Released 2014-01-06
0001497: [Bug] Missing primary key with Stream Lobs causes initial load to fail (mhanes)
0001513: [Improvement] Add API Operation description to the REST API (mhanes)
0001514: [Bug] Stream Lobs for SQL Server fails with bad trigger syntax (mhanes)
0001496: [Bug] Triggers not created when "handle key updates" enabled (mhanes)
0001498: [Bug] Table reload broken on Sybase ASA 9 (elong)
0001502: [Improvement] Assign a load id to batches that contain reload events when the batch is created during routing (chenson)
0001504: [Improvement] Add variables to initial load delete SQL (elong)
0001505: [Task] Add blurb about the resolve_row_only column's functionality in the NEWER_WINS resolve type documentation. (chenson)
0001506: [Bug] NullPointerException on Android when INTENTKEY_PROPERTIES is not provided in the Intent when starting service (chenson)
0001507: [Improvement] API Improvement - Added getTableTypes() to IDdlReader (chenson)
0001511: [Bug] Firebird TIME fields don't synchronize properly because of the fractional seconds component (chenson)
0001512: [Bug] sqlscriptreader has bug where tokens aren't replaced if the script has a single sql statement with no end of statement token (chenson)
0001469: [Bug] Time and Timestamp field issues on Firebird and Postgres databases (chenson)
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