Released 2013-08-20
0001334: [Bug] The issue with jConnect JDBC, SQL Anywhere and decimal value (chenson)
0001335: [Bug] dbexport doesn't work with SQL Anywhere (abrougher)
0001382: [Bug] Bad external_data: The bean shell router should unbind external data if it is void because the interpreter is reused (chenson)
0001389: [Bug] Postgres alter to add a default varchar value to a column without a default value fails (chenson)
0001390: [Bug] Not routing configuration properly when a source node group has multiple target node groups (chenson)
0001392: [Bug] When initial.load.use.extract.job.enabled is set to true the byte count and data count aren't being captured (chenson)
0001393: [Bug] Setting a batch to status of IG causes exception when initial.load.use.extract.job.enabled is set to true (chenson)
0001388: [Bug] "The current version of 3.5.3 is newer than the last running version of 3.4.5" prints out many times in the log file at INFO (chenson)
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