoing loads (elong)
0004281: [Bug] Data load wizard can use wrong router (elong)
0004282: [Bug] Data load wizard truncate sym_node error (elong)
0004194: [New Feature] Google Big Query Support As Load Only Node (josh-a-hicks)
4 issues View Issues
0004213: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner: catch SQL parse exceptions, log, and continue on (pmarzullo)
0004231: [Bug] Corrupt log4j.xml when upgrading from 3.9 (elong)
0004248: [Bug] Oracle Log Miner: binary types BLOB and RAW not replicating correctly (elong)
0004258: [Bug] Wizard list of tables for auto-create triggers is empty on SQL-Server (elong)
4 issues View Issues
0004230: [Bug] Corrupt log4j.xml when upgrading from 3.9 (elong)
0004257: [Bug] Wizard list of tables for auto-create triggers is empty on SQL-Server (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0004214: [Bug] Instance ID based licensing does not work on registration server (pmarzullo)
1 issue View Issues
0004195: [Bug] Tables with zero rows are stuck in "active tables" column (elong)
0004203: [Bug] Captured Data on the Batch Details screen Null Pointers when table name and trigger hist id are bad (elong)
0004216: [Bug] Instance ID based licensing does not work on registration server (pmarzullo)
3 issues View Issues
0004193: [Bug] Tables with zero rows are stuck in "active tables" column (elong)
0004215: [Bug] Instance ID based licensing does not work on registration server (pmarzullo)
2 issues View Issues
0004155: [Bug] GUI mode installer not working on latest MacOS and latest Java (3.10) (elong)
0004156: [Bug] Load Data screen percent complete is incorrect when sym_file_snapshot (ie.., File Sync) batches are involved. (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0004188: [Bug] Cancelling the "parent" initial load while extract service is Stopped leads to bad state (elong)
0004181: [Bug] LogMinerService should show as "built in" in the Help / Extensions screen, since it's built-in (pmarzullo)
0004183: [Improvement] Network Diagnostic additions to Bandwidth tests, testing upload and download using different sized payloads (pmarzullo)
3 issues View Issues
0004159: [Installation] INTERBASE Length of ROW_DATA and OLD_DATA are now only varchar(3840) !! (pmarzullo)
0004157: [Installation] Impossible to see the webconsole (version pro) with Interbase (pmarzullo)
0004145: [Bug] SQL Explorer issue with Interbase as a node (pmarzullo)
0004154: [Bug] GUI mode installer not working on latest MacOS and latest Java (elong)
0004164: [Bug] BatchUpdateException: Duplicate entry '24-378' for key 'PRIMARY' (elong)
0004165: [Improvement] Security panel for managing TLS/SSL certificate (elong)
0004169: [Bug] NPE when attempting to add Snowflake Load Only Node (elong)
7 issues View Issues
0004148: [Bug] Dashboard Speed panel Incoming gauges do not work (nrichardson)
1 issue View Issues
Enhanced performance of routing and purging, extract-only nodes, improved security of node authentication, and support for SAP HANA
0000829: [New Feature] Log reader of database transactions to use instead of database triggers (elong)
0003571: [Improvement] On Nodes Panel, support network diagnostics for remote nodes (elong)
0004023: [New Feature] Hana Database Support (josh-a-hicks)
0004042: [New Feature] Support for setting up log based, trigger based, extract only, or load only nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0004082: [Improvement] Sort the properties alphabetically by key in the engine property file before writing it out as part of the setup wizard. (elong)
5 issues View Issues
0004108: [Bug] Process info panel should show active process but error processes get stuck (elong)
0004100: [Bug] Outgoing load screen display 100% completed loads with check mark (josh-a-hicks)
0004102: [Improvement] Outgoing batch panel clear staging should also force resend (elong)
0004133: [Bug] NPE on Process panel when user has read-only privilege (elong)
4 issues View Issues
0004057: [Improvement] On Load Data Wizard, when selecting all tables individually, treat as selecting all tables on previous screen (JJ_Starrett)
0004036: [Bug] Install directory selection results in duplicate directory name on MacOS (pmarzullo)
0004038: [Bug] Snapshot fails when batch in error (elong)
0004039: [Improvement] Add a confirm password field when setting up the admin user (JJ_Starrett)
0004043: [Bug] Load Data screen does not reflect the fact that a previous load has been cancelled (JJ_Starrett)
0004048: [Bug] Table reload request- routing service can break up table reload requests into multiple load requests (pmarzullo)
0004053: [Bug] Redshift node setup fails on advanced screen if bulk loading is not selected (josh-a-hicks)
0004061: [Improvement] Security, keystore, and cacerts permissions should only allow owner to read/write (pmarzullo)
0004070: [Bug] Outgoing load support for active only checkbox (josh-a-hicks)
9 issues View Issues
0004047: [Bug] Table reload request- routing service can break up table reload requests into multiple load requests (pmarzullo)
1 issue View Issues
0003707: [Bug] Dashboard Health Monitor Shows Orphaned Nodes as Offline. These nodes are not shown in Manage Nodes Screen (pmarzullo)
0004013: [Bug] Outgoing Batches screen incorrectly reports number of rows returned when a filter is applied and a refresh occurs (user606)
0002079: [Improvement] Add validation for editing numeric parameters (elong)
0003956: [Bug] Node Setup Wizard missing error checking (user606)
0003948: [Improvement] When over the limit for number of tables in the trial version, adding tables just logs you out and gives no message (josh-a-hicks)
0003944: [Bug] The Data Load Wizard search feature does not display nodes after cleared search (user606)
0003942: [Bug] Outgoing Loads display not being changed on node selection change (josh-a-hicks)
0003943: [Bug] Outgoing Loads detail icon not changing mouse to pointer (user606)
0003633: [Bug] MSSQL Server Pro Validation Query Fails with a hyphen in the DB Name (user606)
0003769: [Improvement] Increase size of parameter edit screen to better accomodate long descriptions (pmarzullo)
0003969: [Bug] "Monitors" window in Manage tab throws error on non-numeric input (user606)
0003970: [Bug] Monitor screen limit needs updated logic and code refactoring (user606)
0003981: [Bug] Explore tree and quick config wizard do not display schemas in another database properly for MSSQL (josh-a-hicks)
0003985: [Bug] Database setup wizard should allow MariaDB to use MariaDB driver instead of MySQL one (elong)
0003995: [Bug] Improve readability of Edit hyperlink on parameter edit screen (pmarzullo)
0003998: [Bug] DbExport dialog in SQLExplorer does not update file output type after first export (user606)
0004017: [Bug] Canceling load leaves batches in not-OK status on the target (elong)
17 issues View Issues
0001611: [Bug] Support snapshot fails when database does not exist (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0003887: [Improvement] Interrupt process from process info panel (elong)
0003436: [Bug] The 'Auto Create Triggers' screen clears all selected tables if the user enters a search into 'filter results' (josh-a-hicks)
0003914: [Bug] Some bulk loaders were not using parameters properly during a fall back to a default loader (josh-a-hicks)
0003940: [Bug] Trial Version Table Limit (josh-a-hicks)
0003475: [Improvement] stream_row option (bulk edit) on sym_trigger is not available via the Pro UI, nor is reload channel (elong)
0003506: [Bug] Transform screen incorrectly warns there isn't a trigger router combination (josh-a-hicks)
0003631: [Bug] Node missing from top-right drop-down switcher (josh-a-hicks)
0003699: [Bug] Clear Staging dialog box text cut off (josh-a-hicks)
0003700: [Bug] Manage / Console Events screen has incorrect explanation text at top (josh-a-hicks)
0003739: [Bug] Dashboard error summary screen takes you to the outgoing batch screen even if error is on an incoming batch (josh-a-hicks)
0003783: [Improvement] Add logging option for DataExtractor and initial load SQL (elong)
0003797: [Improvement] Filter threads shown on Manage -> JVM Threads and snapshot (elong)
0003803: [Improvement] Exclusive options for stream lob, capture lob, stream row (elong)
0003819: [New Feature] Ability to ignore a row on an incoming batch. (josh-a-hicks)
0003820: [Improvement] Interrupt processing when canceling load or ignoring batch (elong)
0003827: [Improvement] Enhanced load monitoring with updates to outgoing load page and new load detail page (josh-a-hicks)
0003841: [Bug] Outgoing batch panel and load batches (elong)
0003843: [Improvement] Enhanced user interfaces based on remote catalog,schema, and table meta data (josh-a-hicks)
0003855: [Improvement] Quick config wizard enhancements for filtering large tablesets (josh-a-hicks)
0003859: [Improvement] NodeService.findNode(...) (cached versus non-cached), where to use correct one (pmarzullo)
0003860: [Bug] SqlExplorer dbfill and dbexport should use the hide tables regex (elong)
0003888: [New Feature] Snowflake load only node support (josh-a-hicks)
0003889: [Improvement] Redshift upgraded driver to 4.2 (josh-a-hicks)
0003908: [New Feature] HBase support as a load only node through add node wizard (josh-a-hicks)
24 issues View Issues
0003915: [Improvement] Service wrapper detection of fatal errors and restart (josh-a-hicks)
0003742: [Improvement] Update SDS to work with Java 11 (and update website if need be) (pmarzullo)
0003891: [Bug] Row violation caused by sending loads (elong)
0003896: [Bug] ISV license with instance id needs to work in a cluster (elong)
0003918: [Bug] ClassCastException when recycling Symmetric pro within the WebLogic web container (mmichalek)
5 issues View Issues
0003864: [Improvement] Snapshot table definitions from different catalog schema (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0003701: [Bug] NumberFormatException on Logging screen when field to right of refresh button is cleared. (mmichalek)
0003721: [Bug] SQL Explorer throws exception when using table name aliases in SQL Server (mmichalek)
0003780: [Bug] Install wizard doesn't detect existing node in database (elong)
0003779: [Bug] Load wizard cannot send specific tables for wildcarded tables (elong)
0003822: [Bug] Oracle Trigger Source is incorrect in SQL Explorer (mmichalek)
0003826: [Improvement] Raise error when initial load can't be properly queued up due to missing sym_trigger_hist rows (mmichalek)
6 issues View Issues
