Released 2013-08-10
0001368: [Bug] On extraction retries the data_event_count is not reset (chenson)
0001369: [Bug] Alter generated by table upgrade that requires a rebuild of the table, and includes the addition or removal of columns, fails (chenson)
0001370: [Improvement] When initial loads are configured to extract in the background, multiple load requests can queue up on top of each other (chenson)
0001373: [Bug] dropping a column with a default value fails on sql server because of default constraint (chenson)
0001374: [Bug] The primary key constraint name needs to be quoted when dropping a PK on Postgres (chenson)
0001375: [Bug] DB2 dropping column that is part of a composite primary key on a table causes error (chenson)
0001376: [Bug] DB2 table needs reorg after dropping a column. (abrougher)
0001377: [Bug] RestService handleError method should be public. Exceptions are not being serialized to the client properly (chenson)
0001378: [Bug] alterTables(boolean continueOnError, Table... desiredTables) in platform should use isRequiresAutoCommitForDdl (chenson)
0001379: [Improvement] When SymmetricDS starts, schedule the first run of the periodic jobs the period amount away from the last run (chenson)
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