Released 2013-08-04
0001346: [Bug] reloadTable JMX method and command should always route to the node_list (chenson)
0001347: [Bug] Initial load ignores subselect routers and routes to all nodes. (chenson)
0001348: [Bug] Table object passed to DatabaseWriterFilters do not have types on them any more (chenson)
0001350: [Bug] Push batch not getting acked when multiple batches exist and it passed the threshold (chenson)
0001351: [Bug] PK transform columns transformations run twice (chenson)
0001360: [Bug] rest service should set the engine name for logging (chenson)
0001361: [Bug] StagedResource.setState should support setting the state to itself without failing (chenson)
0001362: [Bug] Background initial load extract was allowing the client to start pulling data for a table that was currently extracting (chenson)
0001363: [Bug] SQL Server DateTime2 type does not work with conflict resolution. (abrougher)
0001365: [Improvement] Print out statistics if data rows in associated with a table/batch take longer than 60 seconds to process (chenson)
0001366: [Bug] If a custom column transformation isn't found the engine silently ignores it. An error should be thrown. (chenson)
0001364: [Improvement] Speed up bsh column transform by evaluating a transform as a method once and then call that method for each data element (chenson)
0001353: [Bug] The batch URL feature is broken (chenson)
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