0003729: [Bug] Manage > Nodes screen slow to load with 1000's of nodes (3.8) (mmichalek)
1 issue View Issues
0003761: [Bug] dbcompare should use sync key names and included/excluded columns (elong)
0003745: [Improvement] Load wizard backwards compatible with 3.7 and below for receiving an initial load (elong)
0003759: [Improvement] Confirmation dialog for ignoring batch (elong)
0003775: [Bug] The web UI shows wrong values for update time and create times from the database on newer versions of Sql Server (datetime2) (chenson)
0003776: [New Feature] License key support for a mobile modifier (josh-a-hicks)
5 issues View Issues
0003728: [Bug] Manage > Nodes screen slow to load with 1000's of nodes (mmichalek)
0003735: [Bug] Node fails to claim exclusive ownership of database (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0003685: [Bug] File Router's Auto-Create fails due to Null Conflict Strategy (user606)
0003686: [Bug] Manage / Monitors screen errors if you blank out the number "100" (mmichalek)
2 issues View Issues
0003678: [Bug] ConcurrentModification on dashboards sometimes (mmichalek)
0003676: [New Feature] Populate transform_extract_millis and transform_load_millis on sym_incoming_batch and sym_outgoing_batch (chenson)
0003677: [Bug] Failed to deserialize event error when monitor fires (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0003662: [New Feature] Ability to connect to a Confluent registry through node setup wizard (josh-a-hicks)
1 issue View Issues
0003613: [Improvement] Web Console logging - user create, delete, logout, and change password events (elong)
0003614: [Bug] Websocket errors when using HTTPS/SSL/TLS (elong)
0003615: [Bug] NullPointerException during RemoteStatus message reply (mmichalek)
0003618: [Improvement] If you access the web ux from two different symds instances on the same host with different ports the web ux becomes confused (chenson)
0003619: [Bug] Fix error during demo initialization (mmichalek)
0003629: [New Feature] New file conflict resolvers (newer and older wins). (josh-a-hicks)
0003638: [Bug] Throughput calculations were miscalculating (josh-a-hicks)
0003642: [Bug] Monitor exceptions when there is a dash in the node name (mmichalek)
0003653: [Bug] Oracle RAC using sequence noorder can expire last gaps (elong)
9 issues View Issues
0003594: [Bug] Postgres load data wizard does not work with the truncate option with foreign keys on target tables (josh-a-hicks)
0003601: [Bug] Can't save custom job on Postgres (elong)
0003608: [New Feature] Kafka setup support in node setup wizard (josh-a-hicks)
3 issues View Issues
0003568: [New Feature] Instance ID for perpetual license key (elong)
0003561: [Bug] NPE when selecting Outgoing Batch Show Changes with a null value (mmichalek)
0003564: [Bug] Installer memory check blocks automated installation instead of warning about low memory (elong)
0003582: [Improvement] Record user logins (elong)
0003593: [Improvement] Ensure quick config wizard sorts tables alphabetically (josh-a-hicks)
5 issues View Issues
0003511: [Bug] NullPointerException in console UI when attempting to resolve offline nodes (gwilmer)
0003508: [Improvement] Purge should use nolock dirty reads for min max range (elong)
0003532: [Improvement] Remove unused JAR files (elong)
0003533: [Bug] Install fails on Java 9 with ClassCastException (elong)
0003556: [Improvement] Improve RemoteStatus error handling (mmichalek)
0003555: [Bug] Certain GUI actions error out due to PK violation on sym_console_event (mmichalek)
6 issues View Issues
0003485: [Improvement] Do not log out users while trying to add a table trigger or table routing even if it would take them over the limit. (josh-a-hicks)
0003496: [Bug] Fix com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.UnrecognizedPropertyException: Unrecognized field "stagedLocation" (mmichalek)
0003499: [Bug] Web Socket Null Pointer Exception after Unregistering a node from its parent, the parent continues to try to connect (gwilmer)
0003507: [Improvement] Mute RemoteStatus connection failure messages (mmichalek)
4 issues View Issues
0003488: [Bug] Misnamed property for HTTP Transport manager to support remote status (josh-a-hicks)
0003433: [Improvement] Control center should re-read the sym_service.conf file before performing actions (elong)
0003437: [Improvement] Create first data gap to begin with 1 instead of 0 (josh-a-hicks)
0003439: [Bug] Installer should require Java 8 or higher (elong)
0003442: [Improvement] Upgrade IZPack (elong)
0003449: [Improvement] Relaunch SymmetricDS Control Center symcc as privileged on Windows (elong)
0003452: [Bug] Quick config fails to compare routers (josh-a-hicks)
0003458: [Improvement] Improve RemoteStatusService to use cached node lookup for performance (mmichalek)
0003460: [Improvement] Add default parameter for remote.status.follow.group.link.direction (josh-a-hicks)
0003469: [Bug] SQL Explore for MySQL (possibly others) not displaying tables on the Tree (josh-a-hicks)
0003472: [Bug] Remote status parameter remote.status.follow.group.link.direction not working (josh-a-hicks)
0003477: [Improvement] Ability to send create function/procedure statements through send sql feature (josh-a-hicks)
0003480: [Improvement] New statistics screen available under help (josh-a-hicks)
0003482: [Bug] Load data wizard allows you to send a load to node you are logged into (josh-a-hicks)
0003483: [Improvement] Cosmetic updates on Send Table Schema and removed initial load count help text from table routing (nrichardson)
15 issues View Issues
0003402: [Improvement] Update lo4j.xml with 3.9 settings during upgrade (mmichalek)
0003368: [Bug] LDAP Security Principal (maxwellpettit)
0003396: [Bug] Sql Explore tab does not support load only databases (josh-a-hicks)
0003399: [Bug] Setup warns there is not enough memory on Linux (elong)
0003403: [New Feature] Compression and encryption of staging area (elong)
0003410: [Improvement] Change keystore password during installation (elong)
0003411: [Bug] Read only or write only users get an Error when clicking a node on the Manage > Nodes screen. (mmichalek)
0003417: [Improvement] Adjust throughput manager to not include reload channels (josh-a-hicks)
0003367: [Bug] Remote node replacing Master Node User (maxwellpettit)
0003379: [Bug] Import in Configure->Overview not working properly (kstojanovska)
0003393: [Improvement] Load data wizard to allow reverse loads (josh-a-hicks)
0003413: [Improvement] Ability to take a support snapshot when license violation page is displayed. (josh-a-hicks)
0003426: [Bug] Null pointer on dashboard with offline nodes (maxwellpettit)
0003428: [Improvement] Adjust table count calculation (josh-a-hicks)
14 issues View Issues
0003355: [Bug] PosgresSQL exception when clicking on a node on the dashboard (maxwellpettit)
0003365: [Bug] Load only setup fails if determining database version throws an AbstractMethodError (josh-a-hicks)
0003387: [Improvement] Better UI support for Load Only Nodes (josh-a-hicks)
0003373: [Improvement] Load only add node wizard to show driver class without an uploaded jar (josh-a-hicks)
0003364: [Bug] Error viewing load details with a Sybase DB (maxwellpettit)
5 issues View Issues
0003241: [Bug] File sync should not sync all files when first scanning a directory (kstojanovska)
0003126: [New Feature] Support viewing Remote Status of Nodes (mmichalek)
0003257: [Bug] Syntax Formatting Error When Connected to ORACLE DB (elong)
0003166: [Bug] Memory leak cause by VAADIN websockets (chenson)
0003208: [Bug] Node Setup Wizard Fails (maxwellpettit)
0003219: [Improvement] Remote Node Registration Screen Layout (kstojanovska)
0003233: [Improvement] Upgrade to VAADIN 8 (chenson)
0003266: [Improvement] Add a new parameter to control the max number of batches on the Outgoing Batches screen (maxwellpettit)
0003330: [Improvement] On Logging Panel, manage auto-scroll based on users natural scroll position, fix multi-line logging (mmichalek)
9 issues View Issues
0002567: [Installation] Postgresql 9.5 / Installation / autocommit parameter (josh-a-hicks)
0002934: [New Feature] Make the dashboard more useful. Allow different quadrants to be configured. (josh-a-hicks)
0003125: [New Feature] Encrypt and/or compress staging (elong)
0003159: [Improvement] Make enabling clustering an option during setup (kstojanovska)
0003160: [Task] Update Doc (jwilmer)
0003195: [Bug] Duplicate External Id Bug (kstojanovska)
0003164: [Improvement] Disallow the use of whitespace, and other URL unfriendly characters in external ids in the node setup wizard. (kstojanovska)
0003111: [Improvement] When running jobs manually, run in the background with a dismissible dialog box (chenson)
0001320: [Improvement] Replace the dashboard graph. (josh-a-hicks)
0002933: [New Feature] Redesign the outgoing and incoming batch screen more useful (maxwellpettit)
10 issues View Issues
0003299: [Bug] Null Pointer on Incoming Batch Screen (maxwellpettit)
1 issue View Issues
0003228: [Improvement] Minimize the amount of saves to sym_console_user during logging in (chenson)
0003248: [Improvement] Check DB2 for i (AS/400) journaling during setup wizard check permissions (elong)
0003254: [Bug] NuoDB validation query incorrect (josh-a-hicks)
0003255: [Improvement] Don't query metadata when looking of a console user. there is an opportunity for a deadlock there. (chenson)
0003265: [Bug] Outgoing batch query causes deadlocks (mmichalek)
0003245: [Bug] Importing configuration from the GUI works for CSV only not SQL (kstojanovska)
0003235: [New Feature] License support for number of tables and throughput (josh-a-hicks)
0003238: [Bug] License key parameters not refreshed when key is first installed or a new key is submitted (josh-a-hicks)
8 issues View Issues
0003217: [Bug] UI Allows Initial Load when Initial Load Order is -1 (maxwellpettit)
1 issue View Issues
0003189: [Bug] Null pointer exception when clicking on node in NodePanel (maxwellpettit)
0003169: [Bug] Deleting table trigger does not delete database trigger immediately (kstojanovska)
0003170: [Improvement] In Explore, dropdown arrows appear for tables when not necessary. (kstojanovska)
0003178: [Task] When console.registration.method is set to pre-auth show an option to enable initial load (kstojanovska)
4 issues View Issues
0003139: [Improvement] On the node screen. Allow nodes to be pre-registered. You should be able to enter the node id, external id and the group (kstojanovska)
0003153: [Improvement] Create loads by channel (kstojanovska)
