Released 2013-11-15
0000575: [Bug] Triggers are created without transaction_id function when auto.config.database=false (chenson)
0001269: [New Feature] Update ddl utils xml to support specific database types so create schema commands replicate the same schema on same databases (chenson)
0001448: [Improvement] Provide global parameter to specify that BSH database writer filters will handle missing tables (mhanes)
0001449: [Improvement] Add support for allowing a database writer filter to change the target tables catalog, schema and table name (chenson)
0001450: [Bug] ignore case parameter should apply to only the table (not schema and catalog) for now in the load filter (chenson)
0001451: [Improvement] Expose apis to prefix a Database and read a list of Table from the physical database (chenson)
0001457: [Bug] PostgreSQL timestamp with timezone columns won't sync for very old, European dates. (mhanes)
0001460: [Bug] On postgres, when sync triggers is run from symadmin tool the generated triggers put null into the transaction id field (chenson)
0001462: [Bug] Stored procedure with NOCOUNT is rolled back (elong)
0001458: [Improvement] Add support for Oracle's TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE data type (chenson)
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