Released 2013-12-18
0001490: [Improvement] Background extract process currently just handles one request at a time. Change to handle multiple requests. (chenson)
0001491: [Bug] Mark outgoing batches as OK during the start of an initial load can hang until the config channel has been pulled (chenson)
0001492: [Bug] Staging manager bases purging of staging files based on create time of the resource, not the last modified time of the file. (chenson)
0001466: [Bug] REST API - setting the target schema and/or catalog does not work when using the REST API (chenson)
0001468: [Bug] Sync triggers on Oracle: Maximum open cursors exceeded (elong)
0001471: [Bug] Reload from TABLE_RELOAD_REQUEST does not support deletes (elong)
0001472: [Bug] Node Ids don't work in URLs if they have spaces in them. Need to urlencode the node id. (chenson)
0001473: [Bug] Oracle DDL Util issue isn't correctly recognizing varchar2() columns (chenson)
0001474: [Bug] sync blocks with java error when a field with affinity 'INTEGER' contains a (empty) string (chenson)
0001479: [Improvement] When using DmlStatement if columns are not provided then generate a select * for the SELECT_ALL type (chenson)
0001480: [Bug] SymmetricEngineHolder doesn't update engine count when installing a new engine (mhanes)
0001481: [Bug] Updates and Deletes can fail when a transform exists that have PKs where the source and target column names are different (chenson)
0001486: [Bug] File Sync "sync_on_delete" not honored. (chenson)
0001488: [Bug] If a create event and update event for a file happen in the same batch the building of the zip file fails (chenson)
0001489: [Improvement] Don't log stack trace on a file sync conflict. Just log the message. (chenson)
0001465: [Bug] REST API - default schema and/or catalog are filled in for generated sql statement even if they are blank in sym_trigger (chenson)
0001475: [Bug] Replication From Branch to Central Broken (Firebird at Both Ends) (chenson)
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