0003144: [Bug] On a three tiered system the remove node option is not available at the root for nodes that are a tier away on Manage > Node (kstojanovska)
0003140: [Bug] On the node screen. Don't allow loads to be queued up for disabled nodes (missing sym_node_security or sync_enabled=0) (kstojanovska)
0003151: [Improvement] Add the ability in the Symmetric Pro installer to configure the com.sun.management.jmxremote.rmi.port property. (maxwellpettit)
0003149: [Improvement] Add setting to sql explorer to turn off auto complete (maxwellpettit)
0003161: [Improvement] Get rid of reference to 2 different versions of slf4j (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0003136: [Bug] The load summary page is slow because of unused joins to sym_data (chenson)
0003106: [Bug] During installation postgres permissions check fails for case sensitive collation (chenson)
0003134: [Bug] AS400 trigger sources are not visible in explore tab without an exception (josh-a-hicks)
3 issues View Issues
0003100: [Bug] Wrong version of doc was packaged with 3.8.23 release of pro (chenson)
0003101: [Improvement] On the parameter edit screen make the edit dialogs resize better. Keep dialog buttons on the bottom (chenson)
0003103: [Bug] When adding a node, the current node you are on should be the server that gets registered with (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0003084: [Bug] Actually cancel an initial load when the cancel button is pressed on the manage loads screen (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0003041: [Bug] Sql Explorer Parse Query Bug (maxwellpettit)
0003044: [Bug] Incoming Batch Screen doesn't show all channels (maxwellpettit)
0003052: [Improvement] Default handle key updates in for Table Triggers to on when configuring via SymmetricDS Pro (chenson)
0003043: [Improvement] Further expand on the documentation for the roles an SymmetricDS console user can have (maxwellpettit)
4 issues View Issues
0003019: [New Feature] Add Registration Screen when Registering a Remote Node (maxwellpettit)
0003022: [Bug] Manage Outgoing Batches Sort Order Clears on Refresh (maxwellpettit)
0003023: [Bug] Reload Wizard Label is misleading "Delete all data in the table(s)." (mmichalek)
0003021: [Bug] Clicking OutgoingBatch.batchId may interrupt a batch's extraction (mmichalek)
0003032: [Bug] sym_consoler_user_hist should not be sent during registration to clients older than 3.8.18 (chenson)
0003040: [Bug] "Clear Batches" generates an error when you try to clear more than one batch at a time (chenson)
6 issues View Issues
0003001: [Improvement] Add Console User Password Security Requirements (maxwellpettit)
0002902: [New Feature] Build triggers in the background when rebuilding from the Installed Triggers screen (chenson)
0002905: [New Feature] Present a dismissible in progress dialog during the installation of a SymmetricDS node (chenson)
0003004: [New Feature] Add Parameter to Disable Explore Tab (maxwellpettit)
0003006: [Bug] Dashboard Graph Select All and Select None not working (maxwellpettit)
0003012: [Bug] Node panel may not show hierarchy properly (mmichalek)
6 issues View Issues
0002994: [Improvement] Add Permissions Check When Adding Node (maxwellpettit)
1 issue View Issues
0002987: [Bug] Manage nodes screen registration and send buttons are disabled for master to master and tiered combos (josh-a-hicks)
0002990: [Improvement] Update pro documentation to remove the send table data as its now part of load data (josh-a-hicks)
2 issues View Issues
0002954: [Improvement] Publish the symmetric-pro to maven. Include all web content so a gradle/maven project can easily embed SymmetricDS Pro (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002738: [Improvement] Installer should archive patches when performing an upgrade (mmichalek)
1 issue View Issues
0002921: [Bug] SymmetricDS Pro reports java.lang.IllegalStateException: !asyncSupported errors when using console (chenson)
0002927: [Improvement] After a job is run from the jobs panel. Reselect that job (versus deselecting all rows) (chenson)
0002929: [Bug] Manage > Logging > Set Levels > Transform doesn't enabled transform logging (chenson)
0002931: [Improvement] Show Table Triggers > Handle Key Updates on nodes that are NOT Sql Server. (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002919: [Bug] Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsExeception in Sql Explorer Code complete (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002896: [Bug] You shouldn't be able to open registration on nodes that are two tier away in the pro console (chenson)
0002850: [Improvement] Highlight Row Differences in Batch Data View (mmichalek)
0002895: [Bug] node_communication and lock tables no longer export in snapshot when NOT in cluster mode (chenson)
0002897: [Task] Don't sync console events (chenson)
0002900: [Improvement] Improve performance of batch data lists by using Grid component instead of table (mmichalek)
0002901: [Bug] Websocket timeouts show up in log files as errors (chenson)
0002906: [Bug] Sql Explorer leaks a connection each time you login and navigate to the sql explorer panel (chenson)
0002907: [Bug] Uninstalling a child node causes null pointer exception (chenson)
0002908: [Bug] Fix layout issues with notice dialog that is used to display batch errors (chenson)
9 issues View Issues
0002877: [Bug] Do Not Show check box for the quick config wizard does not work (chenson)
0002882: [Bug] Auto Create filters out tables with the same name that have been configured in a different schema (mmichalek)
0002881: [Improvement] Ability to override the default sync url in node setup wizard (josh-a-hicks)
0002884: [Bug] If you create a new trigger and use the same id as an existing trigger it overwrites the existing trigger (mmichalek)
0002891: [Bug] Null Pointer on Dashboard (chenson)
5 issues View Issues
0002706: [Improvement] Make it possible to log raw Ldap exceptions (mmichalek)
0002851: [Bug] Fix ConcurrentModification on dashboard refresh (mmichalek)
0002853: [Improvement] Show Tables column on incoming batch panel (mmichalek)
0002854: [Bug] Stack trace and empty message when registration is not open (elong)
0002855: [Bug] Cannot change "from" address on configure mail server panel (elong)
0002741: [Bug] SQL Explorer with "results as text" on firebird (chenson)
0002856: [Task] Remove client polling now that server push is turned on for the web console (chenson)
0002858: [Bug] SQL Explorer hangs for truncate and create statements that are run on sql server (chenson)
0002862: [Task] Update the documentation for data loading (josh-a-hicks)
0002866: [Bug] Uninstall doesn't log out of console because of null pointer trying to audit the uninstall (chenson)
0002867: [Improvement] Get rid of Vaadin warnings in log file (chenson)
0002872: [Bug] Console Events fail when performing multi step actions (josh-a-hicks)
0002873: [Bug] The dashboard doesn't automatically refresh (chenson)
13 issues View Issues
0002848: [Improvement] Use lower transaction isolation for dashboard, outgoing loads, outgoing/incoming batch screens (elong)
0002838: [Improvement] Adjust Incoming and Outgoing screens to show OK (ignored) only under ignored and any status filters (josh-a-hicks)
0002839: [Bug] Recent batch activity showed incorrect channel information (josh-a-hicks)
0002842: [Bug] String out of bounds error when using code complete in sql explorer (chenson)
0002844: [Improvement] Speed up ui refresh for sql explorer by enabling the vaadin push api (chenson)
0002827: [Bug] User gets NPE on dashboard for unregistered node (elong)
0002840: [Bug] ProcessInfo key contains channel thread not channel Id since 3.8.0 (josh-a-hicks)
7 issues View Issues
0002802: [Improvement] Outgoing and Incoming batch panels show ignored batches as just OK (josh-a-hicks)
0002796: [Bug] File Channels are missing when first enabling file sync. (mmichalek)
0002810: [Improvement] Add button for sending test email from mail server edit panel (elong)
0002811: [Improvement] Filter status of <Any> on Manage->Monitors (elong)
0002829: [Improvement] Certain parameters (such as oracle.use.transaction.view) aren't editable on the UI, but should be. (mmichalek)
0002806: [Bug] Sync of console events gets unique key violation (josh-a-hicks)
6 issues View Issues
0002791: [Improvement] Every network error is logged and alerts user on Dashboard (elong)
0002779: [Bug] sql explorer result pane doesn't display when pks aren't in the list of returned columns (chenson)
0002789: [Improvement] Manage nodes shows node in red for offline or batch in error but no indication (josh-a-hicks)
0002790: [Improvement] Outgoing batch screen requires you to hit refresh on filter changes (josh-a-hicks)
0002795: [Bug] Manage logging screen will not display any logging information if the log4j.xml layout pattern is changed (josh-a-hicks)
0002794: [Bug] Choosing profile - Ill configure things myself does not prompt for a web console user / password (josh-a-hicks)
0002797: [Bug] Quick config wizard only shows group link if there are multiple routers for the same group link (josh-a-hicks)
0002798: [Improvement] Dashboard adjust unrouted data count to not include gaps (josh-a-hicks)
0002800: [Improvement] Add node wizard registration url should be a text field instead of a drop down (josh-a-hicks)
0002778: [Bug] AS400 source node is captured in correctly when changes are made in the pro web console (josh-a-hicks)
10 issues View Issues
0002772: [Improvement] Support MS Active Directory for LDAP login (mmichalek)
0002734: [Bug] Data loads fail on Oracle (josh-a-hicks)
0002758: [Improvement] Web console slowness as a result of determining active channels (josh-a-hicks)
0002746: [Bug] The parameter search field can sometimes go off the screen on smaller resolution clients (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002727: [Improvement] Active load summary page (josh-a-hicks)
0002733: [Improvement] Outgoing and Incoming Panel display batch ignored only if it the entire batch was ignored. (josh-a-hicks)
0002735: [Improvement] File parsing routing to use new 3.8 context service to save file pointer information (josh-a-hicks)
0002739: [Bug] vaadin illegal state exception (chenson)
0002744: [Bug] Console events are not compatible with Firebird (josh-a-hicks)
0002745: [Bug] Load data wizard table selection for remote nodes (josh-a-hicks)
6 issues View Issues
0002622: [Improvement] Partial initial loads (josh-a-hicks)
