0001159: [Bug] PostgresBulkDatabaseWriter using the wrong escape character for bulk CSV (chenson)
0001181: [New Feature] Add Outgoing Loads screen for monitoring initial load status (chenson)
0001148: [Bug] Trigger Auto Create skips database tables starting with sym instead of sym_. (chenson)
0000950: [Improvement] Consider restricting the export URL (and other critical application functions) to authenticated sessions only. (abrougher)
0001092: [Improvement] Trigger Edit Form should allow you to edit sync_on_condition fields (chenson)
0001091: [Improvement] Should be able to filter trigger edit screen by channel (chenson)
0001123: [Installation] change logs and license attribution files don't get installed as part of symmetric-pro (chenson)
0000838: [Improvement] When triggers are synchronized, feedback should be given as to whether it did any work and if it was successful (chenson)
0000991: [Improvement] Auto delete the trigger_router rows when deleting a trigger (or a router for that matter) (chenson)
0000992: [Improvement] Add bulk update capabilities to the configuration screens. (chenson)
0001054: [Improvement] Trigger edit panel table rows scroll around after a user cancels an edit. (chenson)
0001089: [Improvement] Search field on configure screens should update the table as the user types. (chenson)
0001096: [Improvement] Give the option to export profile as sql script (chenson)
0001112: [Bug] Client install fails in setup wizard when "I'll configure things myself" is chosen (chenson)
0001113: [Improvement] Make next button enabled and the finish button disabled when the client install is checked at the end of the server install (chenson)
0001114: [Bug] trigger_router last_update_by column is not getting populated. (chenson)
0001120: [Bug] Error is not handled gracefully when a transform column is saved without a target column (chenson)
0001125: [Improvement] Target catalog, schema and table names aren't displayable in the router edit table (chenson)
0001126: [Improvement] Show instance id on the dashboard panel (chenson)
0001127: [Improvement] Show all of the incoming batch statistics in the filtered table on the manage incoming batch screen (chenson)
0001136: [Improvement] set the connectTimeout and the socketTimeout parameter in the mysql jdbc url by default during installation (chenson)
0001158: [Improvement] Change "Registering" status on Node panel to "Open" to make it more clear that registration is just "Open" and not "In progress" (chenson)
0001177: [New Feature] Add table browser and commit and rollback functionality to the sql explorer (chenson)
0001145: [Improvement] Add support to auto log in as administrator if no users exist in sym_console_user. (chenson)
0001146: [Bug] When a user tries to log in with a good username but a bad password, there is no error. (chenson)
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