0001065: [Bug] When saving a trigger router, run syncTriggers for just that trigger to prevent error icon from showing up on ui (chenson)
0001055: [Improvement] Change the default jdbc url for JTDS to have a socketTimeout set (chenson)
0001059: [Improvement] Instead of showing "Unregistered" on the node panel, show "Registering" which is more accurate and informative (chenson)
0001060: [Improvement] Automatically fill in db.connection.properties when setting up an Oracle node (chenson)
0001069: [Bug] Icon in last row for router table doesn't show up first time it is displayed (chenson)
0001072: [Bug] Sql Explorer doesn't show results if more than one column with the same name is returned (chenson)
0001073: [Improvement] Package the mail api with pro so it can be used from filters. (chenson)
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