0002614: [Improvement] Quick config wizard does not capture the schema value if the default catalog is changed. (josh-a-hicks)
0002719: [Improvement] Incoming and Outgoing batch panels showed ignored status if any rows were ignored (josh-a-hicks)
0002473: [New Feature] Receive schema and data reloads from manage nodes screen of admin console (josh-a-hicks)
0002623: [Improvement] Filter out system information from the web console (josh-a-hicks)
0002637: [Bug] Quick config wizard throws null pointer on empty catalog (josh-a-hicks)
0002673: [Improvement] DBF Router to provide a parameter to ignore header validation (josh-a-hicks)
0002713: [New Feature] Added feature to incorporate DB Compare into SQL Explorer (rsunderhaus)
0002715: [Improvement] Upgrade vaadin to 7.6.8 (chenson)
0002717: [Improvement] Enable Vaadin's production mode for better security and performance (chenson)
0002398: [Improvement] Outgoing batches option to clear metadata (elong)
0002500: [Improvement] Report the original error message when a connection exception or unknown host exception happens during registration (chenson)
0002503: [New Feature] Add IP address filter for web console (elong)
0002507: [Improvement] Use license key from parameters and remove java prefs (elong)
0002521: [Improvement] Add number of error alerts to browser page title (elong)
0002527: [New Feature] More log level settings for logging panel (elong)
0002528: [Improvement] Log viewer with auto refresh off should keep scroll position (elong)
0002529: [Improvement] Colorize log viewer for warn, error, and filtering (elong)
0002543: [Improvement] Parameter to hide system information from the dashboard (josh-a-hicks)
0002552: [Improvement] Allow user to specify memory size for server (elong)
0002606: [Improvement] Add sym_service.conf to snapshot file (elong)
0002608: [Bug] Changing initial load delete SQL can break the configuration export (elong)
0002617: [Improvement] Allow user into web console as soon as one engine initializes (elong)
0002619: [Improvement] Easy to see drop-down list with arrows to scroll (elong)
0002620: [Improvement] Nodes Panel slow to pop-up Send->Table Data and Schema (elong)
0002652: [Bug] Using the standard 2 tier profile does not cleanup properly if there were previous entries in sym tables. (josh-a-hicks)
0002676: [New Feature] Record console user events (josh-a-hicks)
0002703: [Improvement] Data Load Wizard (josh-a-hicks)
0002712: [Improvement] Quick config wizard enhance trigger routing labels (josh-a-hicks)
0002588: [Improvement] Order files on the staging area screen (josh-a-hicks)
0002663: [Improvement] Display sql message and sql code when viewing batch details if one is present. (josh-a-hicks)
0002672: [New Feature] Ability to filter outgoing batches by load (josh-a-hicks)
0002692: [Improvement] Upgrade the SQL Explorer to show trigger text and have code complete functionality (chenson)
0002729: [Installation] Software upgrade listener extension (josh-a-hicks)
34 issues View Issues
0002649: [Bug] Data gaps overlap and jump ahead (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0002581: [Improvement] Prevent clickjacking attempts to the PRO UI (josh-a-hicks)
0002600: [Bug] Fix title bar misspelling in Control Center. (gwilmer)
0002488: [Improvement] Improve Batch Displays (mmichalek)
0002556: [Improvement] Color the commit and rollback buttons in the explorer window (chenson)
0002569: [Bug] User with read role is able to change system (elong)
0002573: [Improvement] Allow multi-access to demo H2 databases (mmichalek)
0002586: [Bug] Incoming batch screen error when more than 1000 batches (elong)
0002590: [Bug] Logging Alert Panel often shows "No Message" for warnings and errors. (mmichalek)
0002593: [Bug] Unable to start job after stopping on Manage Nodes screen (elong)
0002594: [Bug] Snapshot utility can throw exceptions (elong)
10 issues View Issues
0002538: [Bug] Error on Incoming Batch Panel (chenson)
0002523: [Bug] Unregister node from nodes panel leaves node as open list (elong)
0002537: [Bug] The node id and batch id fields on outgoing and incoming batch screens can sometimes be hard to type in. The get overwritten. (chenson)
0002539: [Bug] Fix generation of dml statements in sql explorer. Columns should be quoted. Table name should use default case. (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002520: [Bug] Multi-master with multiple groups not showing hierarchy on nodes panel (elong)
0002509: [Bug] Unknown batch status causes error on screen (elong)
0002510: [Improvement] Add failed data ID to the outgoing batch panel (elong)
0002511: [Bug] Scroll to error button in data browser doesn't select row (elong)
4 issues View Issues
0002256: [Bug] Automated install with upgrade option gets npe (elong)
0002487: [Bug] Installing service fails when a different name is used (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0002451: [Improvement] If host name is null the node wizard will crash after selecting a profile. (josh-a-hicks)
1 issue View Issues
0002442: [Bug] JMX enable and port setttings not being written to symmetric-server.properties on install (mhanes)
0002446: [Improvement] Add monitor (mon$) tables to support snapshot for Firebird dialect (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0002422: [Bug] License Support Label in Pro GUI incorrect (josh-a-hicks)
0002412: [Bug] Export of configuration as sql from the config > overview causes sync and registration to stop working (chenson)
0002413: [Bug] Fix the sql explorer export result set issue where null gets exported as '<null>' (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0002405: [Bug] Sql Explorer can become unusable if the setting file becomes corrupt (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002582: [Bug] Unregistered nodes may remain on Node Screen (mmichalek)
1 issue View Issues
0002370: [Improvement] If a node is in the process of "starting" then don't show "Stopped" on the node status. Show "Starting" instead. (chenson)
0002373: [Bug] Configure->Grouplets screen error prevents linking trigger routers (elong)
2 issues View Issues
0002321: [Improvement] Add dump of outgoing and incoming batches to the support snapshot (chenson)
0002264: [Improvement] Nodes -> Send -> Table Schema List should order tables alphabetically. (chenson)
0002352: [Bug] Error editing transform when table is missing (elong)
0002353: [Improvement] Transform editor insert new column transform (elong)
0002354: [Improvement] Allow batch data viewer to resize and go full size (elong)
0002355: [Improvement] System identification label on login and top bar (elong)
0002366: [Bug] Viewing the table definition of a table in the sql explorer for different catalog, same schema you could end up with sync errors (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0002303: [Bug] When console.auth.config.client is set and a client is remote auto configuration of table triggers fails (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002300: [Bug] Transform columns disappear when editing table level properties of a transform (chenson)
0002291: [Bug] Manage > Nodes screen can be inconsistent across multiple instances of a cluster. (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0002283: [Bug] On Edit File Triggers the Before Copy Script and After Copy Script lose line feeds after saving them (chenson)
0002284: [Improvement] Additional improvements to the performance of the edit table triggers screen (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0002281: [Bug] Ignore batch causes sync to get stuck on a channel (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002266: [Bug] Default initial load order to 50 (chenson)
0002267: [Bug] Popup editor for "custom insert text" for table triggers doesn't pre populate with current value (chenson)
0002268: [Improvement] Add an <In Progress> Status for the outgoing batch panel that includes: QY, SE, LD, and ER (chenson)
0002271: [Bug] Clicking the batch link on the outgoing batch screen while a batch is "Querying" causes batch errors (chenson)
0002272: [Bug] Some sql server queries don't work in the sql explore tab (chenson)
0002276: [Improvement] Don't limit the outgoing batch screen to such a small number of batches. The current limit it 250. Make it configurable. (chenson)
6 issues View Issues
0002259: [Improvement] The Table Triggers screen can be slow when you have hundreds or thousands of tables configured (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002253: [Bug] When editing Table Routing entries switching the trigger or the router causes a new entry to be created (chenson)
0002255: [Improvement] New extension points should have enabled checked by default (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0002234: [Improvement] Make sql history dialog default to sorting by time descending (chenson)
0002235: [Improvement] Make source and target edit text fields 100% when table not found on the transform edit columns screen (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0002220: [Bug] A war file deployment with a web context does not properly create logout link, doc links and rest links (chenson)
0002221: [Improvement] Improve performance of transform edit screen. Work around reported bug where edit columns show previous values (chenson)
0002228: [Bug] Sql Explorer doesn't work with sqlite databases that have columns that contain both character and numeric data (chenson)
0002229: [Bug] Column match router edit screen doesn't accept new values for column names (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002206: [Bug] Bulk edit of numeric settings don't save (chenson)
0002207: [Bug] Bulk edit help should show all fields, not just the "non" advanced ones (chenson)
0002208: [Improvement] When displaying and editing numeric fields, don't use grouping for number formats (chenson)
0002209: [Bug] After failed install the properties file is not removed. If you restart the application it looks like the install was a success (chenson)
0002214: [Bug] Tooltips lost their styling (chenson)
5 issues View Issues
0002195: [Bug] Wrong stats reported on dashboard when loading status is show for outgoing batch (chenson)
0002198: [Improvement] Don't show -9999 on the dashboard. Instead show "Registered" for the incoming batch id. (chenson)
0002199: [Bug] Table Routing documentation doesn't align with screen (chenson)
