Released 2014-06-16
0001735: [Improvement] Transforms write out the start of a table before every row which is inefficient and causes bulk loaders to become unusable (chenson)
0001766: [Bug] nvarchar data can be corrupted when the default database collation is set to a value that does not support double byte character (chenson)
0001706: [Improvement] Better support for MSSQL Server native data types in versions '00, '05, '08, and '12 (josh-a-hicks)
0001737: [Improvement] Trim numeric values before parsing into primitive to handle situations where the source db might have whitespace prepended (chenson)
0001738: [Improvement] Introduce a new columntransform type that returns both new and old data. use it for the copy transform (chenson)
0001441: [New Feature] Add ability to sync on control file (chenson)
0001485: [New Feature] Create a delete_after_sync function for file sync (chenson)
0000166: [New Feature] Integrate changes to support spatial data replication using (elong)
0001581: [New Feature] Add support for multiple channels for file sync (chenson)
0001609: [Improvement] File sync mutex limits scaling multiple clients (elong)
0001637: [Improvement] Refactor databasewriter into abstractdatabasewriter and defaultdatabasewriter so we can subclass off of abstract databasewriter (chenson)
0001642: [Bug] Triggers referencing tables with case sensitive schemas fail to create on H2 (chenson)
0001643: [Improvement] Support multiple reload channels (chenson)
0001647: [New Feature] Create a Java router, transform, and load filter that uses compiled Java code (elong)
0001648: [New Feature] Add support for choosing the channel a trigger/table will use dynamically (chenson)
0001653: [Improvement] Allow downgrades within same minor version (elong)
0001654: [Bug] Restarting server crashes due to primary key violation (elong)
0001655: [Bug] has no effect when running stand-alone (elong)
0001656: [Improvement] PostgreSQL server side prepared statements causing slow query processing (elong)
0001658: [Improvement] Add sync triggers by table to REST API (elong)
0001371: [Improvement] Add a drop triggers feature (elong)
0001467: [Bug] trigger creation failed with MSSQL database column of nvarchar and ntext data type using the microsoft jdbc driver (chenson)
0001592: [New Feature] Create bulk loader for MySQL (elong)
0001652: [Improvement] Add BLOB support to PostgreSQL bulk loader (elong)
0000952: [Bug] Data can be skipped due to aggressive purge on some platforms (chenson)
0001240: [Bug] No way to send schema changes in schema other, than public (elong)
0001606: [New Feature] Create dialect for DB2 z/OS (elong)
0001624: [Improvement] Add setting to sym_node_group_link to prevent clients from updating configuration (chenson)
0001626: [Improvement] Create event should not store XML is row data (elong)
0001644: [Improvement] SQL Optimizations (chenson)
0001660: [Bug] Table creation generates wrong syntax when source is SQLServer (josh-a-hicks)
0001661: [Improvement] Parameter to collect router statistics (elong)
0001665: [Improvement] Upgrade JDBC drivers (elong)
0001678: [Improvement] Make trigger id column size larger (chenson)
0001689: [Improvement] While routing config changes sync triggers by id that haven't already been sync'd versus calling syncTriggers() (chenson)
0001691: [Improvement] Additional Logging for compliance (chenson)
0001699: [Bug] Changing Trigger results in Error om Tables with an uppercase letter (chenson)
0001700: [Improvement] Parameterized the node Id assignment directly from external Id (josh-a-hicks)
0001701: [Improvement] Re-add support for (chenson)
0001705: [Improvement] Improve initial load query performance (chenson)
0001707: [Bug] Trigger for all tables * is not creating triggers for some of the tables (chenson)
0001717: [Improvement] IReloadListener should be passed the current loadId for use (chenson)
0001718: [Bug] If a node is deregistered by deleting it's sym_node* records and it is registered it will route and sync the deletes (chenson)
0001721: [Improvement] Heartbeat immediately after registration so node information doesn't have to wait for next heartbeat to show up at reg server (chenson)
0001727: [Bug] 100% CPU when expiring SYM_DATA_GAP with missing SYM_DATA (chenson)
0001224: [Task] Remove dependency on java service wrapper (elong)
0001615: [Improvement] Figure out a way to make the usage of source schema and catalog more user friendly (elong)
0001618: [New Feature] Create a MongoDB data loader for SymmetricDS (chenson)
0001723: [Improvement] Unique constraint violation is not logged for tables declared for conflict detection (chenson)
0001729: [Bug] create of table with a varchar/char column with a default values of: ('N') fails to create table on client side (chenson)
0001742: [Bug] Fix SQLServer 2005 issue where defaults for BIGINT's are being read with an extra "." at the end. (gwilmer)
0001743: [Improvement] package android dependency jars in zip under the libs directory. not lib. it is misleading because eclipse adk requires libs (chenson)
0001744: [Improvement] NodeService.deleteNode should remove delete from all ancillary tables (in addition to node, node_security and node_host) (chenson)
0001746: [Improvement] Add jdbc driver version to sym_node_host (chenson)
0001748: [Task] Remove auto increment from sym_trigger_hist and sym_extract_request. Use sym_sequence to get the pks. (chenson)
0001749: [Bug] Incoming ProcessInfo is not marked as ERROR when a batch ERROR occurs. It is marked as OK. (chenson)
0001750: [Task] Upgrade the spring framework to the latest released version (chenson)
0001752: [Improvement] Date format setting in triggers (chenson)
0001757: [Bug] java.lang.NumberFormatException w/ MSSQL and BIT column (chenson)
0001759: [Bug] PostgreSqlTriggerTemplate not handling timezone fractional minutes properly when timezone minute < 10 (gwilmer)
0001760: [Improvement] increase channel_id size (chenson)
0001762: [Bug] old data showing up as an array of nulls versus an array that is null causes a code path to be missed that strips out pks (chenson)
0001764: [Improvement] Add parameter to disable sync triggers at server startup (chenson)
0001765: [Bug] Uninstalling symmetric from the database staging area doesn't get wiped out (chenson)
0001767: [Improvement] On sql server build triggers with "execute as owner" so less grants are need for application users (chenson)
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