0002201: [Bug] Attempt to queue up an initial load from the ui fails after configuration is imported during initialization (chenson)
0002202: [Improvement] Don't show the ignored batches on the outgoing batch screen for the status of <Not Ok> (chenson)
0002203: [Improvement] Update Auto Create Table Triggers to reuse the Quick Config Wizard so tables can be linked at the same time they are created (chenson)
0002204: [Improvement] Add other Table Routing fields to the list view like enabled and initial load order (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0002188: [Improvement] On the about page show total heap and used heap size (chenson)
0002189: [Bug] Screen flashes with loading data image when accessing web ui on a VERY slow network connection (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0002179: [Bug] File sync linking throws error (chenson)
0002181: [Bug] Reject registration request doesn't delete registration attempts that are in ER (chenson)
0002182: [Bug] Export as sql doesn't export all tables. It also doesn't export delete statements so that the script is rerunnable (chenson)
0002183: [Improvement] Make the transform edit columns screen perform better by making only the selected row editable (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002166: [Bug] If transform edit screen is used and it has an ext transform that is targeted for another group, the transform type is blank (chenson)
0002167: [Bug] Table Routing filter field produces error when you try to use it (chenson)
0002168: [Bug] When transforms are saved the cache is not immediately cleared (chenson)
0002169: [Bug] When auto creating trigger a non default catalog is selected, but the schema is the same as default only source catalog is saved (chenson)
0002170: [Bug] When auto creating transforms the source target and schemas are not set correctly (chenson)
0002171: [Improvement] Remember the state of the "Show Advanced" button for the length of the session (chenson)
6 issues View Issues
0002165: [Bug] Table Routing -> Delete leaves trigger router on screen even though it has been deleted from the database (chenson)
0002156: [Bug] Process panel shows -1 for number of rows loaded (chenson)
0002157: [Improvement] When source and target columns are resized in the edit transform columns screen, then combo boxes should also be resized (chenson)
0002160: [Bug] Outgoing and Incoming batch panels get their channel list reset when you navigate away and back to the page (chenson)
0002162: [Improvement] Allow entry of transform types that are not in the list on the edit transform columns screen (chenson)
0002164: [Improvement] Add the ability to upload patches and restart the server from the help screen of the user interface (chenson)
0002154: [Bug] Sql Explorer can cause out of memory when selecting from large MySQL table (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0002151: [Bug] Issue with the demo. Sql Explorer is hiding more tables than it should. Seed data isn't being inserted. (chenson)
0002150: [Bug] Error when add Column in Configure column in expression (chenson)
0002143: [Bug] The web application has a browser memory leak when left on the dashboard page. It is caused by the graph (chenson)
0002146: [Improvement] Make the node id field a text field for batch screens instead of a combo box to support deployments with large numbers of nodes (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0002130: [Improvement] Minor improvements to the File routing and Table Routing screens (abailey)
0002129: [Improvement] Anchor the "More Help" buttons and new configuration items to the appropriate sections in the doc (abailey)
0002126: [Bug] XmlPublisherDataRouter, when configured doesn't show up in pro ui list of possible data routers to configure (chenson)
0002128: [Bug] Fix nullpointer when client node unregisters itself using the Manage/Nodes/Registration/Unregister button (chenson)
0002131: [Improvement] Change the database select in the config node wizard to make finding all the databases easier (chenson)
0002132: [Bug] Error when clicking on data count on outgoing batch panel after switching between nodes in a multi-homed install (chenson)
0002134: [Bug] Index out of bounds error during quick start wizard with only 1 router configured (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0001931: [Bug] Unattended install spits out warnings (elong)
0001741: [Improvement] Improve Firebird SYM_UDF installation (elong)
0001981: [New Feature] Rework sql explorer layout. Remove Symmetric Pro dependencies (chenson)
0001982: [Improvement] Upgrade Vaadin (chenson)
0002025: [Bug] Windows non-admin user cannot query service status (elong)
0002026: [Improvement] Relaunch control center as privileged process on Windows (elong)
0002049: [Bug] Sql Editor doesn't pull in correct formatting files when SymmetricDS is deployed as a war file (chenson)
0002080: [Improvement] Add field level help text to edit forms (elong)
0002085: [Improvement] Support queries that return multiple result sets (like running sp_configure on sybase) in the sql explorer (chenson)
0002091: [Bug] When a parameter is set in engines file it shows up as current value on edit screen but edit popup has wrong value (chenson)
0002117: [Improvement] Canned profiles should set use_source_catalog_schema=0 on sym_router like the default router in the ui does (chenson)
0001693: [Improvement] Pop-up window for batch doesn't use "localhost" like the browser does (chenson)
0001937: [Improvement] Add link to download the symmetric log file back to the log screen (chenson)
0002055: [Improvement] Simple logging ui tweaks to make debugging easier (chenson)
0002072: [Bug] Auto install file is truncated when generated from console (elong)
0002096: [Improvement] Create an error dialog to replace notification at top of screen (chenson)
0002116: [Improvement] Change the Configure->LDAP screen to a form that can save the LDAP parameters (abailey)
0002118: [Bug] Transform Edit Columns screen fails to save if too many columns are added (around 60) (chenson)
0002120: [Improvement] Wording changes to the pro console (abailey)
0002121: [Improvement] Minor improvements to the incoming and outgoing batch screens (abailey)
20 issues View Issues
0002106: [Bug] The configured state does not match recorded database state. The record... (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002098: [Bug] The dashboard is refreshed several times when it is navigated to which can cause ui lock on slower systems (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002066: [Bug] Graph fails to render if > 22 channels are represented (chenson)
0002070: [Bug] NullPointerException can happen during uninstall (chenson)
0002074: [Improvement] When setting up connection for sybase ase always set nocount off as the db.init.sql (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0002051: [Bug] Outgoing batch browse dialog limit at 100 rows (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0002031: [Bug] Sorting is in the opposite direction of the arrow on the batch table (chenson)
0002033: [Bug] Column edit of multiple transforms is currently broken (chenson)
0002034: [Bug] Validate button for bsh transform column scripts is not reliable. It also doesn't show the error. (chenson)
0002035: [Bug] Cancel load is broken (chenson)
0002038: [Bug] Ordering transforms on the edit transform columns screen has issues (chenson)
0002039: [Bug] Commandline utils enabled for HTTPS with transport manager (elong)
0002045: [Bug] Fix uninstall null pointer when uninstalling from the node panel (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0002019: [Improvement] Edit transform columns should use a split pane and make the right pane bigger by default. Get rid of compile warnings for bsh (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001954: [Bug] Extracted batch viewer missing data and showing data in wrong columns (chenson)
0002001: [Bug] Should not prompt for the console password on a client install (chenson)
0002005: [Bug] Transform Edit Columns screen. Fix up and down arrows to be more predictable. (chenson)
0002007: [Improvement] Add refresh button that re-extracts batch data on the view batch screen (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0001951: [Bug] Warnings are not cleared from notification area after timeout period, only errors are (chenson)
0001976: [Bug] Parameter edit text area in window doesn't expand on maximize (chenson)
0001990: [Bug] Error when transform row is selected on a client node that is not suppose to be editable (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0001958: [Improvement] Improve the layout of parameter edit dialog (chenson)
0001972: [Bug] Issue with upgrade of sym_console_user (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001941: [Bug] An error occurs while saving a new transform if no rows have been selected in the transform list (chenson)
0001943: [Improvement] Change the default MySQL db.url to include &zeroDateTimeBehavior=convertToNull (chenson)
0001944: [Bug] Error occurs while searching for table in export dialog on sql explorer screen (chenson)
0001945: [Bug] Parameter edit panel doesn't display the correct parameter value for group if the node specific parameter has been set (chenson)
0001947: [Bug] db export to file from sql explorer does not work (chenson)
0001948: [Improvement] When using the parameter restore button, prompt to make sure the user really wants to restore the parameter (chenson)
0001949: [Improvement] Use sql editor for lookup transform editor. Update description to include information about tokens. (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0001903: [Improvement] Clean up console installer (elong)
0001847: [Improvement] Outgoing Batch Improvements (abailey)
0001898: [Bug] When canceling a failed load, set the batch error_flag=0 (abailey)
0001899: [Bug] If a form doesn't save, keep advanced options shown if they were at point of save (abailey)
0001900: [New Feature] Read batch data from the staging manager in Incoming and Outgoing Batches on Batch Id click (abailey)
0001901: [Bug] Execute as script and Execute sql under cursor buttons should be disabled unless the sql area contains text (abailey)
0001902: [Improvement] Tables in ChooseTablesToReloadWindow should be sorted alphabetically (abailey)
0001904: [Improvement] Table sorting should be case-insensitive (abailey)
0001905: [Improvement] Collapse the "Enabled" column when linking triggers (abailey)
0001906: [Bug] parameter edit screen doesn't show configured parameters when using views other than ALL (chenson)
0001908: [Improvement] Transform Auto Create should only populate tables with a trigger router (abailey)
0001909: [Improvement] When creating a new Transform, the trigger router should be found using the catalog and schema based on trigger/router options (abailey)
0001911: [Improvement] Router Type and Router Expression should always be displayed together (chenson)
0001912: [Bug] formatting of the sql explorer settings dialog is off. (abailey)
0001913: [New Feature] DbFill now has the capability to print the sql to the command line and to the Sql Editor. (abailey)
0001914: [New Feature] Ability to restore a parameter's value back to the default value (abailey)
0001915: [Improvement] Refactor the TabularResultLayout code from SqlRunner to its' own class (abailey)
0001916: [Improvement] Add the CTRL+M window maximizer to the ReadOnlyTextAreaDialog (abailey)
0001918: [Improvement] Make the Edit Scripts dialog for Load Filters resizable and maximizable (abailey)
0001919: [Bug] Fix Sql Explorer issues for Oracle (abailey)
0001924: [Bug] Bad parsing for dashboard link to batches screen (chenson)
0001927: [Bug] row number resets after 100 on outgoing and incoming batch panels' show batch data screen (chenson)
0001928: [Bug] The outgoing batch show shortcut doesn't explictly set the channels when selected "Show All Batches" (chenson)
0001934: [Improvement] Minor improvements to the Manage Outgoing and Incoming Batch Screens (abailey)
0001690: [Improvement] License key storage and updates (chenson)
0001932: [Improvement] Add more information to the About Panel (abailey)
0001933: [Improvement] Add the transform id to the edit columns window. Disable edit columns button if item selection in table isn't 1 (abailey)
27 issues View Issues
0001864: [Bug] Test SymmetricDS install on Java 8 and Windows 7. I don't think the service will stop properly. (elong)
0001865: [Bug] SymmetricDS upgrade on Windows 7 defaults to C:\Program Files versus C:\SymmetricDS-Pro (elong)
0001616: [Improvement] Configuration of transforms has been said to "Give me more headaches than a rap concert." Simplify configuration. (abailey)
0001871: [Improvement] Improve performance of transform edit column screen by using cached metadata (chenson)
0001872: [Improvement] Installer should check if service name already in use (elong)
0001874: [Bug] sync on update is missing on the edit trigger form (chenson)
0001878: [Improvement] Installer should prompt for service name only when installing service (elong)
7 issues View Issues
0001880: [Improvement] Hitting enter on a row in a table in the configure tab will open the editor for that row (abailey)
0001882: [Improvement] Add 'Show sym_ triggers' CheckBox and a search field in Installed Triggers (abailey)
0001883: [Bug] Show sym_ Tables should look up the table prefix through the parameter service (abailey)
0001884: [Improvement] Clicking a Batch Id or Error Status in Manage->Outgoing Batches should highlight the row (abailey)
0001885: [Improvement] Minor Selecting Tables to Reload improvements (abailey)
0001848: [Bug] sql explorer query results has two scrollbars due to fixed size (chenson)
0001849: [Bug] Foreign key metadata should not exclude table and schema columns (chenson)
0001850: [Bug] Errors that occur during the import of a new profile in the config wizard are ugly. The error needs to be handled better. (chenson)
0001851: [Bug] If you edit a property in a form and cancel it is still set on the underlying object and is reflect in the edit panel table (chenson)
0001854: [Bug] Error happens when sql history window is opened (chenson)
0001855: [Improvement] Make parameter edit dialog resizeable. Show description on the editor. (chenson)
0001858: [Improvement] Remove tooltips from the edit buttons on the parameters screen. (chenson)
0001861: [Improvement] Row # Column in Sql Explorer now has a header of "#" instead of "" (abailey)
0001862: [Bug] Fix bugs in outgoing batch panel. Duplicate batches. Not all batches shown. (chenson)
14 issues View Issues
0001809: [Improvement] Make minor UI improvements to Configure and Manage Tabs (abailey)
0001815: [Bug] Allow rest api test page to be used in a war deployment with a different context path than standalone (chenson)
0001817: [Improvement] Add a "Show configured parameters only" check box on the Config/Parameters screen (chenson)
0001822: [Bug] Format lost for transform expressions when column transforms are saved (chenson)
0001824: [Bug] Better support numeric database types in the sql explorer (chenson)
0001825: [Bug] After upgrade, windows service won't start (elong)
0001826: [Improvement] Add "runas" support to Wrapper service (elong)
0001834: [Improvement] Show stack traces on the Manage / Logging screen when they occur in the log file (chenson)
0001835: [Improvement] Only show the log output from the engine that is currently being viewed (chenson)
0001838: [Improvement] Add profile for master to master configuration to the setup wizard (chenson)
0001840: [Improvement] Add support for code and sql as parameter types in the parameter edit screen (chenson)
11 issues View Issues
0001780: [Bug] Outgoing batch summary query doesn't work on interbase (chenson)
0001786: [Bug] Max Results in SQL Explorer isn't being respected when results are put into table (chenson)
0001791: [Improvement] Outgoing load screen can be slow when there is lots of data in sym_data because of join to get current table (chenson)
0001792: [New Feature] Add new features and make minor improvements to the SQL Explorer (abailey)
0001799: [Bug] Multiselect of outgoing batches with same batch id does not work. The item key needs to be nodeBatchId not batchId (chenson)
5 issues View Issues
0001775: [Bug] Export configuration is empty (chenson)
0001777: [Bug] Fix reference to prettify js and css so it is properly referenced when deployed as war (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0000839: [Improvement] Introduce a global error icon or an error notification tray icon that is visible across all pages (chenson)
0001739: [Improvement] Make transform edit screen table sortable by group link (chenson)
0001754: [Bug] Outgoing batches screen throws error (chenson)
0001761: [Improvement] Update console new/edit screens with appropriate titles. (josh-a-hicks)
0001763: [Improvement] Display only engine name if only a single engine is present in console. (josh-a-hicks)
0001768: [Improvement] Set width on all config forms to same size. (josh-a-hicks)
0001769: [Improvement] Transform type drop down changes sizes (josh-a-hicks)
0001770: [Improvement] Uninstall panel now allows uninstall of all multi-homed nodes (chenson)
0001594: [Improvement] Default Target Node should probably be "All" on Parameters screen. Most of the time parameters are changed for "All" (chenson)
0001599: [Bug] IZPack automated installer error (elong)
0001612: [New Feature] Add the ability to right click and remove triggers from the installed triggers screen (elong)
0001622: [Bug] Wrong batch number can sometimes be printed out when an error occurs (chenson)
0001628: [Bug] Installer should escalate privilege on Windows 8 (elong)
0001478: [Bug] Removing a node should remove incoming batches (elong)
0001595: [Bug] Ok and Cancel buttons are in the wrong order on some screens. Make them consistent. (chenson)
0001596: [Improvement] Upgrade to the newest version of Vaadin to get support for the newest version of IE (chenson)
0001598: [Improvement] If there are custom parameters in sym_parameter, allow them to be edited in the parameter screen (chenson)
0001607: [Bug] Saving trigger link on GUI causes race with sync triggers (chenson)
0001625: [Improvement] Load filters summary screen should indicate configured scripts (josh-a-hicks)
0001627: [Task] Add a cancel load feature to the load screen (chenson)
0001641: [Improvement] Parameters screen doesn't allow you to see a good view of the current node's parameters. (chenson)
0001659: [Bug] Manage->Nodes screen shows offline (elong)
0001683: [Improvement] Move the delete button from the form popup window to the main edit screen (chenson)
0001687: [Bug] On the outgoing loads panel, only show queued loads that would be handled by the current node (chenson)
0001694: [Bug] Channel chart on dashboard does not refresh channel list in a multi server mode (josh-a-hicks)
0001702: [Improvement] Add dashboard screen that shows errors and warning that have occurred via logging (chenson)
0001709: [Improvement] Allow filter by channel on trigger screen. Show the number of triggers selected when filtered. (chenson)
0001732: [New Feature] Double click to get node host information on node screen (chenson)
0001733: [Improvement] Add text field on batch screens to search by batch id. Link batch errors to go to outgoing batch screen with text field filled (chenson)
0001736: [Bug] The web console should allow table reloads, sql and schema updates to be sent on any group link (chenson)
0001740: [Improvement] Support hitting the ESC key to cancel popup windows and dialogs across the board (chenson)
0001747: [Improvement] Show database, registration time, load time, and reverse load time on node panel. Collapse all but database by default. (chenson)
0000975: [Improvement] Upload new profile from the current profile select screen at configuration time. (josh-a-hicks)
0001680: [Installation] Improve SymmetricDS Installation Process (elong)
0001704: [Improvement] Replace Pro Quick Start with shorter new version of Quick Start (josh-a-hicks)
0001719: [New Feature] Disable web console with a parameter (josh-a-hicks)
36 issues View Issues
0001695: [Improvement] Allow sorting of tables on the reload and sync schema screens (chenson)
0001720: [Bug] The login screen is skipped if the first engine returned doesn't have an console user even if other engines have a user (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001696: [Bug] Can't override config channel triggers for tables added by Pro in sym_trigger (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001640: [Improvement] Empty license screen for first time users (elong)
1 issue View Issues
0001605: [Improvement] Sort the transform types alphabetically in the Transform Column dropdown. (mhanes)
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0001582: [Improvement] Add transform column order to transform column edit screen. (chenson)
0001482: [Bug] The wrong version of the Microsoft JDBC driver is being packaged with SymmetricDS (chenson)
0001563: [Bug] View Staging Area Screen doesn't work on Windows (chenson)
0001577: [Improvement] Installer prompt for service name (elong)
0001584: [Improvement] Change the name of the sql server dropdown options to "Sql Server" and "Sql Server Azure" to encourage users to pick JTDS (chenson)
5 issues View Issues
0001547: [New Feature] Add Send Schema Feature to NodePanel. Right click on list of nodes to synchronize table schema. (chenson)
0001551: [Improvement] Log the actual exception as a warning if the pro database wizard fails to connect to the database (chenson)
0001552: [Bug] Wrong error message is reported when testing a connection from the pro install wizard (chenson)
0001554: [Bug] When NOT in multiservermode and the default engine fails to start, do NOT fallback to the config node wizard (chenson)
0001557: [Bug] Table names not showing up for wildcard tables in Reload Table and Send Schema Dialogs on the Node Panel (chenson)
0001560: [Bug] Transform Edit screen throws null pointer if you select a transform row on a client (mhanes)
6 issues View Issues
0001535: [Bug] Contacting Server registration URL during client config wizard in pro results in error when server and client are SSL. (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001517: [Bug] Uninstall leaves triggers and functions (chenson)
0001519: [Bug] upgrade of console_user.user_role from a version that has the column named role fails on firebird due to triggers (chenson)
0001522: [Bug] Leave a configure screen with search criteria and reenter the screen. Search text remains, but is not applied to the table. (chenson)
0001523: [Improvement] Add a hidden "Reload Table" column to the outgoing batch screen that shows the table being reloaded (chenson)
0001525: [Improvement] Confirm before sending a reverse initial load from the node panel in the user interface (chenson)
0001526: [New Feature] Add a feature to allow a user to enter SQL that will be sent to remove nodes and executed (chenson)
6 issues View Issues
0001516: [Improvement] Add a "Manage - Stage Area" screen that allows the staging area to be browsed. Move the "Clear Staging" button to this screen. (chenson)
0001499: [Improvement] Show a warning on the trigger screen if a table is configured without a primary key and 'sync key names' has not been set (chenson)
0001500: [Bug] Catch and ignore vaadin CacheRefreshException on the process panel screen. It doesn't seem to cause issues so ignore the error (chenson)
0001501: [Improvement] Add data/sec column to the process info panel (chenson)
0001503: [New Feature] Add a feature to allow the user to specify tables to reload from the web user interface (chenson)
0001515: [Improvement] In REST API documentation UI allow the response type to be switched to application/xml (chenson)
6 issues View Issues
0001476: [New Feature] Add browser panel for REST API in SymmetricDS Pro using swagger (chenson)
0001487: [Bug] Right click on unselected item on node or batch panels results in popup, but no action is executed when selected (chenson)
0001493: [Improvement] Support showing tables in sql explorer for databases that do not have catalogs and schemas (chenson)
0001494: [Improvement] Don't cache tables in sql explorer panel so they can be refreshed (chenson)
0001495: [Bug] Refresh from progress bar at startup leaves only a portion of the components on the dashboard screen. Requires manual refresh. (chenson)
5 issues View Issues
0001464: [Bug] Configuration export in SQL format is broken (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001443: [Improvement] Add file sync conflict detection setting to the Pro user interface (mhanes)
0001446: [Improvement] Left arrow button key binding to the back button in configuration wizard is annoying. Removing the binding. (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001428: [Bug] Insert of initial load fails due to bug in Oracle jdbc driver. Update packaged driver. (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001424: [Bug] Can't update "Contains Big Lobs" on the channel form (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001415: [Improvement] Remove node status 'Online'. (abrougher)
1 issue View Issues
0001198: [New Feature] Add feature to prevent write access on all nodes but the registration server. (abrougher)
0001411: [Improvement] Add clear staging button for outgoing batches (abrougher)
0001102: [Improvement] When removing a node in a multi-homed situation, remove .properties file from engines directory (abrougher)
0001407: [Improvement] When performing a new installation and a previous installation is detected, allow the user to first uninstall. (abrougher)
0001408: [Improvement] When removing a node from the Manage -> Nodes panel, allow users to optionally uninstall the node. (abrougher)
0001085: [Bug] Select two tables with the same name in different schemas from the auto create screen and only one gets generated. (abrougher)
6 issues View Issues
0001357: [Improvement] The Pro wrapper.log should be included in the support snapshot. (abrougher)
0001398: [Improvement] Improvements to the node setup wizard to minimize the need for a mouse (chenson)
0001403: [Bug] Support multi node delete and allow registration (chenson)
0001324: [Bug] Configure column transform screen does not check for null target column name. (abrougher)
0001406: [Improvement] Support bulk updating Transform Columns. (abrougher)
0001401: [Improvement] When auto creating a transform, allow the user to choose between an implied or specified transform. (abrougher)
0001402: [Improvement] Support bulk inserting new column transforms for multiple table transforms. (abrougher)
7 issues View Issues
0001394: [Bug] Setting a batch to IG via the ui should also reset the error_flag (chenson)
0001383: [Bug] Updating SymmetricDS Pro from the terminal does not remove old jar files in web\WEB-INF\lib. (abrougher)
0001384: [Installation] Prevent users from installing Pro on top of an existing SymmetricDS installation. (abrougher)
3 issues View Issues
0001386: [Bug] DB2 returns null for the catalog name when Auto Creating triggers on the Trigger Panel. (abrougher)
0001380: [Bug] After adding a group link sync triggers if there are not active triggers. This will cause symmetric triggers to be created. (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001352: [Bug] The batch link on the outgoing batch screen is broken (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001337: [Bug] On upgrade to 3.5.0, sym_conosole_user.role column is not being renamed to 'user_role'. (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001288: [Bug] Investigate where node heartbeat information should be displayed in Pro (abrougher)
0001294: [Improvement] Need to further clarify what "type" of push or pull on the Manage screens (abrougher)
0001328: [Bug] When there are lots of tables to synchronize it can slow down the save of a trigger or router link (chenson)
0001191: [Improvement] Add heartbeat.update.node.with.batch.status property to control if batch stats are updated in sym_node. Default: false (chenson)
0001264: [Task] Move quick start guide to docbooks, incorporate into build and update for 3.5 (abrougher)
0001225: [Bug] Table sym_node_group_channel_window exceeds the max table name length for Sybase ASE 12. (chenson)
0000836: [Improvement] The push/pull concurrency screens should have a search field similar to the nodes screen (abrougher)
0000849: [New Feature] Add an option for using the Microsoft JDBC driver in the configuration wizard (chenson)
0001219: [Improvement] Make the beanshell editor window stretch when the window is resized. Also, make the default size a bit bigger (abrougher)
0001230: [Improvement] Disabled delete buttons should indicate why they are disabled. (chenson)
0001243: [Improvement] SymmetricDS needs to be able to upgrade to 3.5.0 where the column sym_console_user.role was renamed "user_role". (chenson)
0001265: [Improvement] Set jobs.synchronized.enable=true when SQLLite is selected as the database (chenson)
0001266: [New Feature] Click through SSL setup in the wizard (chenson)
0001267: [Improvement] Allow multiple batches to be select so they can be marked for ignore or deleted at the same time (chenson)
0001275: [New Feature] Update UI to support File Sync (abrougher)
0001280: [Improvement] Don't allow a load to be scheduled if a node group link doesn't exist that would allow a load to be processed (chenson)
0001281: [Improvement] Log when loads and registration are requested from the UI (chenson)
0001300: [Bug] Configure/Conflicts columns mixed up (abrougher)
0001311: [Improvement] SQL Explorer should auto commit by default with the option to turn auto commit off. (abrougher)
0001313: [Improvement] SQL Explorer red un-committed background appears to be the result of an error. (abrougher)
0001173: [Improvement] Allow multiple nodes to be deleted from the node panel at once (abrougher)
0001308: [Bug] Wizard finish button is disabled even if the finish is rejected due to connection issue. (abrougher)
0001312: [Improvement] SQL Explorer multi-homed client tabs are confusing. (abrougher)
0001314: [Bug] The SQL Explorer window remains in an un-committed state until the user selects commit. They should be able to type commit. (abrougher)
0001315: [Improvement] Configure screen forms should have scroll bars so the buttons are always visible and the form is scrollable. (abrougher)
0001326: [Bug] Edit screens can become very unresponsive with lots of rows (this has been reported on the trigger screen) (chenson)
0001331: [Bug] Deletion of registration requests from the node panel does not work (chenson)
27 issues View Issues
0001290: [Bug] Mariab db is chosen when going through MySQL database setup until SymmetricDS is restarted after setup (chenson)
0001293: [Bug] Sql Explorer's Run As Script is broken (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001217: [Improvement] Don't allow node group link delete until transforms using that link are also removed. (abrougher)
0001200: [Bug] Manage/Nodes header in console grammar and number wrong (chenson)
0001201: [Improvement] Show offline nodes in red on the nodes panel (chenson)
0001212: [Bug] Editting of transform columns is broken in 3.4 (chenson)
4 issues View Issues
0001208: [Bug] Sql Explorer doesn't work with sql.explorer.auto.commit=true (chenson)
0001209: [Bug] Configuration export broken in 3.4.3 (chenson)
2 issues View Issues
0001195: [Bug] Pro version of sym_service.conf should NOT specify the http or jmx http ports (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001189: [Improvement] Show registration error conditions as tooltip (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001185: [Bug] Edit Group Link screen doesn't show more than one source node group. The refactored screen is using the wrong key. (chenson)
0001186: [Improvement] Automatically fill in db.init.sql for sql server to: SET NOCOUNT FALSE in setup wizard (chenson)
0001187: [Improvement] Show sql history in pop window and add max results field to sql explorer screen (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0001159: [Bug] PostgresBulkDatabaseWriter using the wrong escape character for bulk CSV (chenson)
0001181: [New Feature] Add Outgoing Loads screen for monitoring initial load status (chenson)
0001148: [Bug] Trigger Auto Create skips database tables starting with sym instead of sym_. (chenson)
0000950: [Improvement] Consider restricting the export URL (and other critical application functions) to authenticated sessions only. (abrougher)
0001092: [Improvement] Trigger Edit Form should allow you to edit sync_on_condition fields (chenson)
0001091: [Improvement] Should be able to filter trigger edit screen by channel (chenson)
0001123: [Installation] change logs and license attribution files don't get installed as part of symmetric-pro (chenson)
0000838: [Improvement] When triggers are synchronized, feedback should be given as to whether it did any work and if it was successful (chenson)
0000991: [Improvement] Auto delete the trigger_router rows when deleting a trigger (or a router for that matter) (chenson)
0000992: [Improvement] Add bulk update capabilities to the configuration screens. (chenson)
0001054: [Improvement] Trigger edit panel table rows scroll around after a user cancels an edit. (chenson)
0001089: [Improvement] Search field on configure screens should update the table as the user types. (chenson)
0001096: [Improvement] Give the option to export profile as sql script (chenson)
0001112: [Bug] Client install fails in setup wizard when "I'll configure things myself" is chosen (chenson)
0001113: [Improvement] Make next button enabled and the finish button disabled when the client install is checked at the end of the server install (chenson)
0001114: [Bug] trigger_router last_update_by column is not getting populated. (chenson)
0001120: [Bug] Error is not handled gracefully when a transform column is saved without a target column (chenson)
0001125: [Improvement] Target catalog, schema and table names aren't displayable in the router edit table (chenson)
0001126: [Improvement] Show instance id on the dashboard panel (chenson)
0001127: [Improvement] Show all of the incoming batch statistics in the filtered table on the manage incoming batch screen (chenson)
0001136: [Improvement] set the connectTimeout and the socketTimeout parameter in the mysql jdbc url by default during installation (chenson)
0001158: [Improvement] Change "Registering" status on Node panel to "Open" to make it more clear that registration is just "Open" and not "In progress" (chenson)
0001177: [New Feature] Add table browser and commit and rollback functionality to the sql explorer (chenson)
0001145: [Improvement] Add support to auto log in as administrator if no users exist in sym_console_user. (chenson)
0001146: [Bug] When a user tries to log in with a good username but a bad password, there is no error. (chenson)
25 issues View Issues
0001093: [Bug] Postgres jdbc url parameter is not correct. (chenson)
0001095: [Bug] Export should not include sym_table_reload_request (chenson)
0001098: [Bug] Previous button on wizard install results in null pointer exception after choosing existing installation. (chenson)
3 issues View Issues
0001084: [Bug] Node Panel is slow to load when there are 30,000+ nodes (chenson)
1 issue View Issues
0001065: [Bug] When saving a trigger router, run syncTriggers for just that trigger to prevent error icon from showing up on ui (chenson)
0001055: [Improvement] Change the default jdbc url for JTDS to have a socketTimeout set (chenson)
0001059: [Improvement] Instead of showing "Unregistered" on the node panel, show "Registering" which is more accurate and informative (chenson)
0001060: [Improvement] Automatically fill in db.connection.properties when setting up an Oracle node (chenson)
0001069: [Bug] Icon in last row for router table doesn't show up first time it is displayed (chenson)
0001072: [Bug] Sql Explorer doesn't show results if more than one column with the same name is returned (chenson)
0001073: [Improvement] Package the mail api with pro so it can be used from filters. (chenson)
7 issues View Issues
0001029: [New Feature] Allow a list of external ids to be pasted into a text box to configure grouplet links (chenson)
0001038: [Bug] Database name and version don't update on dashboard for a multihomed install (chenson)
0001009: [Improvement] Just disable buttons. Don't hide them. (chenson)
0001012: [Bug] The indicator that a trigger was not created should only show up on nodes that are linked where the source group is local group (chenson)
0001016: [Improvement] Add arrow indicator to the configure trigger panel to indicate the direction the data is moving relative to the current node (chenson)
0001017: [Improvement] Add icon to the configure router page to show the number of tables/triggers linked to the router (chenson)
0001020: [Improvement] For auto configuration of triggers, if the default catalog and schema are being used make sure they are blank in the trigger def (chenson)
0001021: [Bug] Console User Edit Panel data does not match column headers. (abrougher)
0001022: [Bug] Node panel doesn't display nodes in a predictable order. (chenson)
0001023: [Bug] Broken link icon displayed for triggers that are not "broken". (chenson)
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0001008: [Improvement] Make the default installation path on unix /opt/symmetric-ds (chenson)
0001007: [Bug] Put the chosen install path into the sym_service.initd file (chenson)
0001006: [Improvement] Don't prompt for port numbers during upgrade. (chenson)
0001005: [Bug] Upgrade from 3.1 to 3.2 can't find log class or security class (chenson)
0001004: [Bug] Ports are not getting replaced during install on Ubuntu in sym_service.conf (chenson)
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0001002: [Improvement] Add indicator to the configure trigger screen that shows when a trigger is not linked and shows when a trigger cannot be applied (chenson)
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0000801: [Improvement] Installer to prompt port numbers (abrougher)
0000960: [Bug] Installation Wizard prompts for port numbers but they are not written as expected (chenson)
0000979: [Bug] Some popup editors are not working (router_type, transforms) (chenson)
0000980: [Improvement] Don't include ignore batches in the default list of batches to show on the outgoing batch panel (chenson)
0000981: [Bug] target_table_name should be required in the load filter configuration screen (chenson)
0000977: [Bug] Installed Triggers table doesn't scroll (chenson)
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0000972: [New Feature] Add uninstall button to the pro user interface (chenson)
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0000957: [Improvement] Add more description text for SymmetricDS concepts (gwilmer)
0000956: [Improvement] Improve the edit screen layout (chenson)
0000772: [New Feature] Provide LDAP support. (chenson)
0000840: [New Feature] Add a support snapshot tool that captures the state of the system for support purposes (chenson)
0000901: [New Feature] Add an new FTP dataloader extension that can write CSV files to an FTP or SFTP server (instead of the database) (chenson)
0000905: [New Feature] Distribute oracle, db2 and ms sql server jdbc jar files with pro (chenson)
0000932: [New Feature] Support multiple user roles (abrougher)
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0000897: [Bug] The nodes panel sometimes doesn't order the node properly. Switch to use NetworkedNode for ordering. (chenson)
0000895: [Bug] Automatic upgrade doesn't work after an installation has been upgraded once already. Corrupt uninstaller.jar (chenson)
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0000891: [Bug] Outgoing batch panel can cause an array out of bound exception because of common batch ids (chenson)
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0000885: [Bug] Outgoing and Incoming Batch Panels cause errors when there are more than 1000 nodes on Oracle (chenson)
0000888: [Improvement] Add filter and buffer size options to logging ui (chenson)
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0000850: [Improvement] Add SymmetricDS Version to the Nodes screen (chenson)
0000857: [Bug] Outgoing batch update events show two lines labeled old and new but both lines display new data. (abrougher)
0000867: [Improvement] Improve logging screen to include filter and buffer size (chenson)
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0000837: [Improvement] The nodes screen should show the total count of the number of nodes. (chenson)
0000842: [Improvement] Node screen does not perform well with 1000s of nodes (chenson)
0000835: [Improvement] Concurrent pull and push screen show all the nodes in a table which take a long time to render (chenson)
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0000782: [Bug] If import fails the error is not reported. It looks like the import succeeded. (chenson)
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0000682: [New Feature] Build gui editors for router types of column, lookuptable, and bsh (abrougher)
0000761: [Bug] Oracle timestamps not displayed correctly in SQL Explorer results (mhanes)
0000699: [Improvement] Provide a way to clear out the staging directory for a batch. (chenson)
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0000687: [Bug] Installation Fail: NPE with client install (chenson)
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0000681: [Installation] When installed in the Program Files directory on Windows 7 SymmetricDS fails to start because it can't write to the log file (chenson)
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